Save on Over 900 Items. One such kit is the Saga LC-10 Deluxe Kit available on Amazon. But it's perfectly okay (and in fact, normal) to start out your first build without any previous experience. Les Paul® style guitar kits are a popular choice for many guitar builders. However, after a number of well-known guitarists such as Eric Clapton started using the traditional Les Paul® the guitar regained its popularity and Les Paul® again started working with Gibson®. 44 watching. The neck is also a bolt-on which will obviously be a lot simpler for assembly but not as authentic as the traditional set neck Gibson Les Paul®. ⚠️ Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) shipping delays may occur. Not quite as good as the Saga LC-10, but it does cost a bit less. Why not purchase a Stratocaster® or Telecaster® style DIY kits? The Spalted Maple Les Paul Guitar Kit isn't a bad option if you either don't want to spend extravagantly or just want a nice beginner kit to work from. Upgraded with a used Epiphone bridge and Grover tuners. Here is your chance to express yourself by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each of our kits comes with the neck individually matched and fit to each body, for a perfect fit. One piece Honduran body blanks are back in stock! While some may make the point that these qualities are only the case with an actual store-bought instrument, many of these characteristics of the guitar are due to the style of the guitar e.g. We also carry Guitar parts and finishing supplies. If it's your first build, it's normal to struggle a little. LP-Style Electric Guitar Kits. Check out this video to see how a Les Paul® style guitar kit sounds: (*please note the owner has fitted this out with Wilkinson Pickups). You shouldn't experience any feedback or buzz unless you're playing near a strong electromagnetic field (i.e. As you can see from our LP style kits page you have a few choices when it comes to purchasing an LP style guitar kit. Disclaimer: is not affiliated with Gibson Brands Inc., Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or PRS Guitars. Les Paul Guitar Kits: DIY Classics You Can Build Today, The Saga LC-10 Deluxe Les Paul Electric Guitar Kit, Our Secondary Recommendation (Good for Newbies). If you're looking to beef the electronics up a bit this can be low-hanging fruit: replacing all of the thin gauge wires with a thicker gauge. In our last article we discussed three of the most revered guitarists of all time, and their icon... Explorer® Guitar Kit Review: EXP style DIY guitar kit, Iconic Electric Guitars and How to Build Them, DIY Bass Guitar Kit Review - Build Your Dream DIY Bass Guitar Kit, Iconic Electric Guitars and How to Build Them: Part 2. 99 the shape of the body, timber used for crafting the body, the bridge, and electrical components. The big thing I really like about this kit is that it is a perfect introduction into the world of building guitars. May Require Soldering.Clarity of Directions: Only Basic Instructions IncludedInlays: Trapezoidal InlayHeadstock: Pre-Drilled. Several years in the making, Crimson has, at last, hit on just the right combination of sawdust, machines, ethically sourced timber and highly skilled luthiers to bring you our brand new Kit Guitars. For additional information, please visit our Affiliate Disclosure page. DIY Les Paul® style kits are a popular choice for guitar builders. Although no DIY kit will give you that perfect-sounding guitar, there are a few that come pretty close. You may need to do some soldering to get them all together, and might have to come up with some creative solutions during assembly (i.e. But how simple are DIY Les Paul® style guitar kits to assemble? The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. fitted out with two humbuckers (more on guitar pickups here) allowing for more gain than a single coil guitar such as a Stratocaster All Rights Reserved. With some attention to detail these are great kits and produce great guitars. Can’t believe how it sounds and plays. In fact, this is actually the reason a lot of people purchase a guitar kit - to get better at assembling their own guitars and learn the ins and outs of being a luthier (a maker of stringed instruments). If you like the sound and like the look, I'd say why not go ahead and build a Les Paul? StewMac has you covered, so you can enjoy the build. The neck was great and dead straight after a few twists on the truss rod. Kit includes all parts to build a complete, playable guitar (see additional images). Get 50% off a Finishing Set! You don't need a workshop, and there's a good chance you already own all the tools you'll need to get the job done. These kits are ready for you to open the box and start your build. The nut slots were cut too high, but this may be intentional to allow for local adjustment. Mini LP-Style Electric Guitar Kit includes: Mahogany body, ready for final sanding and finishing; Body is pre-routed and drilled for the proper placement of the neck, pickup, controls and control cavity, bridge, and tailpiece; Pre-fretted mahogany neck with blank peghead and pre-installed truss rod; 16.3" (414mm) scale length with 1-5/8" nut width project DIY electric guitar kit semi-hollow jazz guitar … I jumped on this one to add a Les Paul style to the Arsenal. MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN GERMANY! Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to effectively use this tool. This Spalted Maple Top LP Kit is a great electric guitar for beginners who want to take on the project of building a guitar from scratch for the very first time. The body is made of Mahogany and the Top is Spalted​​ Maple. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. This is it! Was: $237.59. If you are new to guitar kit building, however, I'd recommend sticking to our in-stock LP kits (usually under $299 with worldwide free shipping) as it is made with ease of assembly in mind. Cherry Sunburst - Flame Top Also sold separately Best known as the guitar of choice for players such as Angus Young, Jerry Garcia and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. It’s way too thin with barely a 1/16” visible on the face. And as a final note, these guitars are not hollow body, and you can actually feel their solid wood base. Free shipping. That's pretty good if you ask me. On the other hand, it's not so great if you want everything to "come together" super easily. I'm sure it will sound good and be a good looking guitar to boot. I ordered the LP style kit with the curly maple top. Can't wait to get started. Neck was relatively straight and the frets needed to be leveled and crowned. The key point here is that there will probably be a few things requiring minor adjustment during assembly. I am holding off on building this one so my son can look it over and have it set up correctly. 239DIY-SG LP Electric Guitar DIY Kit. I was impressed with the maple top and alignment of the bridge was spot in. Why are LP guitar kits popular? I did no fret work and it was quit playable with minimal setup as shipped. Les Paul®'s are traditionally a warmer sounding instrument and many argue they also have better sustain, largely due to the set neck as opposed to the bolt-on neck most commonly seen on Fender® style guitar kits. an appliance that's actively running, like a microwave). Stewmac support advised that the A500K were audio taper and to use these for the volume controls. All in all a well-regarded DIY guitar kit for the price and a good starting point if this is your first build. No sweat. Since we produce them in batches their prices are lower than our Custom Shop LP DIY kits. Recommended: Beginner Friendly Guitar Kits. Ah, upgrades. Guitar kits come with instruction manuals that guide you through the process, all you have to do is follow along and build it up per the directions provided. Loved Building this guitar. My biggest complaint is the binding around the body. The This guitar is a single cut-away, arch-top that will easily accommodate any of today's music styles, being limited only by your imagination!

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