The lake is large enough for fairly large sail boats (my daughter had a 25 foot long sail boat that she sailed on the lake and there are  larger sail boats that use the lake), along with ski boats, canoes and small boats for fishing. Phone: 715-362-7031 Power, Row, Canoe, Sail, Water-ski, and Inflatables It never gets cold enough to have ice form on the lake. (for about three to four cars. Fishing the pockets and deeper holes, you can challenge yourself by trying to land a laker in moving water., We Have a Winner! For spring and fall a floating, intermediate or sink tip line will work well. surface area of 850 acres, with 7 1/2 miles of pine studded shoreline. Big Catfish and Stripers Highlight Los Vaqueros Reservoir Reopening October 23, 2020; Sacramento Area Kings Challenge Anglers September 29, 2020; Lake Camanche Trophy Trout, Bass Lurk Above Ruins of Lancha Plana September 23, 2020 Yes, it’s windy enough. Swimming, Picnicking, Hiking, Volleyball, Gold Panning, & Horseshoes, CONTACTS Yes, Look at the website it will give you sll the info your needing.. We rented a 14′ 125.00 night. However, it usually does not last longer then a couple of weeks and then most of the snow is gone. Gate II is open year round, subject to road accessibility. Not to be overlooked, of course, is sparkling Donner Lake on the east side of Donner Summit, easily accessible off Interstate 80. We get a quite a bit of snow around the lake. Enter an Exhibit in the Nevada County Fair, Nevada County Fair Canceled Amid COVID-19 Restrictions, Buildable land in the most desirable areas is in short supply, Sellers Market May Be Changing To Buyers Market, Aging in Place’ helps to fuel housing shortage. One trail you can take is to go down to Pasquale Road until you come to Dam Road. (My house is at 3,700 foot elevation.). Kokanee, & Bluegill Trout, Catfish, Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass Scotts Flat Lake is at 3,100 feet in elevation and has a surface area of 850 acres with 7.5 miles of shoreline lined with a forest of pine trees. CAMPING Scotts Flat Lake If so, where? and a general store. I’ve never seen ice on the lake. My house overlooks Scotts Flat Lake and as you can see in the picture above, I get a really beautiful view of the lake . From small nymphs and dries to streamers, lakers will take them all. Jul 10, 2020 - Sagenite Lakefront in Lower Scotts Flat Lake, California | ***DUE TO POOR AIR QUALITY BECAUSE OF THE FIRES, PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT CONDITIONS BEFORE BOOKING. 10 – 30mph. This is the time of year when you lose count of fish caught, take breaks to rest those aching arms, and possibly end the day early because you just couldn’t bring in another fish. Campground is very family oriented with modern campsites, a picnic area, sandy beaches, and a general store. Discover (and save!) California Delta Chamber and Visitor's Bureau, Newdawn Dog Rescue of Northern California. Yes, the last time I fished there were a lot of catfish in Scotts Flat Lake, I plan to go camping @ scotts flat next week. It’s a wonderful experience living above such a body of water, which is constantly changing appearance, either due to wind or other forces of nature. There are sites that are available for camping at Gate 1 with nightly single sites, and (1) one hundred person group site, Gate 2 has seventy five single sites and three group sites, one hosts twenty, one hosts thirty and  the third one hosts forty people. Are dogs allowed in certain areas for swimming? Whichever you can cast better will work best. Fax: 715-362-7069 I take my dog to the lake all the time.   They rise to the surface by the billions, creating huge slicks of insects. The river outlet and inlets of Scott Lake also produce numbers of fish. The lake has a surface area of 850 acres, with 7 1/2 miles of pine studded shoreline. A few lucky anglers will get to witness rising fish like they have never seen. Thirty feet of lead core line attached to a running line works best. The average size Scott Lake laker is between 3 to 5 pounds so a 6 to 7-weight rod will do the job.

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