‘The last time,’ what a sad sound that has! There had been none like it in the extraordinary co-operation of Jehovah. See the note on Numbers 21:14. quos non hostes terreret, feriret, fugaret illa manus quae victoriae suae trophaea etiam in ipsis caeli orbibus figit? This was nearer Gibeon than the other. The world of lost men is night, and the world of redeemed men is day. It must be allowed, indeed, that some of the objections which have been urged against this view on scientific grounds are easily answered. In other words, they don’t believe such and such a thing could happen so they try to use other interpretations of what is said in the scriptures. But the meaning may only be, that the sun and the course of the stars should be interrupted for a time. Afterward, all five kings were killed and their bodies were hung on trees. This goes too far for me. The ancient name is still preserved in Yalo, a village situated on the hill which skirts the south side of the valley. Skeptics have always ridiculed the story of the sun standing still. 5:2-4). That day seemed longer, but life was passing all the same. But then God employs second means to work His ends. He stood looking fearfully white in Old Sand Street Methodist Church, preaching the glorious gospel, and on the anniversary platform in New York pleading for the Bible until the old book unrolled new glories the world had never seen. All is intended to develop character; all life is disciplinary. As such, Joshua became the leader of Israel. When their attack failed and defeat was obvious they tried to escape. When they failed to enter God sent them about wandering again later bringing them back to but not into the Promised Land of Canaan. But if God exists, no miracle is more impossible than another. This explanation is now adopted by theologians whose orthodoxy upon the plenary inspiration and authority of holy Scripture is well known and undoubted. It is well known that this was one of the passages brought forward by the Church of Rome to condemn Galileo, when he affirmed that the earth and the moon revolved round the sun, and that it was not the motion of the sun round the earth, but the rotation of the earth on her own axis that produced the change of day and night. During the battle with the kings of the land, God gave Israel the power to overcome their enemies. ), “Oh,” you say, “the sun and moon didn’t stand still.” One man comes to me and says, “According to the Copernican system the sun stood still anyhow, and it was no miracle for it to stand still.” Another man says, “If you stop the sun, you upset the whole universe, and throw everything out of order.” Another man tells me it was only the refraction of the sun’s rays which made the sun seem to stand still. Joshua 10:12-14 “Then Joshua spoke to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, "O sun, stand still at Gibeon, And O moon in the valley of Aijalon." What histories are we bringing back--you and I? Or rather. I have little to say but to give voice to its lessons. Our life is a definite period, having a bounded past behind it, a present, and a bounded future before it. For example, they propose in this case the poetry form suggests a very special time where an impossible amount of work was done during one what seems long day. Therefore our chief care should be to finish our work in our day. A black, mysterious cloud was coming to help the people who were running away from him. Mark 4:39; and the effect of this command was a cessation of the agitation in the sea, because the wind ceased to command it, that is, to exert its influence upon the waters. Why was he so severe? I search the Bible in vain for any reference to the fact that the earth was stopped, or the sun stayed.

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