¹To learn more about how Jenny Craig clients can lose 3x more weight than dieting alone, we invite you to read the 2 year study undertaken in the United States and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – see http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=186793. �P��_ !���Ͻ�?�$+cpΡf���$ ) The bottom line is that while both programs are proven paths to sustainable weight loss, in our experience Nutrisystem was easier to get started and offers more bang for your buck. >��a�&^�^�<=?otv@R���]bw^y����” )�+�4����+o�qn����9�&��FoϮ�!袟N0R���&� �Lf^@�8uSx�0��f#;����*�������ww � \\_��������m��o4 �\�]��'����x��W��(0���I�Dk��`��!�� ��Q!r���]-8/��m�=PJD�"���� �eTڑ=2|q<5\K��H[�����!E�r���r�}��; 0000030272 00000 n Al dente macaroni pasta in a creamy cheese sauce. We received the non-frozen portion first, and the frozen portion came 5-6 days later. Slow cooked pork in a chipotle sauce with a colourful rice medley. Enjoy premium, tender prime rib in a rich merlot and mushroom sauce paired with a vegetable medley and mashed potatoes. This premium kit features white meat chicken in creamy Greek yogurt dressing complemented with celery and dried cranberries, served perfectly with our crisp wheat crackers. A delicious pudding with a rich chocolate sauce. 0000009069 00000 n You can choose from over 160+ menu items with this plan, get unlimited frozen meals and snacks, and some other benefits. ��0༛�"����Pڕ�Ae���f�ٞ�^?g�ǘ&�n��q��������q9O�F��d`Y# Ends 21/11/2020. Ltd. |, http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=186793. • We’ve designed the Jenny Craig menu to make sure it’s low in saturated fat. &��oF��������܎)�e��|���X��K�ټ�޻{��K��S۲m԰��x�)|�(�!I�s)A�)ŠW�ǯ\ȸ�5%�Z�+-h�K� 0000017028 00000 n Layers of pasta, rich tomato and spinach, topped with a cheesy béchamel sauce. 0000024711 00000 n This sandwich is packed with a medley of satisfying flavors. Tender raviolis made with the finest durum wheat flour and filled with creamy ricotta, mozzarella and romano cheeses, covered with a zesty marinara sauce seasoned with Italian herbs. To find out more information simply call your nearest Jenny Craig centre to make an appointment with one of our Consultants who will be able to walk you through our menus and advise on the suitability of the program for you. Here were some of our favorite Jenny Craig foods from both the frozen and non-frozen portions: Grilled Chicken Teriyaki BowlTurkey and Wild RiceApple CrispCinnamon Coffee CakeChicken PrimaveraTriple Chocolate CheesecakeLemon CakeCranberry Almond CerealPeanut Butter CookiesWhite Cheddar Popcorn. A traditional egg omelette with sweetcorn. 0000020309 00000 n Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem: What’s in the Box, Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem: Food Selection & Taste, Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem: Ease of Starting & Staying on the Program. Pepperoni Pizza. Please Reply STOP to end text messages. Alternatively, you can also use the help of a Nutrisystem counselor to help you choose the most optimum foods considering your situation, and weight loss goals. 0000004087 00000 n 0000035800 00000 n A classic English Muffin with cheesy scrambled egg and ham. 2) Core: This plan starts at $10.22/day and allows you to choose from over 100 foods, plus unlimited support. %PDF-1.4 %���� Southwest flavors are prominently featured in this appetizing entree that combines grilled chicken, juicy bell peppers and onions in a zesty tomato sauce, and finished off with a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. 0000000016 00000 n 0000030284 00000 n Luckily for you, we purchased both diet programs, tried their food, and took a detailed look at the key features of both. A blend of bran flakes, blackcurrant and honey coated wheat flakes, honey puffed wheat and bran sticks. With the perfect amount of salmon, some green beans and a little dill, the flavours are well balanced for a satisfying dinner. 0000014981 00000 n Going with the 1-Week menu plan will cost you $22.94 per day for both women’s and men’s plans. Jenny Craig Launches 20 New Foods for 2020 The countdown is on … to a new decade! Flavor bursting soup featuring hearty chicken, red bell peppers, long grain brown rice with the perfect blend of black and pinto beans. We’re pleased to provide a good variety of delicious vegetarian meals on our dietitian designed, easy to follow, vegetarian menus. A gourmet mix of lightly toasted nuts with pumpkin seeds and puffed rice. #Average weight loss based on Jenny Craig study was 5.27kg in the first 4 weeks for those who completed the Rapid Results Program (on the weekly Menu, with consultations), versus 3.83kg on our Classic Program. 0000002932 00000 n This Italian-style dish boasts seasoned chicken sausage, peppers, onions and gooey Parmesan cheese - all in a mouth-watering marinara sauce. Contact your nearest centre to discuss the best delivery option for you. Salmon Linguine Creamy pasta can be put off-limits when trying to manage portion sizes and stick to a balanced eating plan. Consent is not required to receive any good or service. Members following our program, on average, lose 0.5-1kg per week. 0000062206 00000 n Exercising at least thirty minutes each day. 228 0 obj <> endobj xref 0000006953 00000 n We found the Jenny Craig pricing structure to be more confusing than Nutrisystem’s. Total weekly food cost $161.10 (after discount). By choosing Auto-Delivery, you will get an extra discount off, as well as FREE shipping — applies to orders in Continental U.S. only — on every 28-Day plan supplying 20 days of food and 8 flex days. As is the case with Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig’s food selection is pretty good, with many different items to choose from. Three Cheese Macaroni with Broccoli & Carrots. Or if it’s too hot for tea, this delightful biscuit will go equally as well with a homemade iced coffee. Members following our program, on average, lose 0.5-1kg per week. 0000005085 00000 n The Jenny Craig app allows you to track your food, weight, etc. When you sign-up for Jenny Craig, you also get access to a personal consultant who can help you with your weight loss goals, and is there to provide guidance and support. But not so with this creamy linguine pasta. 231 0 obj <> endobj xref Mashed potatoes and breaded chicken tenders, topped with cheese and garnished with peas and corn. Tender roasted vegetables topped with crumbled fetta on a golden pita base. 0000004906 00000 n #Average weight loss based on Jenny Craig study was 5.27kg in the first 4 weeks for those who completed the Rapid Results Program (on the weekly Menu, with consultations), versus 3.83kg on our Classic Program. Bite size cookies with chunks of rich chocolate.

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