Hair loss in women is often associated with crash dieting. In the 1980’s the wave of interest in the effect of water hardness on cardio vascular diseases morbidity rather subsided; it seemed that any new insight into the issue could not be expected. A more frequent tank cleaning program also commenced, which will continue in future years. 299, Issue 5, 20 December 2002 “If you drink out of bottles that have been stood in 40°C heat in Jebel Ali Port, that will certainly have an impact on the internal workings of your system, which the hair doesn’t like,” he says. 0000001312 00000 n These studies suggest for magnesium a minimum of 10 mg/l and an optimum of 20-30 mg/l, for calcium a minimum of 20 mg/l and an optimum of about 50 mg/l, for fluoride an optimum of 0.5 – 1 mg/l and a maximum of 5 mg/l. The WHO also emphasized the importance of mineral composition of drinking water and warned e.g. Therefore, in the areas supplied with soft water, we have to take into account not only a lower intake of magnesium and calcium from drinking water but also a lower intake of magnesium and calcium from food due to cooking in such water. 1987 Jul;5(3):581-94. Hairdressers report that it is almost the first thing women want to discuss when they sit down in the hairdresser’s chair. Symptoms can range from a mild scaling and irritation to violent allergic reaction. The optimum Ca and Mg levels in drinking water should lie within the following ranges: from 20 to 30 mg/l for Ca and from 40 to 80 mg/l for Mg and from about 200 to 400 mg/l for water hardness. Chlorine is not a mineral but an oxidizer. For total water hardness the sum of calcium and magnesium should be 200 to 400 mg/l. Drug users, bulimics, and anorexics frequently experience hair loss in the more serious stages of their condition, and it is because they do not maintain a proper intake of vitamins and nutrients, Desalinated water dries the hair and makes it brittle and break, Desalinated water can cause harmful scalp build-up, Chlorine in desalinated water can cause hair to become brittle and break, Calcium builds up on the scalp causing flaking of the scalp, giving the appearance of dandruff, Calcium can choke the hair at the mouth of the follicle causing the hair to break off, then coating the scalp, blocking further new hair growth. Without sun protection the scalp can experience sun damage. o~����IZ;HVk��i����7u*���Y�n6��y�]��,uZ�^s��Ę)��јYSɶ�=��]y���֔ ́�"!7�����m������$8 Any build up at the mouth of the follicle may cause the hair to break off, then coating the scalp, and blocking further new hair growth. The hot desert sun dries out and fades the hair and long term exposure will turn the hair brittle and cause it to break off. which was not supplemented with necessary ions. Most drinking waters contain some fluoride. ��ת~*U�!�dۗo� 0z��Ba� ��A^'�3�o�����-���ٞ$AuTL�ȕ�]9�~�Œ�}Dhcs��u�R��� &^��&�k�*��Jm�����g��a3���t�pu�����t%�G�CƋFW_�p���a��o�Q�X,{���:Ƥ�y�v�:�EvԚ�������=&6Z�E^�$�T��Dߥ��+ ]h/�. It is also responsible for the colour, pigmentation, shape and texture of hair. W ater hardness and cardiovascular disease. ��˿^�^%���|f�h�HGw���/?T�uS��j˩��rn� ;�)4��KS�&��QV��г�2����8�s>"��h�㡚s�&�8! World Health Organization Geneva, 2004 The focus was on confirming the role of magnesium as a crucial factor of hardness and on first attempts of more general quantification of its protective effect. An inherited, itchy, inflammatory, scaling scalp condition which can cause much discomfort and embarrassment. If the water comes from a treatment plant, which derives the water from a surface source, the water is coming from either a river or a lake or the sea (desalinated water source). Possible increased dietary intake of toxic metals. Women in the Gulf age faster than those of the same age in other parts of the worlds. Thyroid Disorder E.g., hard water (strongly positive index) deposits scale in pipes or hot water heaters. For all you questions on demineralised water move to the demineralised water FAQ or look at our demiwater web page. Children living in this area exhibited slower physical development and more growth abnormalities, pregnant women suffered more frequently from oedema and anaemia. This is almost always associated with high fluoride intake from drinking water. These prescribe which substances can be in drinking water and what the maximum concentrations of these substances are. ‘Soft’ water is water that contains small amounts of calcium and magnesium. Distillation is probably the best treatment of water to remove pathogens, metals, chemicals and heavy water molecules. The conclusions are quoted in the WHO report titled: 'Nutrient minerals in drinking-water and the potential health consequences of long-term consumption of demineralized and remineralized and altered mineral content drinking-waters', published in August 2004. Their skin becomes prematurely lined and thin. A form of non-scarring alopecia can occur after such major traumas such as prolonged high fevers, or illnesses or after sudden hormonal changes, particularly in new mothers and during the menopause. Dr Ryan believes the water quality in Dubai to be “actually not bad, as desalinated water goes” but water from plastic bottles could affect your hair. C. Ingram, The drinking water book, Ten Speed Press, 1991, F. Kožíšek, Health risks from drinking demineralised water, WHO, 2004, F. Kožíšek, Health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium, National Institute of Public Health, February 2003, Consensus of the meeting August 2004, Nutrient minerals in drinking-water and the potential health consequences of long-term consumption of demineralized and remineralized and altered mineral content drinking-waters, WHO, Distributieweg 3 2645 EG Delfgauw The Netherlands Phone: +31 152 610 900 fax: +31 152 616 289 e-mail:, 5975 Sunset Drive South Miami, FL 33143 USA Phone: +1 877 453 8095 e-mail:, Level 5 - OFFICE #8-One JLT Tower Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai - U.A.E. 0000003634 00000 n Desalinated Water Every country's regulations require communities to treat and disinfect drinking water before distributing it to the public, because of the possible presence of pollutants (micro organisms, toxic minerals and metals, organic chemicals, radioactive substances, additives). In a study[i] of 61 expatriate men and women in the United Arab Emirates having varied hair types (Afro, Asian, Caucasian), 68% displayed natural hair fall and 32% displayed topical hair fall to hair breakage above the external root sheath and epidermis. Active chlorine in the hair can cause hair to feel gummy when wet and straw-like when dry. New arrivals in Arabian Gulf countries frequently complain of unusual hair loss within 3 – 4 months of arrival. Both men’s and women’s hair lose about 5% of its thickness from age 20-50 and another 15% from 50-80. In the draft of the rolling revision of the WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality, titled ‘Health risks from drinking demineralised water’ by F. Kožíšek, the possible health consequences of low mineral content water consumption are divided in the categories: direct effects on the intestinal mucous membrane, practically zero calcium and magnesium intake, low intake of other elements, loss of calcium, magnesium and other essential elements in prepared food, possible increased dietary intake of toxic metals, possible bacterial re-growth. As an oxidizer, chlorine can cause the air and sun to oxidize hair and worsen the conditions listed above.

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