Your attendance and participation are especially important early in the semester. Homework scores will count as extra credit on your course grade (up to 10%). This includes decisions about the best university for you to attend, the choice of major and career, whether or whom to marry, how to raise your children, what your diet should be, where to live, for whom to vote, and what to do with aging parents. If you are already approved for accommodations through the ADS, have requested your accommodations for this quarter and would like to use your accommodations in my class please connect with me outside of class time to discuss your needs. Topics covered include: summarising data; examining relationships; randomness and sampling distributions; probability; testing hypotheses; and estimation. team: Help with the University’s computing systems: Help with accessing the online library, referencing and using libraries near you: Please tell us where you live so that we can provide you with the most relevant information as you use this website. Introducing statistics. Tutor was fantastic and always provides best assistance. Our offices will remain accessible by phone, email, and through our P.A.S.S. Success is achieved with a combination of individual and group effort. E-mail: . Shop (including exam papers), OU Students on It can be helpful if you realize that most of the skills you will be taught are included in every chapter. Applications will be taken from topics in economics, and other areas. (Peer Academic Support Services) Centers will continue to provide students with quality tutoring and mentoring support in an online environment. Registration closes 14/01/21 (places subject to availability). Using data from a range of applications, you’ll learn practical statistical techniques and fundamental principles, as well as using software and a calculator to analyse data. Midterms Two, non-cumulative, in class exams (40%, 20% each), 3. Canvas Space: I believe that when a person understands statistics, they can better understand their world. Further all work submitted should be original for this course, and not a resubmission of past work. Texts and Materials (available at the Harvard Coop), Privitera, G.J. Introducing statistics (M140) starts twice a year – in February and October. Final project. Where possible, recordings of online tutorials will be made available to students.,,, Foundations in Statistical Reasoning, Second Edition Fall 2020,, Supplemental R code may be found here. Don't need... Pay by instalments – OUSBA calculates your monthly fee and number of instalments based on the cost of the module you are studying. They’ll help you by: Module tutors also run online tutorials throughout the module. Homework. If you do worse (proportionally) on an exam than on the proceeding quiz, then one quarter of the difference will be added to your exam grade (for example, earning 100% on a quiz and 80% on the following exam would result in a recorded grade of 85% for the exam). The following are some of the ways this will be measured. You are free to work with other students on weekly homework, when reviewing course material, and when preparing for quizzes, exams, and your final paper. OU qualifications are modular in structure; the credits from this undergraduate module could count towards a certificate of higher education, diploma of higher education, foundation degree or honours degree. COURSE MATERIAL: MOORE, S. D., and McCABE, G. P. , Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, Sixth Edition, Freeman Press, 2009. h�b```f``��i��cf`a�``lPp����Q6���m��1�y i � The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of Get an introduction to statistics with online courses from major universities and institutions worldwide. Course Syllabus Introduction to Statistics I 1128-STA2122VD1128-89631 : GENERAL INFORMATION • IMPORTANT INFORMATION • COURSE DETAIL • COURSE CALENDAR: GENERAL INFORMATION : Professor Information: Instructor: Dr. Sneh Gulati. Students often find this class requires effort and is challenging, but many find the content more interesting than they expected and are successful. Many of the topics covered in the module depend on your understanding of topics in earlier units. More than one in ten OU students are sponsored by their employer, and over 30,000 employers have used the OU to develop staff so far. While these tutorials won’t be compulsory for you to complete the module, you’re strongly encouraged to take part. You are responsible for understanding Harvard Extension School policies on academic integrity ( and how to use sources responsibly. (Papers turned in the minute after the due date count as one day late. Statistics are the tools we use to summarize and describe the world around us and to explore the causal processes at work. We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron. Most exercises involve calculations that you will do by hand (or by calculator), but some you will do by computer, using the software package Minitab, which you will be taught to use and which is supplied with the module.

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