Make sure you find the right size (in both length and diameter) for your fixture. I don't have a window I can put them in but I have a grow light in my room already waiting, I just need to figure out the how. Want to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits year-round? To do this we purchased an inexpensive 18" fluorescent light fixture (fitted with an 18" grow light) and attached it to the bottom of the window blinds. on Introduction. We used the end of a sharpie to make our 5 holes, but you could use your finger or just about anything. Too deep and they may not sprout, too shallow and they may sprout too soon and have undeveloped roots. Make sure your bulb doesn't get hot to the touch. If you end up building a similar setup, please post a picture of it. This product provides everything you need in terms of lighting for your indoor herb garden. on Step 5. But zip ties would work just as well. Swap out the original fluorescent tube with the grow light and attach the fixture to your window blinds. single pane) window in North Dakota during a chilly winter might expose your herbs to air that is too cold to allow your herbs to sprout. With high-output LED grow lights, you can grow your own herbs, leafy greens, … To plant your seeds, fill your pots with soil and make small holes in the soil for your seeds. I've been looking for a way to do the small pots indoors for herbs to go along with the small mason jar sprout garden I have going and this is exactly what I needed. 2. When choosing your window, be sure to pick a window that is neither too hot or two cold for your herbs. Did you make this project? Just another example of how useful sharpies can be! Windowsill Herb Garden Kit - $10 from Home Depot 1. We found that the kit (which includes seeds) was cheaper than buying 4 pots, a drip tray, and seeds separately. The bright, fresh greenery combined with the sleek Scandinavian design (available in Beige, Gray, or White) will only add to the style of your home, and will add something tasty to the table. so one or 2 CFL (normal cheap one) is alright? An excellent indoor herb garden starter kit should provide you with necessities to grow your herbs. Evaluate what herbs will thrive indoors. By attaching the light to the blinds we could easily raise and lower the light, as well as set the light at an angle if necessary to maximize the amount of light reaching the herbs. Just be extremely careful not to disturb the seeds you just planted. The seed packets themselves range from $1 to $1.50 each. You can grow your own herbs, salad greens and even edible flowers with this easy-to-use machine. Pick a light fixture that is a suitable size for your window. You'll notice that the cover that came with the light fixture is removed leaving the bulb exposed. Grow Light (bulb) - $8 from Home Depot Our kit came with Chives, Parsley, Cilantro, and Oregano, but we decided to also purchase 1/2 quart pots of Cilantro and Rosemary. A regular fluorescent doesn't provide the complete spectrum of light your herbs will need to grow big and strong. Just make sure that the pots have a hole in the bottom for proper drainage. Great guide :) Do you need a "grow light" won't the light it came with work? The windowsill herb kit is optional. Good instructable too! This is for a basic 3 shelf indoor herb garden light kit. If your fixture takes an 18" T5 bulb, an 18" T13 bulb won't fit. If it does get hot don't allow anything to touch it (including the plants). Are the velcro strips directly touching the bulb? Most florescent bulbs will work on their own. You'll need a way to attach the light to the window blinds. We used 3 velcro strips to attach the light fixture to the blinds, but you could also use Zip Ties or something similar. THANK YOU! Reply There are even people who do indoor gardening using compact florescent bulbs (the twisty, 'environmentally friendly' ones). Take your smart garden to the next level with Click and Grow’s super-sized indoor herb garden kit. For example, here's a link to a very nice Tabletop Herb Garden Kit, but it costs over $100. However, if you can't find a kit at your local store, here's what you need: That's it! 4. Its hard to see how you have them on there. If the seed packet says 1/8", make them 1/8". Thank you so much for sharing it! 10 years ago on Introduction. I always wanted such a planter but did not want to 'build' the light holder. You'll want a nice cosy warm (but not hot) environment for your herbs to sprout. Nice work! For example, a south facing window in Arizona might get too much light and heat for your herbs scorching them in the hot sun, while a poorly insulated (i.e. It just seemed easier. Once your herbs start to sprout continue to raise the light up so that it is always an inch or so above the tallest leaves. We needed to supplement the amount of natural light provided by our north facing kitchen window. Good luck and have fun! If you are really worried about not having enough light, maybe look into other lighting sources such as high pressure sodium bulbs and ballasts. Velcro strips or Zip Ties to attach the light to your window blinds (not pictured) With a proper grow light system, you can grow parsley, thyme, basil, and chives indoors all year round. Reply The Micro Grow Light Garden is our favorite go-to lighting system for home gardeners. You can also purchase pre-grown starter herbs in 1/2 quart pots. Fluorescent Light Fixture (18") - $10 from Home Depot 7 years ago Don’t let the weather, or limited outdoor garden space, keep you from a continuous harvest of fresh herbs and veggies.

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