Some cultures give women equal opportunities as men, and they too function as the breadwinners of the family. Thus, the behaviors and communication of the members closely reflect the cultural standards, whereby the members communicate accordingly to what is set as right in their culture and doing what is considered vile is never accepted by them (Peterson, 2004, p.89). Slang has developed, and other cultures languages and quirks have made their way in, and it has become one. The meaning of a word partly depends on the culture’s historical relation to the concept or object described. Hello, Your writing service is the best professional writing service I have ever worked with. Each and every time I have needed to turn to your writers for my written assignments, I have been met with courtesy, high quality and professionalism. Thanks, with tremendous gratitude. Thus we say for this reason that culture is a set of beliefs, attitudes and values that are learned from living in a society which in turn influences the behavior of the individuals living in a particular society. Beliefs consist of the thoughts and statements that reflect the comprehensive understanding of various things in the environment. I used proofreading services on this website and I am satisfied with the results. The lack of language weighs negatively on an individual’s intellect and the acquisition of language feeds the development of one’s cultural identity. Language and culture have a kind of deep and symbolic relationship. Following cultural rules and customs (Devito, 1995, p.96). It is impossible to understand the subtle nuances and deep meanings of another culture without knowing its language well. In high power distance cultures, direct confrontation and assertiveness may be viewed negatively, especially if directed at a superior. All kinds of information can be sorted out by it and we convey our feelings, thoughts, impressions, experiences to others though it. Anthropologists have found that learning about how people categorize things in their environment provides important insights into the interests, concerns, and values of their culture(Oneil, 2006). Language is the universal connection that brings all humans together. The prices are the best and the papers are ready on time. I received a good and structured paper that followed all my instructions. In present age, world has taken the shape of a family. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your writing service. When members of different cultures come together to work under one roof their interactions and the consequences of those interactions have large impacts upon the workplace. Thank you for being as reliable as you are. The paper was ready when I needed it and it was very good. Keywords: language, culture, translation bridge, censorship 1. Language is not merely a mode, purpose of language to help us to deal with the necessities of daily life and expressing the daily life thoughts of the people in the society and the everyday routine of life, which is considered as culture. In the essays by Martin Espada and Richard Rodriguez, the ability to maintain identity as a bilingual speaker is challenged. The variety of languages with different cultures Also included in a culture are all that members of the asocial group have produced and developed – their language, modes of thinking, art, laws, and religion. Before we go deep into the differences caused by the cultures, it is important to first understand what culture really is and its characteristics that make it such an important influencer upon employees’ everyday communication. My papers were good and written quickly. The services are excellent. These are the words which make the points in our discussion. Many thanks to the writer who wrote a wonderful coursework on short notice! Does it define us, or does it refine us? The importance of cross-cultural communication creates a network and helps establish a strong chain both internally and externally. A low context culture is one in which most of the information is explicitly stated in the verbal message. Also, use signal phrases for citations instead of citations at the end of a paragraph. You don’t know how many times your writers have saved me from academic peril! I did not even expect this because I do not know a thing about poems. On the other hand, the cultures that live by in uncertain situations, and not clarify ambiguity, they are left in haphazard consequences, and risks when take-up ugly results, they are faced with challenges and panic to the end (Devito, 1995, p.101). In low power distance cultures (examples include Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, and to a lesser extent the United States), power is more evenly distributed throughout the citizenry. I decided to give this website a chance even though I had a negative experience with a similar company last semester. I wrote an annotated bibliography and gave it to the writer because I did not know how to create a 10-page term paper if all I had was sources. Additionally, the majority of language proficiency tests, multi-cultural world, understanding body language is important to ensure success in communicating in any professional or personal manner. It is equally as comforting to know that the work produced by your writers is consistently great, that it will contain no errors whatsoever, and that it will be well above average in quality. Good quality and legit services. I got a high grade and my classmates told me my response was really good. Different languages are easier to learn at a younger age before completely understanding a first language. Language has gradually advanced over many millions of years. Thank you! The three major points that I would like to focus on are: How does language influence our culture? We share this common ground to communicate. An example of such dynamism would be the change in family structure in Singapore, where now more American culture is prevailing and youngsters are residing independently and not with parents after the age of 18. In journalism language plays an important role. Language helps in communication with people. You are far better than your competition. Culture is man-made and a person is not born with the values and beliefs vested in a culture, they are in fact learned as the child grows. Really good job! Where beliefs can be many, values are few in number and are different for each society. Values, on the other hand, are not the same things as beliefs. Two such components that play a major role in culture are beliefs and values. This is so because of the gender characteristics associated with each. I greatly appreciate what you do. This is the very socialization that influences to a great extent the consumer perceptions about brands. Prices are a little high but the services are worth it. Each language carries with it all of the history and culture of the area that it arises from. I am pleased! Being dynamic means they are open to change and adapt with the demands of changing times. Culture forms a person’s beliefs, values, norms and moral attitudes. However, Rodriguez believes that a piece of your identity must be sacrificed in order to be accepted into a new culture. The more structured the culture prefers to keep the situations, the more certainty it prefers and avoids ambiguity and is able to tolerate risk. This may be offensive to members of some cultures, where close interactions with distant acquaintances is not an appropriate way to communicate.

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