The finished result of the vintage wool top (right) and some other pieces I dyed with the fresh indigo leaves. Consume 5 g of it thrice a day. I am in the beginning stages of experimenting to find the method for processing that works best for me in the southern climate of Ausitn, Texas. You can get a yellow skein, a blue skein and a green skein if you plan out your order of dyeing. A month is a faster growing rate than most climates; through my research I had estimated 3 months from transplanting to first harvest. Make root infusion of Indigo. I think really enjoy humid summer weather. Do you have any links about all phases of the indigo process that you could give me by email? Grind whole plant of Indigo to make paste. In a month the plants will grow back, and be ready for another harvest. Do you know this herb by any other name ? I have quite a variety of natural dye plants growing in my Brooklyn tree guard planters, so only a portion of the space was reserved for indigo growing, resulting in a few indigo plants altogether. Relying solely on fresh plants for dyeing is limiting on a, number of fronts. Relying solely on fresh plants for dyeing is limiting on a number of fronts. I use natural dyes to dye most of the fabrics used in the making of my quilts. I know the indigo growing season is over for you, but I live in Australia and my indigo plants are in full swing right now. Rowland has explained to me that most of the English-language books available on Indigo contain mis-information, or the majority of what is written is for the hobbyist, the backyard dyer who is doing their dyeing in a ball jar. Then I quickly strained the indigo leaves out and set them aside to use for a reduced indigo process later. INDIGO POWDER IS SAFE TO USE COLOURING FOR THE HAIR. Would you mind telling me how long you leave them in the water? Then I went outside to my planters and cut the indigo stalks from one of my plants. My goal is to share the craft and folklore that prevails around natural dyes and quilting. can we drink indigo powder mixed with hot water? Names of Indigo in various languages of the world are also given. "I have a great respect for and love of small-scale production, but at the same time I'm a professional who needs to be able to dye relatively large amounts of material frequently and consistently. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Indigo. A leaf poultice can be used externally for Wounds and Insect Bites. If indigo powder is so effective then why it is not use commonly by people having grey har. Every Folk Fibers quilt is entirely hand quilted right here in Austin, Texas. After six weeks in the greenhouse the roots were mature enough to be transplanted. It’s important to work quickly from harvest of the indigo to the dyeing as the leaves really must be quite fresh. Before starting to blend I only added ¾ of the indigo leaves and set the blender on low for 1 minute, and then added the rest of the indigo leaves as it blended. Dyeing with Fresh Indigo Leaves. Extract juice from fresh branches of Indigo. I too am just beginning to become acquainted with the indigo plants. When they are completely dry It's then time to stomp on them to separate the stems from the leaves. I removed the seedlings from the greenhouse and set them outside to harden them off for a couple of days. I too wonder how to compost for later use. Add some Honey in it. Have it twice a day. It will be many years until I accumulate enough mass to ferment my own pile of indigo. Apparently Japanese Indigo LOVES Texas... that is as long as I keep it irrigated. I’m @morrison_polkinghorne. I transplanted 525 japanese indigo seedlings the first week of March in a 700 square foot garden. I would like to give a BIG thank you to my indigo mentor, Rowland Ricketts. Grind dried leaves of Indigo. It acts as an antidote against Arsenic. The leaves hold all the color potential so they must be separated from the stalks before dyeing. Mix 1 tsp leave juice of Indigo with half tsp Honey. For me this would mean only during, the summer, and that is a limiting time frame.". Or the well-meaning individuals were outright lied to because the crafts people they were talking to wanted to protect their trade secrets. I seeded Japanese Indigo (Polygonum Tinctorium) seeds in January and it took exactly two weeks for them to germinate inside the greenhouse. The traditional way of indigo dyeing is to ferment the leaves, but since I have only a few handfuls of leaves I thought I'd try out a quicker method using fresh leaves. It’s been a joy to spend time with these surprisingly vigorous and robust plants. ... Then I quickly strained the indigo leaves out and set them aside to use for a reduced indigo process later. We are expanding this year and starting a “history” garden, growing the three sisters and also tobacco.

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