, you will never get a real bulb , but wait a few weeks, and you end up with light extended bulbs. Sow the seeds 1/8 to ¼ inch deep. Or roast - slice in four pieces with the base intact, rub with olive oil and roast with other veges. Thank you for the excellent information on how to grow and use fennel. You can plant fennel in the ground or in containers. They are there but flat! Bulb fennel is perhaps a slightly misleading name, as the ‘bulb’ is in fact the swollen stem base of the plant. ", "Hi Ellen. I wonder, is there any point in cutting it 1" above ground level, as you suggest, in the hope of a secondary crop rather than just letting it flower? ", "its also delicious as a salad.thinly slice fennel in a bowl with orange segments with membrane removed, olive oil, salt and pepper. Light frosts 3-6 times over winter", "Hi Antonette. Planting Florence Fennel. Sow seeds early in the season and cover with 1/4" of soil. ", "Hi. As it grows reasonably quickly I'd be inclined just to start afresh next year by sowing a new crop. am going to try them. If it's herb fennel then the plant will grow much taller, quicker. Harvesting and Storing Florence Fennel. At this time of the year we pay close to $US10.00 for one mature bulb from the retailers. Herb fennel is probably the type you have, given that it has grown to 6ft tall. The herb fennel is closely related to the vegetable Florence fennel. One of the reasons to sow bulb fennel at midsummer is its love of sunny conditions. Probably in wrong time, we may get some slight frost during the winter months. How to Grow Florence Fennel. Hopefully the other plants will continue to swell - keep them well watered if conditions are dry where you are. Florence fennel needs a position in full sun. In the very hottest climates heat alone can induce flowering – shading from other taller crops or temporary netting can alleviate the heat. Bulb fennel can also be grown in containers of multipurpose compost. I can't say I know the answer to this one for sure, but as Florence/bulb fennel prefers warmer weather and plenty of moisture, you may well have success in the Philippines - I'd say give it a try! Good luck with it! These can then be sown in spring, so you'd cultivate the plant as an annual. Prepare the bed in advance by ... Florence Fennel Care. Hailing from the Mediterranean, it is at home in a fertile yet free-drained soil that’s lovingly basked by the warming rays of summer. ", "Hello Benedict - What a wonderful informative blog. But you really have to be absolutely certain it is fennel and not some other similar-looking plant. An how do I do it? Can I grow some fennel here as well? Florence Fennel is grown for its bulbous stem, which can be eaten raw, grilled or baked. Also called Florence Fennel or Finuccio, it is easy to grow and very hardy, lasting well after the first frost. You could give that a go, certainly, but I'd be inclined to let them flower and pull in the beneficial insects. People believe that they are growing the fennel bulb when what you actually are growing is the swollen overlapping leaf stalks. ", "Hi, I haven't read all the posts, but if your fennel does go to flower or for some strange reason you don't need it all or use it. Easy-to-grow fennel should be grown in full sun, in fertile, well-drained soil. Perhaps the most indulgent vegetable to start off at this time of year is Florence fennel, otherwise known as finocchio or, more commonly, bulb fennel. To do this, just spread a tablespoon or two of fertilizer onto the soil surrounding the plant, and then water well. 22 June 2012, written by Benedict Vanheems. Give it a few weeks and you'll easily be able to tell the difference. Few pests will trouble your seedlings but slugs (as ever!) Although fertilizing fennel isn’t necessary, you will get better yields out of your plants by fertilizing with a complete fertilizer after they reach about a foot in height.

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