I was pretty sure that the white sap that comes from piercing one of the “apples” was poison. It was also used to end the lives of probably several thousand chickens over the years. did you find any hedgeapple capsules? Freeze. But when they harden, they are only an inch or so. (19). The fleshy part under the rind with the seeds is apparently the part eaten (after the seed are removed – the article says they are delicious boiled and peeled). I have a video pinned on top of the page of Todd explaining the Clinical Trial Results which is very informative. Please go to (a now defunct website) and search for the hedgeapple cancer cure. His house ( pats of which was built in 1680,) still exists– It is a NYCity landmark and is in the long process of being restored- with about 4 original acres around it== Many trees planted by him are still thriving on the property. This article will give you some ideas on how to add oranges into your diet. Bottom line, I’ll continue to respect the osage orange but will leave it alone. I had to get special bandsaw blades. I live in North Carolina. Guess I’ve been dumb all my life, now 71 years old, about what we’ve always called “horse apples”. I have a friend who does wood working and is always trying to save me the hassle of picking up the fruits. He freezes/ thaws/ slices 1/4 inch thick, dehydrate for three or four days. I read a Wikipedia article once that referenced me twice and got it wrong, absolutely wrong, twice. I know if there is a fruit some one has figured out how to use it. Just trying to help. The fruits will be rotting in the spring after thawing and the seeds will germinate in a clump. He told me he never noticed them before, but I could google the description .And I FOUND YOU. There may be regional and varietal differences, much like when I went from Northern Arkansas to Southern Indiana and was told to split elm wood for the fire. Be careful. (23). I think he usually uses 3. The seeds don’t have as many vitamins and minerals as the leaves do, but they are high in vitamin C. If you opt for moringa leaf powder, you have more options for use. Symptoms also include rectal pain and bleeding, diarrhea, and urgency to discharge a stool. But careful investigation shows the animals usually suffocated on the large fruit. We began looking for the trees instead of the foundations and were very successful. then i put this in capsules . If I can eat jackfruit, this should be no different. Absolutely false. I have a huge one of these in my yard and found out the hard way about these knives, I mean thorns that still has my hand throbbing. If anyone knows where a nursery is that will sell such, I would love to know! Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. our kids and grandkids like to use them like baseballs and throw them at the trees to see if they will stick on the spikey thorns, its like a fall game after hunting season hours are over. I’m glad I found this site, thanks everyone for a very interesting exchange of information on Osage Orange. I didn’t get to the original OO trees on the course so I’m wondering if the mold on the OO had some type antibiotic effect on me. Well maybe because even with less sugar in the jam, it would cancel out the benefits of the cancer fighting power of the Osage??? Take a slice, about 1/4″ thick. The density of the wood makes it a challenge to cut, but I do not recall even the fresh wood being ‘gummy’. Aside from it being too hot for that sort of work in summertime, wouldn’t it be best to cut wood when the sap is in the roots? and is causing some gas and rumblings. Very edible. Comments or questions about this site, or for permission to use photos and information, http://www.racehorseherbal.com/Wild_Herbs/Osage_Orange/osage_orange.html, http://classicalformulas.com/ReadingRoom/OsageOrange.html. So we are doing this and we are not getting high or sick from it. I had a bandsawmill for several years, the goal to get free pine trees and cut into lumber and build my house. The other way is use a food dehydrator, slice the hedgeapple in several slices, put in dehydrator, turn it daily, and in about 3 days it will completely dry, then you can pulverize it with food processor. To separate the edible seeds from mature fruit put the fruit in a bucket of water and wait until the fruit is soft, then separate the seeds out.

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