Vehicle owners in the city can, however, access the web-based mParivahan app to make payment of their e-challan online. Pleas let us know if anything changes. The old, expired licence is then only valid for three months according to Regulation 108(6)(a). 158. Friends, Follow traffic rules for your safety. Plus, a transport or commercial vehicle must also carry a fitness certificate of the vehicle and state permit (if applicable). The traffic police will be then gathering more details about the vehicle and the owner from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The new system was introduced to modernise the Kerala police especially the traffic department. Good day Louis I have outstanding fines from the jmpd and my license is about to expire is it possible for me to renew it in ekhurulenI? So before taking your vehicle to the road, make sure you check the new traffic penalties to gauge your liabilities. We’ll need your email address to let you know when we start serving. Can I check my traffic fines online? Traffic violation cases will be sent to the court through the system and fines will be determined by the virtual court which can be paid through the e-Treasury system. RTIA is a government agency that encourages the execution of traffic fines and discourages motorists breaking road traffic laws. You are required to have the below list of documents while driving:1. I contacted the RTIA on Twitter to ask what the best way is to query outstanding fines. From the date of issue, the e-challan has to be paid within 60 days. The traffic police had given three months to pay the fine due to the ongoing lockdown; however, this has been further extended to 30 June offering some respite to citizens to pay the challan without missing the due date. Our WhatsApp number cannot be used for calls. You have to settle them first before renewing your licence. Go Digit General Insurance Limited (formerly known as Oben General Insurance Ltd.), Address: Atlantis, 95, 4th B Cross Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Bengaluru 560095. Traffic violation fines are charged to the vehicle owner if any of the traffic rules like, crossing the signal, parking you vehicle at wrong place etc, is broken. E-challan has changed the way we pay traffic fines. Hi Robert, this is being rolled out in Gauteng so it is probably relevant in the Ekurhuleni Municipality. Make the final payment by filling the payment details. Step 4: On the main page, select “More”. Below are the steps for your reference: Step 1: Visit 2: On the main page, you have the option to enter the Challan Number/Vehicle Number/DL Number, the Captcha Code and enter ‘Get Details’. A Government of India initiative, e-challan helps in traffic service improvement while ensuring increased transparency. Through the e-challan, you can pay traffic fines online or offline. The AARTO introduces a demerit points system intended to reprimand South African drivers who are regular offenders. Step 2 – Open the e-challans payment section. Minimizes time and effort.2. The AARTO brings improved fine collection procedures and revenue streams used for improving road safety in South Africa. ★ Check traffic violations in a single tap ★ Share list of traffic fines with others . After the Saudi government increased the fine on traffic violations, every native and non-native in KSA is worried about this single question, “How to check MOI traffic violations or Mukhalfa in the Arabian peninsula“. Is love losing its soul in the digital age? It has been two years since the Saudi Cabinet has transferred/delegated the rules regarding traffic violations in the Saudi Kingdom to the Traffic Police Department. Several states have enabled the MTP CCTV challan in various cities through which an e-challan is generated whenever a traffic violation is captured on the CCTV camera. Some users in Johannesburg and Pretoria have mentioned on this blog’s comments that they were unable to renew their Drivers Licence due to outstanding fines. Enter your name in the below-mentioned field. Sorry! Pay online using a credit card. As per amendments made in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, traffic fines have been revised. This is a chat only number. Do you have anything in writing from your employer to say that they will settle these fines? With the newly imposed fines, the government has also undertaken steps to make fine payment simpler. As soon as they receive the details (Name and address of the owner, vehicle model), an SMS will be sent on the registered phone number of the violator. If you have not renewed the licence before the expiry date then you are liable for a traffic fine. The South African government has set up departments like the Road Traffic Infringement Agency and the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offence to administer laws and outstanding traffic fines in South Africa anyone who does not follow them. Some of these documents are a vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC), Driving License (DL), etc. What you need to renew your South African drivers licence - 2018 - My Blog,, What you need to renew your South African drivers licence, How To Check If You Have Outstanding Traffic fines, What You Need To Renew Your South African Motor Vehicle Licence Disc (ALV), How To Check Your South African Marital Status, Where You Can Earn Fuel Rewards In South Africa And Which Loyalty Cards To Use, Applying for a South African Smart ID Card – Everything you need to know, How To Register And Claim For Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Benefits. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. It is an initiative of the Government of India and aims at improving service access and transparency in the system. Proceed with the following steps to check traffic fines in Bangalore. Read informative Traffic Rules & Violations Articles at Acko. If you want to check fine status on your vehicles then follow the simple and easy guidelines given below. Apart from a virtual court, the Supreme Court Judge Justice DY Chandrachud also announced the availability of five other facilities that include e-filing at the high court, Inter-operable Criminal Justice System, a website for commercial courts, e-filing at district courts, an online application for certified copies, and online payment of court fee. The system will work in conjunction with the National Motor Vehicle Database at the central level., New eNatis Online Booking System To Renew Your South African Drivers Licence, Speed Cameras Must Be Clearly Visible – Cape Town To Adopt New Regulation. If i would like to do roadworthy, transfer of ownership and pull a license disk ( its still valid at the moment ) Does my outstanding fines forst need to be paid , even though i didnt receive any letters nor summons – any paperwork for my fines , before i can go an do my RW , transfer of ownership and pull license. The AARTO brings improved fine collection procedures and revenue streams used for improving road safety in South Africa. Don't Drive on foot path. If you get pulled over with an expired licence you have to prove that you have applied for the new licence according to the Road Traffic Act. The document is generated through the Electronic Challan System and the main focus on introducing e-challan by the Centre is to provide transparency and improve its services to citizens of India. My husbands licence has expired two years ago and he was not aware. We will email you with an answer within 2-3 days. 2nd Floor, #36/5, Hustlehub One East,Somasandrapalya, 27th Main Rd, Sector 2,HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102. If you still refuse to attend the court session and to pay the e-challan, then your licence would be suspended. Under the e-governance initiative, you can pay the traffic e-challan online. You must carry the vehicle’s Registration Certificate, your Driving License as well as Insurance Certificate to avoid traffic fines related to documentation. Check the fines section of your online banking if any fines are listed in your name. Search for outstanding fines. Step 6: Make the payment towards the e-challan for which you will receive a confirmation and a transaction ID.

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