I can see when a discussion is going to lead to something and when it's just going to go into a loop. Then please clarify because "Secondly it's obvious Lord Second meant "Body Flicker" Lord second doesn't have tags like Minato he can't teleport long distance via Kunai like Minato and yet Lord Second states Minato was faster than himself." Opinions will always exist so I'll correct on that. [28], Minato could also perform the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, which he had enough familiarity with to know it couldn't be used to seal all of the Nine-Tails' chakra. What if hes so fast that he made up the whole ftg thing to make it seem like a jutsu, but he was just really fast-- fast like a saya-jin. http://www.mangapanda.com/93-55203-6/naruto/chapter-501.html. [20], For his performance during the War, Minato was chosen over Orochimaru to become Fourth Hokage. How is it a stretch. Already dying from the Nine-Tails' removal, Kushina offered to have it sealed back into her so it would die with her. He is forced to keep his distance and watch as Naruto leads the Allied Shinobi in another assault against Obito. Nonetheless, he passed them because they accomplished the goal of the test by working as a team. Just like minatos body flikcer is better than Tobiramas. The author has to speak through his characters, otherwise how will he tell us Ay is the fastest.? [17] Minato's competing obligations would later repeat the tragedy of Obito's death: while he was away on another mission, Rin was kidnapped by Kirigakure and died during Kakashi's attempt to retrieve her. While Sasuke talks to the First Hokage, Minato detects Naruto's chakra and is glad to sense he has gained full control of the Nine-Tails. Anyways welcome to Narutopedia. I'd like to point out that I have no problem as for some reason you said I did. [46] It gives him an edge in combat due to requiring no hand seals to create and being self-sustaining. Minato returned to the village in the early stages of the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha, arriving in time to teleport away a Tailed Beast Ball before it destroyed the Hokage Rock.He attempted to reach the Third Hokage so that he could inform him of what happened, but was interrupted by Tobi, who tried to warp him away. He was famously known as the Yellow Flash of the Leaf. The author said he was the fastest ninja of his time. [18] During their first meeting, Minato and A fought with their speed, with Minato proving the faster. While it demands very precise chakra control to use, Minato's mastery allowed him to form it with either hand instantly and vary its size from standard to Big Ball Rasengan-sized,[47] and even as large as his Tailed Beast Mode. Lets say both needed to be across the country or world, who would make it first? [37][8][38] During the Third Shinobi World War, flee-on-sight orders were given to enemy shinobi should they encounter him. http://i.imgur.com/TVHm4px.jpg Because the Nine-Tails' chakra was too immense to seal into an infant, Minato used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to cut its chakra in half, sealing the Yin half in himself. His shunshin is great but his feats with it have been interception feats not direct mid-battle blitz. His every feat with body flicker and outpacing the Hokage should cover it. [44] Minato was also proficient in the nature transformations of Fire, Wind, Lightning, along with Yin and Yang Release. [30] He was well-aware of the terror his reputation inspired in rival villages and would take advantage of it at times, but even then he would remain respectful to opponents. Now I'm not sure how fast shisui is but take away Minato's FTG and his speed doesn't compare to some other speedsters of the verse. But that doesn't mean Minato isn't fast. You may not care what the databook says. I thought the implication was that Naruto in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode can move so fast that he almost looks like he's teleporting (but he's not). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Obito traps the Alliance in his own barrier and prepares to destroy them all with a barrage of Tailed Beast Balls. But when minato used hiraishin, that's how he knew who he was dealing with. Kishimoto also draws this symbol to indicate fast movement speed as well: This is shown when he summons using his left hand, meaning he signed the contract with his left hand, but has been shown to use wield his Kunai as well as the Rasengan interchangeably with no signs of preference on which hand to use. Shisui was known as the best body flicker user of the uchiha clan. Because Tobi is still branded with the Flying Thunder God seal from their last encounter, the shadow clone is able to teleport to him and strike him down. Tobirama, the fastest ninja of his time said minato had better shunshin than him. Even when he was not aware of his relation to Minato, Naruto still greatly admired the Fourth Hokage, considering him a hero who gave his life for the village[81] and becoming overjoyed whenever their similarities were remarked upon. After becoming a full-fledged shinobi, he wore a tracksuit with three stripes on the sleeves, mesh under-armour, a pair of black pants, and sandals. His own speed is so fast it’s comparable to FTG. Does Naruto know it as well? The summoning technique is actually a type of space-time technique, not the other way around. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There is no mention or image of the kakashi save in that scan, because it was not hiraishin, it was body flicker. [55] He carried a large number of kunai in the field that he would scatter across a wide area so that he could move around with more options. Minato, meanwhile, teleports to the Hokage Rock where he remains with the inert Truth Seeking Balls. At the request of Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru releases the souls of the first four Hokage from the stomach of the Shinigami so that he can reincarnate them. He is the father of the current and the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure, Naruto Uzumaki. Take a second to look at our. Remember his teleporting technique wouldn't be much use if he didn't have the reaction time/base speed to go with it. Minato wishes happy birthday to Naruto before departing. Why would Tobirama use base speed as a comparison when the only difference that you state is the absence of kunai ftg on tobirama's part? Kushina restrained it and erected a barrier so that it couldn't escape while they decided what to do. You only have the mistranslation for your part as evidence as well. I think the best showcase of his speed is when he saves his infant son from Tobi's slash. Realising that Naruto is his son and that they therefore have similar chakra, they are able to create the Supreme Ultimate Rasengan and defeat Mukade. I was always under the impression that even though he's compared to Minato's FTG, the two are fundamentally different. The feat with naruto was tobi stalling minato. Naruto asks if there is at least a chance that Minato is his father, to which Minato responds that if he ever had a son, he wishes he would be just like Naruto. 1. [53], Minato had his own special brand of kunai for combat; triple-prong kunai for better offensive potential. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When someone blindly ignores evidence like that, it means they have no counter and know they're wrong. Now your excuse is minato uses body flicker, therefore it is enhanced speed and doesn't count...wow. If minato used hiraishin before, why is she only shocked then. Naruto uses foot speed, he can only go X distance in Y time. After that it was straight Minato fighting no enhances or nothing. 1. Naruto explains there's no need as he's already met Kushina and heard everything. Minato could bring others with him, though he needed to provide the chakra for their transport. Minato wipes everyone's memory so that their meeting Naruto won't change the future. Sometime later, Tobi appears above the Ten-Tails and begins reviving Madara, which the Alliance focuses its efforts on preventing. He fights close combat in order to defeat his opponents. When the Ay who calls himself the fastest, states minato is faster, who are you to argue? Minato's base speed was fairly quick as well, I believe. 5. Regardless, that certainly wasn't FTG. Also depending on translations they can mess up or be off. Minato was not greatly worried about the birth, and in fact gave Kakashi the day off in gratitude for his good work. Honestly, what kind of question is that. The same distance took kakashi several panels and a couple pages to run. So, here we have a case where Minato traversed a room, before Tobi could finish his strike. Minato, eager to see Naruto, arrives first, just in time to warp away the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball, saving Naruto and the Allies. He sealed the Nine-Tails' Yang half into Naruto, weaving Kushina's chakra into the seal so that she could someday assist Naruto with learning to control the Nine-Tails and its chakra. Minato was hyped, showed nothing but the use of FTG which is isn't speed but teleportation. He introduces himself to Sakura Haruno and asks if she is Naruto's girlfriend. It was on the blanket baby Naruto was wrapped around if you seen it. [51] He did not need to accompany targets he teleported,[52] giving him a defensive option to teleport incoming projectiles away.

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