Remove the transmitter's cover as described in Mounting, Step 1. The following illustration shows the compatible transmitters, their associated input types and loop designations. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Zone type 24 is usually assigned sensors or contacts on exterior doors and windows where bells and/or sirens are NOT desired. To clear, Note: Backup reporting (8 attempts are made to the secondary, phone number if no kissoff is received after 8 attempts to, the primary number) is automatic only if there is a, If fewer than 24 digits entered, exit by pressing [ ]. Press [ ] + interactive mode No. 4.If required, replace the tape that secures the battery pack. In the event of an AC power loss, the system is supported by a long life backup battery that is supervised for connection and for low voltage conditions. 6.Connect battery connector to receptacle on terminal block PC board. 2. •Zone number is sent to the central station as a user number when arming or disarming. Entered through the keypad at the "Input S/N" or "Transmit Now" prompt during manual zone programming. The keypad will display the first of a series of prompts. 3.Peel the backing from tape on the back plate. or 6-14VDC bell (120mA max. Recommendations must be included for a specific program of frequent testing (at least weekly) to insure the system's operation at all times. This also applies to 5816 and 5817 transmitters that have multiple loops (zones). A. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. In addition, we recommend that radio backup be used in a security system. (2)The 5800RL cannot be used in conjunction with the Auto Arm (scheduled arming) feature. Zone type 00 is used to program a zone that is not used. Note: Rechargeable batteries may take up to 48-hours to fully charge. Note: You may find it convenient to adjust the volume setting before entering the Program Mode. ADEMCO 5820L transmitter pdf manual download. = yes (chimes on fault of those zones assigned to. 3.Upon entering programming mode, the control will display “--” for up to two seconds indicating it is communicating with the LRR/IP devices. is reset 3-seconds after the first pulse is detected. 5.After wiring connections are made, carefully reconnect the ribbon cable to the front assembly PC board connector (properly aligning the red wire). (2) 5804E encrypted (High-Security) devices must be activated while the system is in Go/No Go Test Mode. 4.Connect the device to the Internet via a cable/DSL modem and router or to an Intranet (LAN) via the appropriate Ethernet connection, if applicable. When you have completely programmed a data field, the keypad will “beep” three times and then automatically display the next data field in sequence. •Up to 24 wireless zones (5800 Series Transmitters), •Can be uploaded, downloaded or controlled via IBM-compatible computer using Compass downloader software and specified HAYES modem, •Real-time Clock display and Fixed-Word display, •Message Center (for user recorded messages), •Voice announcement of system and zone status, •“Follow Me” Reminder and System Announcements, •Primary Power: Ademco 1332/1332X10 Plug-in Transformer, 110VAC to 9VAC, 15VA output (1332CN in Canada). Fault each transmitter in turn, causing each one to send a signal. 1.Separate the front assembly from the back plate by pressing on the two locking tabs at the top of the unit. phone number field), enter the desired data, then press [ ] to advance to the next data field. Zone type 04 is usually assigned to a zone covering an entry area (i.e. For system status (non-alarm) codes, enter a “1” in the first box for all the system conditions you want to send to the central station. •No entry delay when armed in the STAY NO DELAY or AWAY NO DELAY mode. 3.Peel the backing from tape on the back plate. View and Download Honeywell ADEMCO 5820L installation and setup manual online. To clear the field, press 88 . The keypad will display, “EA (EXIT ALARM),” and the alarm sounding will continue until. Up to 24 wireless zones (5800 Series Transmitters), GSM Cellular Central Station Communication, Can be uploaded, downloaded or controlled via, Message Center (for user recorded messages), Voice announcement of system and zone status, “Follow Me” Reminder and System Announcements, Exit error feature (detects difference between an actual alarm and exit alarm caused by leaving a door open after the exit delay expires). Dispose of used batteries promptly. NOTES: Verify that the pager supports [*] and [#], You do not need to fill all 16 digits. Install a smoke detector inside every bedroom where someone sleeps with the door partly or completely closed. as described in the 56 Enhanced Zone Programming Mode section. Mount the back plate to a sturdy wall, feeding the field wiring through the appropriate openings in the back plate. The, Connect a piezo sounder to terminals 10 (+) and 11. Note: Entering a number other than the one specified will give unpredictable results. •Entry delay #1 is programmable from 0-99 seconds (field 35). The keypad will beep three times indicating signal reception and will display the appropriate zone number. The “LOW BAT” message should clear within four hours or by entering Test Mode. With the battery still not inserted, connect the shock processor loop (if used) to the unit's loop TB1 terminals (see Detail "B"). The 5816 and 5817 Transmitters do not have EOL supervision of their loop wiring. Refer to the Wiring Connections paragraph and the Summary of Connections diagram on the inside back cover when making connections. Install a smoke detector at both ends of a hallway if the hallway is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long. Zone type 07 is usually assigned to a zone containing an Emergency button (audible emergency). The system will confirm enrollment of the encrypted device by beeping two times. To clear, entries from field, press 42 . Ensure the cover is snapped closed prior to applying AC power. 1. As the system receives a signal from each of the transmitters, the zone number of that transmitter will disappear from the display. Make Powerline Carrier Device Connections -. 2.The device must be registered before downloading or alarm reporting can take place. This will ensure that alarm signals can be sent to the alarm monitoring station in the event that the telephone lines are out of order (alarm signals are normally sent over the phone lines, if connected to an alarm monitoring station). since the external sounder does not operate when AC power is lost. A detailed procedure (with displays of prompts) is provided in later sections of this manual. To clear entries from, Note: Backup reporting (8 attempts are made to the secondary phone, number if no kissoff is received after 8 attempts to the primary, number) is automatic only if there is a secondary phone number, If fewer than 24 digits entered, exit by pressing [ ]. Also, an alarm in the hallway outside may not wake up the sleeper if the door is closed.

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