You agree we can store your data. Your management company acts as the “boots on the ground” for the day-to-day operation of your homeowners association, which is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. They patrol the neighborhood to see if the yard is mowed, Christmas lights have been taken down, and if things need to be repaired. If the HOA board ignores your complaints or downplays the seriousness of the situation, “homeowners can vote out the board members. Header Image Source: (Derrick Brooks / Unsplash). “Once, I had a listing that had a loose gutter. Some municipalities in Florida require condos to undergo a recertification of their safety for occupancy at the 40-year mark. Kuester supports HOAs in navigating and upholding governing documents, improving communication with homeowners, and running a more effective and efficient organization. There are three types of security guard that are common around the world. While the Association is not responsible for the safety and security of residents or personal property, the Association absolutely should share incidences with residents when notified so that they may take precautions as they deem necessary. Everyone is expected to follow the same rules and regulations. Contact Kuester today to learn more. Specific directions on overgrown landscaping, dark areas, and unlocked gates should be provided to owners, and you may even want to start a neighborhood watch program. Sectional title insurance: The various types your scheme should consider, Water damage liability in sectional title schemes: What you need to know. Did you change your front door lockset when you moved in? While an Association may implement measures to protect the Association’s common areas and amenities by installing cameras, gates and access systems, or hiring roaming patrol, these tools are meant to protect the Association’s common area assets, not individual residents or their personal property. and maintain the common property in a scheme. then responsible for the areas outside the units up until the middle of the If it is, they’ll issue the offending party a warning or a fine for violating one of the community rules. Examples of The board president is the person who leads meetings, announces agendas, and maintains order and decorum. But what are the responsibilities of the HOA? Improve your HOA/CONDO communication TODAY! If the HOA isn’t fulfilling its responsibilities, you can do something about it. Avoid unnecessary liability by following these best practices There are fewer hiding spots than you think and burglars know where to look. It may be possible that a MOI places limited responsibility on directors to ensure the safety of residents in the estate. Pay attention when walking in stairwells and around the community; meet your neighbors so you know who belongs there and who doesn’t. Fax: (480) 210-2440, 4275 Country Club Drive Board’s should consider drafting and adopting a Safety & Security Policy that becomes part of the Association’s official Rules and Regulations, notifying the membership that the Association is not responsible for the safety and security of the residents, invited guests or personal property, and that each individual should act prudently to protect themselves and their belongings. An owner may also choose to install a security alarm system that is linked to an armed response company. How to efficiently deal with HOA violations, Celebrate Halloween safely in your HOA/Condo. camaraderie by hosting events that allow residents to mingle and build relationships that support community security.

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