I’d recommend giving that a watch before making a final decision on buying this. My $40 Shure SM48 has a better built-in pop filter than this $200+ mic. It’s a hyper-cardioid mic which means you do have to be on-axis for it to sound good. It has a very clear and unpolished sound to it. Perfect for recording vocals and instruments. Heil has another version, the Sound Heritage Dynamic Cardioid that I think is less expensive than the Fin (and the Shure) and looks more like the Shure. Yep. Gold Supporters see zero ads! No-fuss. In my acoustic trio, we all use Shure Super 55s, which have a capsule derived from the Beta 58. The beauty of this mic is that it has old-school charm, but with a very modern sound. This Microphone has blown me away at how good it sounds compared to higher-priced and specked ones. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Voice quality. I broadened my horizons and lucky for me I saw this gem, and boy what a surprise, when mixed correctly this microphone has the same quality as a $150+ microphone. As an additional note, a travel-ready bag is included for the mic which is of surprisingly high quality! Given its reasonable price, I think this is going to become very popular with folks who want a retro look. I do not own this mic but I have had the opportunity to test it several times in my friend’s studio, he is a Vocal coach and professional Podcaster, so he does a lot of daily work on it. Thank you for your support! So to anyone who wants to record vocals or pretty much any other thing, this is a great cost-efficient microphone, that won’t empty the bank and sounds spectacular. And by crystal clear, I mean crystal clear to a fault. It was at this point that I decided to make the video I needed for that decision process. There are a variety of “proprietary features” purported on the box whose overall purpose admittedly sounds like a bit of marketing…. I have a Shure SH55 for podcasting which is amazing, but I needed another mic for my friend but I didn’t really want to go over any budgets. Old School Microphone Everyone loves an old school looking mic like the Shure SH55. Also, I appreciate the fact that it comes with a really long cable. But when someone has handed me one, I've plugged it in and generally get it to sound "ok". Sound activated. Hope you found this article about Old School Microphones interesting and found something. As I mentioned, every vocalist who fancies one, probably has one. Outside there are many types of microphone is and we will compare 2 between goods originating from brand Shure, they are Shure Super 55 IE vs. the … My toddler banging toys around the hallway or whining? I don't know anything about Heil's vintage-style mics, but if they sound anything like their PR22 hand-held, I'd run away fast. I had a lot of fun hearing the differences, these retro style microphones are unique in comparison to the modern style performance mics like the Heil PR 35/ Shure Beta 28 microphones. Not expecting them to sound like a ribbon, was wondering if either might compare say to a Senn 935 or? Ah. It’s a bit more bass-heavy than my Yeti which is nice. I understand that there are actual vintage 55's that have a different diaphragm assembly, but (and this is just my possibly flawed experience) the contemporary mics sound like a less good version of the 58. "The 55 might be among the most common "I brought my own" mics, so I know just what to expect sound-wise from one.". It makes such deep smooth and clear bass tones, you will fall in love forever with the AKG D112 MkII The recordings it does are so good you don’t really need to adjust anything after recording it except maybe throw a limiter and comp for your mix, I just love its sound. I had a lot of fun hearing the… There’s a great comparison video on YT by Amy Westney that compares this Heil Sound The Fin vs. a Shure Super 55 [which is, in general, a cheaper mic] that I wish I had seen before making the purchase. Yep. If you are a person with a passion in music and have the ability to take a good voice or vocal surely would choose a quality music equipment for good results.

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