It is recommended to harvest no more than one third of the plant at a time to keep it from being damaged. uses delicate pinches of fennel and dill pollen to infuse subtle flavours into dishes, both savoury and sweet. There are no curious questions about hand harvesting or its porcelain-fragile aroma. Cooks who do not want to spring for fennel pollen can substitute with ground fennel seed, which has a similar, though less rich, taste. The pollen can also simply be sprinkled on an edible garnish, serving as a seasoning. Canada Post is also facing unprecedented parcel volumes and not guaranteeing their usual delivery standards. Planting fennel bulbs and self-harvesting the spice is also an option, albeit a time-consuming one. One foodie describes it as the spice an angel would sprinkle from its wings. Harvest the fennel leaves. Pollen is an integral part of most plants’ reproductive processes. Peggy Knickerbocker (true name) is an esteemed San Francisco-based food writer who has contributed to Gourmet, Saveur, Food and Wine, House and Garden, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. It is a yellow powder hand-picked from the flowers of the fennel plant, and the labour involved in harvesting it makes it quite expensive. Fennel pollen is a traditional food in the Calabria region of Italy. Some people detect a strong tangerine-like citrus note in the flavor and aroma of fennel pollen. Michael Viljanen-the rising star in the restaurant world of Gregan’s Castle and now The Greenhouse fame. But it really is worth it. Even if you don’t like the licorice note, still give fennel pollen a try just to experience its complexity. Fennel pollen is quickly gaining a reputation as a magic spice that enhances the flavour of everything from pears to pork. Choose a dry day 2. Snip off the flower heads when the flowers are open and pollen is showing 3. The flavour is hard to pinpoint. A few days ago we were passing by a field of wild fennel and made a mental note to return and collect some of the yellow, anise-flavored flowers. That flavor carries over to its pollen with a buttery, sweet richness. .Winner of 2** Gold Stars at the 2012 Great Taste Awards. The plant is considered “pollinated” — that is, ready for reproduction — when those gametes make their way to the plant’s female receptors, known as pistils. Most pollen does not taste like much; fennel pollen is a notable exception. (Some people take the extra step of separating the pollen from the buds, but I don’t bother — I find them equally delicious.) There’s only the matter of partaking in its flavor atop a plate of freshly made pasta in a light lemon-cream sauce. Today, fennel pollen is grown in California, which is where we get ours from. Snip off the flower heads when the flowers are open and pollen is showing, 3. Harvest one plant a … Every summer, as … 2. Italian cooks have long been using fennel pollen in pastas, pestos, and as a seasoning to white meat dishes such as rabbit and poultry. ©2019 by Global Harvest Ltd. Tel : 01747 834447 . It has a honey-aniseed flavour, and I’ve found it lifts many dishes, especially chicken and fish. It is prized as an herb and is commonly used in Italian cooking. Don't take too many leaves at once though, or you might harm the plant. It is formed in the plant’s stamen as a powdery, chalky substance. Usually, this is around 90-115 days after being sown. Order spices online or visit us at one of our locations in Calgary or Edmonton. However, the safety of our staff and community remains our top priority, and the backlog of orders we already have has increased our turn around time to 2–3 weeks. Fennel pollen, though it has been known for quite a while in the foodie community, is just starting to become mainstream. It goes great on grilled meats or fish, it’s lovely with vegetables, it’s incredible in desserts. Once dry, give the bags a shake and the pollen will fall to the bottom of the bag, 6. One of the reasons that fennel pollen carries the price tag it does is because of how difficult it is to harvest. To get an idea of some of the best ways to eat fennel pollen, take a look at a few recipes: Chicken. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA ON ORDERS OVER $100. Store pollen in an airtight container; it will keep for several months, Contact Us  / Newsletter / Advertise With Us  / Subscribe, Recipe: Ruth Pretty’s Raspberry Jelly-Tip Pavlova Roll, Inside Paloma Gardens: Meet the couple who spent 45 years planting their tropical garden in Fordell, How to recognise and treat respiratory problems in chickens, Recipe: Asparagus & Strawberry Salad with Feta. We are a retailer of fine spices, herbs and seasonings located in Calgary, Alberta and serving all of Canada. Here's how you can harvest the rare spice (for free! The benefits of fennel are immense, and due to its unique and flavorful taste, it is quickly becoming a staple in many kitchens. Give the bag a good shake, and gather the pollen and petals that accumulate in the bottom of the bag. I scattered a bit over roasted vegetables, and then I tried it on a pork roast. It doesn’t taste like fennel seed or anise, so it truly adds a different flavor to food. And its reputation is growing: it’s set to make a major splash with cooks everywhere. “If angels sprinkled a spice from their wings, this would be it,” she wrote. To harvest fennel pollen, gather as many flowers as you can and shake each one onto a sheet of parchment. Most of the time, this must be done by hand, taking care to shake the pollen loose from each flower bud individually. Holly A. Heyser If you use fennel regularly, try planting multiple plants. ). Push the heads into a paper bag with the stems poking out, 4. Her take on fennel pollen is irresistible.

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