Happy is confused at the appearance of another Lucy, as he states that they're not even in Edolas, and the other woman states that she came from the future, confusing Happy further. Gray reveals that it would be to capture the escaped convict Velveno. Alias Upon reaching Magnolia, the trio separates. Lector | The team then heads back to their client's house where Lucy reveals the secrets of the book. Eventually, the other guild members arrive and quickly clash with Mary Hughes, Sugarboy and Coco. We are... Mages of Fairy Tail! As he looks around the place, he notices Natsu suddenly collapsing to the floor, with Dan following him. Happy looks at her as Natsu asks her who she is. He and Natsu then decide to have some fun by barrel surfing through the bar, both of them flipping out at the end of their ride when they crash into Gajeel and Wendy. When Natsu shouts to the Fiore Mages, claiming that Dragon Slayers can defeat the Dragons, Happy calls out Natsu's name, displaying his joy. Erza Scarlet | Despite everyone else seeing him as a cat, Natsu thought he was a Dragon. Later, Happy and the rest of Team Natsu return to Walrod's house for payment, something which excites the blue Exceed.   Singapore   |   English (UK)   |   $ (SGD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalised search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. As she prepares to execute Carla, Happy steps in front and tells Erza that she would have to go through him first. He watches as Midnight and his guildmates raise their arms, causing the mark of their Dark Guild to appear all over the clock, and as Natsu, Byro and Dan all start charging towards them; to no avail because of Midnight's Magic, which even Dan can't reflect. It's decided that the guild will go on an investigation and Team Natsu is sent out to Heartfilia Konzern to search for clues. After trying many spoken commands and cliché open terms to get the door to budge, the five are allowed entrance when Romeo simply asks the door to open politely. Edolas Alzack | After remarks from Elfman and Gray, Happy declares that he is going to make Natsu an S-Class Mage for sure, and the two of them rush to train themselves. When Natsu is hit with an explosion sent from Jackal, Happy reassures a worrying Michello, telling him that heat-based Magic is ineffective against Natsu. As the team is hiding, Reitei Lyon, Sherry, Yuka and Toby arrive. Happy finds Gajeel then takes him to where the whole guild is but before Gajeel can free the guild, he encounters Pantherlily. When Ultear begins the process on Natsu, Happy is worried about Natsu because of the amount of pain he is in. Member of Team Natsu Sure enough, Zero arrives and easily defeats the team. In actuality, sending him to Earth Land, along with all the other Exceed eggs, was done to allow him to escape a … Laxus Dreyar | Mentioning Erza's wrath at disobeying the rules, Happy tries to make it sound like Natsu and Lucy forced him to steal the request poster. Ren Akatsuki | This backpack also covers his green Guild Mark that is on his back. Totomaru's abilities cause Natsu some grief, and incite Happy to panic as the time whittles away. Lucy is very surprised by this question and she really doesn't know for what she should be angry for. Unable to figure out how to escape from the air barrier surrounding the train station which Erigor had cast to trap them in, Happy abruptly reveals that Everlue's Celestial Spirit Virgo had given him her key to give to Lucy. Watching as beast after beast appear through the Eclipse Gate, both Happy and Wendy panic when they see that the Gate cannot be closed. Before the third match, Happy wonders if one of the selected, Orga Nanagear, is strong like Rufus. Happī Seven years after Acnologia unleashed his Dragon Roar to destroy Tenrou Island, Happy and the rest of the Tenrou Team is found by members of their guild. He has a rectangular head, with pink ears, big black eyes with small, thin eyebrows, and light blue cheek marks near to his tiny whiskers (two on each side of his face). He has a long, white-tipped tail; and the other parts of his tail are blue. Jura Neekis, Lucy and Gray find Happy who informs them of Brain's plans. When Carla reveals that it was bluff, Happy comments on how it was so like her to do so. Levy McGarden | When Lucy starts to disappear for good, Happy and the others start to forget about her, until he and Natsu remember her. With Natsu persistent to consuming Atlas Flame, he tells Happy and the Thunder God Tribe to head for the castle to assist Wendy against her opponent. Cancer, Others When night arrives, they discover that the moonlight is hitting the Demon via the ritual Moon Drip which would melt the ice. Natsu and Elfman then remember about the exam and decide to continue. They catch up to Gray running towards the temple finding out that Lyon's intentions are to free Deliora and fight him as a means of surpassing Gray and Lyon's mentor, Ur. As the battle continues, Happy is shown smiling at Natsu's and Gajeel's extreme endurance, which has allowed them to continue fighting despite the grievous blows they've taken. Happy looks at him with admiration. Happy follows her and tricks her by making her think Plue was human and could talk. or "Aye Sir!". Ren Akatsuki, Allied Forces‡ Later that day, Wendy is called forward to represent Team Fairy Tail A in a fight against Lamia Scale's Chelia Blendy. Happy's body is rectangular too, and being an Exceed, it has a structure that allows him to walk erect unlike normal cats. Happy chides Michello for his rudeness, asking him if that was anyway to speak to a fellow cat. [118] Next he is seen following Wendy Marvell and Carla when Oración Seis assaults the Allied Forces, hiding with them as the others are beaten by the Oración Seis members. After the battle ends, Happy and Carla run out of the airship after being chased by Grimoire Heart members. Edolas Wendy | With their confidence restored in the friendships they hold with Natsu, Wendy, and the rest of the guild, they are finally able to fly into the sky using their Magic. Once his granddaughter Michelia convinces him to be cooperative, the Mages ask why Tartarus might be after him. Natsu uses all of his known techniques; however, he only makes Gildarts move a little from his original place. Makarov Dreyar | Both Mirajane and Wendy try their best to retrieve Lucy from the hungry Dragon, successfully landing a few blows on the Dragon. Happy is seen very concerned about this fight between Dragon Slayers, stating that since it's them, they surely will win. Soon after, the group manages to locate the cell where Lucy and Yukino are, Happy greets them, stating that the Exceed arrived with them. Happy, along with Natsu, greets Atlas Flame when he sees him to be alive, although the latter corrects the Mages and tells them that he is actually a mere spirit. Edolas Max | Additionally, Happy is able to use his tail to hold onto objects. Wendy Marvell | Erza says she will stop the Dragonoid, and that everyone else should mobilize at camp. However, Deliora has been long dead and it crumbles to nothing upon being released. Happy and Natsu search the house together until they arrive at the study with the others.

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