All of the parts felt like they were decent quality, and it has very long feet that can extend way under your bed. Of course, it's not as stylish and doesn't feel as high quality as the Bjorn, but it's definitely great overall. It also has two safety straps to attach it to your bedside to keep it flush with the side of your mattress. There were some other drawbacks as well. The canopy has an overhead toy bar to help entertain your little one, and there are storage pockets for extra pacifiers, a burp cloth or other items that might go missing in the night. The feet are slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around on your hard floor. The Graco Dream Suite bassinet does have 2 soothing vibration settings and a canopy with cute stars ("boy" version) or flowers ("girl" version) hanging down. It's amazing: it adjusts from 24" to 34" tall, but that's from the floor to the bottom of the bassinet mattress. /* responsive */ } The primary feature, automatic sensing and soothing, wasn't perfect, but with some effort you should be able to get it right for your child. "We want to be sure that the sides of the bassinet aren't made of a soft, plush material that the baby could suffocate against. Interested? Overall, this is an awesome option for parents looking to sleep with their baby right next to the bed (without the dangers of actual co-sleeping) without dropping too much cash on the Halo Bassinest. Did we mention the adjustable height? And the leg design is a bit like a drafting table, making it super sturdy and allowing you to turn sideways on your bed with your legs underneath it and easily pick your baby up without your knees bonking into anything. On carpet, the bassinet was stable and sturdy. First, we already mentioned how big this is, and it's also quite heavy. It's on our list! We liked the styling and the fact that it folded up into an included zippered bag, and thought the fabrics felt like they were of reasonable quality. How? Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper. Most people will be satisfied with the Essentia Series Halo bassinet unless they have a real need for the fancy features. This got us off to a great start with our review. Comparing to the Baby Bjorn, it feels and looks less elegant, which makes sense given that it's about a third the price! Swing seat doubles as a rocker giving you flexibility to provide your baby a safe, soothing spot to play, Easy one-hand recline lever allows you to lower the seat into a rocker without having to move your baby. GDSVBFDH72580124:root{} } A little larger than we expected, coming in at around 3 feet long, making it a nice sized travel bassinet that is easy to move. display:block; The storage basket on the bottom is a nice touch, though we thought it was a bit flimsy. Mom was a little offended that I didn't want to use it ("it was good enough for him! As a bassinet, it works pretty well. rock the bassinet side to side. It has an adorable mobile with hanging stars that reminded us of a classic bassinet from our childhood, calming vibrations, lights and soothing sounds, a light projector that projects stars onto your walls and ceiling, a nightlight, natural swaying motion that gets triggered by your baby's movements (or your gentle push), modern styling, storage shelf, and the safety and reliability of Fisher Price. We didn't have any actual issue with the frame bending or breaking, but it simply felt flimsy to the touch and we thought the entire thing could be better supported. This one comes with some nice extras, including an "easy-switch" seat that can be used as either a portable infant rocker or a changing station. The canopy is pretty big and can be reversed to shade either side of the bassinet. They call it the "city sleeper" but it's unclear what they mean by that, because it's certainly very large for a small city apartment bedroom. Baby is 8 days old now and has been amazing with sleeping. This is a really awesome feature, much more convenient than trying to change a diaper in a bassinet.

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