For safety, a 5 point harness keeps your little one secure. This swing gives you the option of how you’d like to power it up. You can literally just slide the stuffed bears out of the holders and replace it with toys or other aesthetically pleasing objects that your baby will love to look at. It is also a bit annoying if you want to store it. The swing will ensure that your kid will have a lot of fun, thereby having his own play space during the first months while being a part of the family. With the added features like a plug-in or battery options, vibration with two-speed settings, etc., the Graco Duetsoothe has all the baby Swing + Rocker options you will love. Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker is suitable for anyone looking for a practical, durable and robust product that can serve efficiently. You can use the batteries when you are away from a power outlet, or connect it to a wall outlet when you are near one. Top 5 Revealed, 9 Tips To Easily Transition From Bottle To Sippy Cup, 35 Southern Baby Names That Will Charm Your Heart, Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas That Are Great For Both Boys And Girls, 4 Must-Have Maternity Photo Ideas For You And Your Family, 12 Things You Should NEVER Eat While Pregnant, 5 Must-Do Steps To Take Before Purchasing a New Car, 15 Of Joanna Gaines’ Living Room Ideas And Decorating Tips. The Graco Duetsoothe offers side to side and back and forth motions in the swing function. Thereby it covers all the bases in soothing and comforting … A few things I love about this swing and rocker is that it can be plugged in so no more going through tons of batteries! Start your review of Graco DuetSoothe® Swing and Rocker! Another complaint is that the harness doesn’t have a soft cover over the buckle area. There is an insert that serves as a bit of a head support and it is nice and soft for the baby to snuggle up in. 672 reviews… Depending on age and specific needs, a different angle could be needed at different points in your baby’s life. The Baby swing is a nicely padded chair rotating about or hanging from a fixed point, and especially move backward and forward (or side to side). In this case, the Graco DuetSoothe Swing And Rocker is a solid choice as far as baby swings go. There is a button for controlling the level of vibration on the rocker, a swing speed button, and two buttons for controlling the sounds and volume. Having a cover that is removable in a swing is a must have for me. It is affordable and gives you all the features that you need. You will have the efficiency of an outlet and the portability of battery power. With the technology, you have the options to choose either to swing your baby side-to-side or back-to-front. Being pregnant is such an exciting and fun time. But I love that they are easily removable. The five points harness always maintain a suitable and secure position for the baby. The rocker does not bounce at all, but is similar to a carseat that you can rock back and forth, though it seems to be a bit more comfortable and have a wider range of rocking motion. However, my fears were put at ease quickly. This can actually be pretty common with most swings, and again, it doesn’t usually bother the baby. The incline is not so high up that you will ever have to worry about the baby tipping out, especially if you always use the 5 point harness. However, when it comes down to it, soothing is the most valuable resource a swing can offer, and the DuetSoothe did not do this as well as some other products. Since your child will stay there regularly until nine months and above, the device must have several features. When I initially watched a video (shown below) on how to detach the rocker from the swing, I thought it looked easy–maybe too easy. Whether the battery is still reliable to carry it or not, the plug-in option can serve as a substitute. This feature will benefit you the most when your baby is grown, unlike most of the other models of its category that cannot carry such weight. Here is a list of guidelines that the AAP suggests: It is also important that parents know that swings should not be slept in regularly. The amount of space that you save … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mariann is a certified reading specialist who enjoys homeschooling her daughter and taking care of her alpacas in her spare time. Sometimes you might run out of battery; the opportunity is there for you to soothe your baby and make him feel better using the plug-in option. Babies also are not typically comfortable in this position for more than a few hours. So the 5 point harness is a great addition for any age. This ensures that the rocker will not just randomly slide out while in use. Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing and Rocker has maximum weight recommendation of about 30 lbs. When you’re pregnant, it may be difficult to know what food you should and shouldn’t be eating. One of the cool features about this swing is that it doesn’t take up a lot of room like some of the floor swings do. No matter what your baby likes, it is sure to be happy with one of these options. And it also has a five-point harness and a headrest that allows babies to stay comfortable and enjoy their hanging toys. Then when babies get a bit older, they tend to enjoy the swing as more of an entertainment than a soother, so sitting up a bit will make them most happy. Safety is my top priority, so I wondered if the rocker could come out on its own. Relax baby with two integrated vibration speeds. This swing and rocker combination has one of the most convenient features by having battery and outlet capabilities. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Graco DuetSoothe Swing with Rocker, Winslet at

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