Justice League Vs. Both teams see each other as enemies. Don't under estimate team 2. The Avengers.Wonder Woman has her fans hooked since 1941 as Diana the Princess Of Amazon but is a born warrior and on the other hand, Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff has displayed her charm since 1964 and has been trained as a Russian Spy with a particular skill set from a very young age. @Lvenger: They are both trained warriors. Ooook Superman beats thor due to his countless supply of the sun. Thor can blast Superman away. Seen your arguments for this debate before and they're far from concrete. Thor vs Hulk. Thor's hammer can travel at about 2x lightspeed according to an issue of AvX whereas Superman's travel speed clocks in at multiple times light speed. It I honestly just think that too many people underestimate the DBZ characters. It really can't be done even with a bloodlusted Thor. Wonder Woman would narrowly defeat Captain Marvel. If Thor had better speed feats then it would be a fairer match. If Danvers’ energy beams are cancelled out by Wonder Woman’s arsenal of magical items, then experience becomes the x-factor. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, (Could goku solo the big 3 at their prime) At their prime=Luffy in wano Naruto manga ichigo manga, KCM2 Naruto vs One Piece Verse (Naruto can hit Logia users), Narutoandsasuke vs Blackbeard,Big mom and Kaido (Team death match who wins)couldn’t find Blackbeard, Who would win? team 2, solely on the fact that they are bloodlusted and team 1's holding back, and as someone already said, you'd never want to fight a pissed off thor. The facts put an end to all arguments. WW with the barest win. Goku is one of the few people that would actually make the mistake of letting Thor charge up a Godblast or just absorbing all of his energy. In their respective universes, these women are honored as being among the strongest characters. Which he's not going to do. Goku is never shown to be close to doing anything similar. Diana is older and wiser. They would have no problem taking him down together. How does Wonder Woman win exactly, because I'm not buying. On the other hand, the millennia-old Wonder Woman has the experience factor, and that could be a big disadvantage for Carol Danvers. Wonder Woman vs Goku # Goku I can't believe it... someone actually tried to use the laser to downplay Goku. Hence fans want to see the trust who would win if the fight together. Vision doesn't phase the same way that Superman does. Therefore, we can’t define what kind of speed powers Superman has, but, let’s just assume he can’t. Team 2 rather easily. Characters who are faster, stronger, and smarter than their powerful peers. Now let’s have a look at the questions that the fans generally ask. Many times, he has been beaten and bruised and that too by stuff like slaps, swords and so on. Wonder Woman Vs. Black Widow. How does team 1 have more fire power? An in-depth look at the powers and opponents of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, and the final verdict as to who would win in a head-to-head match-up. I think its safe to say its stronger than whatever Goku can dish out without the fusing. This is a small story and let’s jump into it. It's time to break it down. Then who wins? It's common knowledge that DBZ characters are just ridiculously and unnecessarily overpowered, usually to the point of losing entertainment value - seriously, by the end of it I could've sworn I'd watched the same matchup eleven different times. @Lvenger: Do you think I should give Wonder Woman the godwave, maybe it would make the fight more fair. I know you're a massive Thor fan so your judgment has been known to be skewed in that regard. Next: The Superman Family Faces An Unknown Future As Bendis Exits, Jared Mason Murray is a NYC-based AEA/SAG-AFTRA actor and writer. ww. Thor is a slowpoke, Goku can easily dodge any attack he will make, and speedplitz him. And WW has out skilled Superman multiple times. Thor not holding back doesn't change the fact he has very poor reaction and combat speed feats that put him nowhere near Superman. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Goku exploits the Ki energy of his body created by his physical, emotional and mental existence. In the DC Universe, names like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern all immediately come to mind. This is one fan battle that has been going on and on, and fans have spent years at it. On top of these physical attributes, the gods have also bequeathed her with several magical accessories, including a deadly tiara, two unbreakable wristbands, and a truth-eliciting lasso. www.jaredmasonmurray.com How does Wonder Woman win exactly, because I'm not buying. @lilben42: They've never met one another before. 7 years ago @Lvenger: Ok well I still think Thor can blast Superman away. Both are 4-B and Goku starts in base and cannot use any form above 4-B. That's exactly why I was never nuts about DBZ as a kid: if the creators want to get rid of 'the mighty Frieza', they just make up another villain with a ridiculously jacked-up power level (which is, by the way, the absolute worst skill system ever devised), and before you know it, you don't even remember why anybody ever thought some wimp with only 1,000,000 was ever a problem. Don't downvote and try not to circlejerk and back up your arguments pls Both heroes display comparable levels of super strength, durability, and flight. They are both aliens and the last representative of their species who has come from dead planets to live on another planet and among its people. Wonder Woman is Deathstroke's Next Target in DC Comics, The Superman Family Faces An Unknown Future As Bendis Exits, Marvel is Replacing Loki With an X-Men Villain, Superman Tried To Fight in WW2, But America Didn't Want Him, Star Wars Almost Killed Off A Fan-Favorite Character For Good, Cyclops & Jean Grey Bring The X-Men Back To Marvel Comics, TMNT: The Fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Explained, The MCU's Next Major Villain Was Just Embarrassed in The Comics. The Suicide Squad Has Officially Been Killed. He is a Saiyan who heals faster than humans and becomes more powerful with each fight, whether he won it or lost. @All_Mighty_Beyonder: Not when she has her sword with no morals actually WW might be able to kill Superman but who knows. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. In case of Superman, he is already known to be the most influential superhero from DC comic. Green Arrow vs Hawkeye. It's obvious Team 1 has more firepower but can the powers and strength of Thor and skill and speed of Wonder Woman give them the win? This topic is locked from further discussion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. no u powers,[with conditions] void manipulations, bruh powers[powers that defy its own limitations]) also I have always wondered if tier 11 is strong just thought to put 2 posts in one please tell me the scps will fight in a tournament. I agree with you completely, don't worry - but sometimes I don't really think these threads are designed to figure out who would win, but just to see who has the more rabid fanbase, Besides, Wonder Woman kneed the Flash - that's good enough for me. Thanos vs Superman. Comic fans have debated endlessly over which character from which universe could best the other in a fight: Superman versus the Hulk, Batman versus Daredevil, et al. Team 1 for the win. This has been seen in comics earlier. However, their power levels vary, and that’s the deciding factor in a faceoff between the two. Learn how your comment data is processed. Real signs of a non winning argument there. Wonder Woman or Thor can stall Superman while the other quickly dispatches Goku. No BFR allowed tho. Oh and yeah Thor can destroy planets. Therefore, Goku is much faster in battle. Goku is not invincible like Superman. Now this energy will be similar in effect to what sunlight is to Superman. We love both of them, and we won't be siding with either of them as we evaluate their chances. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Deadpool vs … goku vs wonder woman who wins? Diana has been blessed with superhuman strength, super-speed, the ability to fly, and invulnerability. Both Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch are forces to be reckoned with — one is a half-divine warrior, the other has access to some rather bizarre abilities. Nothing about him holding back less changes his poor speed feats. Who knows it? Superman & Batman vs Team Captain America. Wonder Woman vs Thor. This is ultimately all about endurance. Jared also writes for The Good, the Bad, and the Movie blog. Jotaro kujo It is i wyatt. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have repeatedly proven themselves equal to any meta-human man, but who would win in a fight between the two? Even if just for fun, he would literally beg Superman for a battle. Wonder Woman would narrowly defeat Captain Marvel. 12 Cast Confirmations For The Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Is Driving Fans Mad!

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