The cards are looking neck and neck. Wiz: Again, false. In Goku's post-battle analysis regarding speed, Goku's base speed is listed as 64,343,057 kh/hr, which is greater than his SS1 speed (32,171,528.5) and exactly identical to his SS2 speed. Boomstick: When he’s hurt, eating a Senzu bean heals him up and to get around, he rides the Flying Nimbus, a flying cloud which probably tastes like cotton candy. Superman: *humming Superman theme* Don't worry, folks, this looks like a job for Super -- WHOA! In the Japanese manga, Goku’s power level at that time was 8,000. That’s 9.4 billion km/h. Wiz: Goku also uses ki for telekinesis and high-speed flight. Wiz: Torquasm-Rao is a hard martial art in which Superman enters the theta state, a real-life phenomenon in which a person becomes extremely receptive to information and instinct. Unfazed, Superman walks forward and punches, knocking Goku back. He knocks Goku back, then strikes him a few times, knocking him into the air, finishing by knocking Goku to the ground, creating a crater. It's too weak. *groans in pain*. This amplifies Goku’s ki, multiplying his strength, speed, defense and so on. It is an epic orchestral track that is based on motifs and themes from Dragon Ball and DC Comics. (*video fast-forwards through the Dragon Ball Z series*), (*Cues: Falling Piano sound, Dragon Ball Z - Main Theme*), Wiz: FALSE! Goku did technically utilize both the Super Saiyan and the Kaio-Ken at one point. Boomstick: - into badass lasers and stuff, like ki blasts, energy barriers and the Destructo Disc, which he totally stole from Krillin. Then it switches to a news reporter, who talks about Superman's heroics. “Bulma says the bomb could destroy the Earth, so this is likely measured in quadrillion megatons, since it takes at least 53 quadrillion megatons of force to destroy the Earth. He wields the Power Pole, “a magical staff which expands and contracts” [Daizenshuu 7]. Database Moderator & 4chanologist & Gensokyo Resident, Digital Archaeologist & Treasurer & Pundit & Gallery Housekeeper. Superman is from the DC universe, and Son Goku is from the anime world. No one is stronger than Super Saiyan 4, my ultimate form! Goku et Superman sont 2 surhommes légendaires connus pour leur puissance et leurs incroyables pouvoirs. It's... it's the Sun. Wiz: “Ki is metaphysical, made up of things such as vigor, courage and being in one’s true mind.” [Kanzenshuu]. Boomstick: And obviously, we’re not using future Goku ‘cause that would require a ridiculous amount of assumptions. [3] YouTube – Search results for 'Goku vs Superman'. Superman: Kaio-What?) The battle was originally intended to release on December 21st, 2012, which was the final day in the Mayan Calendar, which some people believing that date was the date that the Mayans predicted was the "end of the world", which is why they had Goku and Superman destroy the Earth at the end. Wiz: Goku did not understand Superman’s connection to the sun and would not think to teleport him to a red star. In short, “Superman is as strong as he needs to be.” [Superman Homepage] So what happens when you pit a man with the power to break any limits against another who has no limits in the first place? Por si fuera poco, podrás previamente escuchar música online, y posteriormente descargarla con total seguridad, evitando que tu computadora de escritorio, o móvil, se infecte con software malicioso. Superman then prepares his Infinite Mass Punch as the two connect. The two then zip across the city, trying to catch each other, until Superman sneaks up on Goku, hitting him with a car. Superman: I heard your telepathic shout before, but my mind is protected from anything deeper by a series of psychic blocks. Footage from Tree of Might, fighting against Turles. That’s three times your record. Wiz: But even though his ki reserves cannot be measured, we can determine his maximum output.

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