They are easy to install and the fact that they are wireless means you do not have to run hardwires out to your driveway gate. CCTV Camera Pros can provide a custom camera system quote that includes a mix of various camera styles. For longer distances, you may be forced to get some cable in the ground to transmit the footage back to your house. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Learn more by We offer expert design services and can provide a custom system … Options exist for both hardwired and wireless applications. last-minute instructions to a service provider. Choose gate intercom systems with up to 5 call buttons, handsets and more. CCTV Camera Pros designed these license plate capture systems to monitor vehicle gate entrances for HOA communities, businesses, and government facilities. This is optional. Monitoring driveways and gates that are a long distance from your house or business requires either a stand-alone system at the gate, a buried cable out to the gate or a wireless transmitter and receiver set up.All of these solutions require power at the gate or close by. Wireless can be used, but there must be a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver. In the above installation, the LPR camera is mounted inside a protective box, which is mounted to a pole. This means that there are no trees or buildings in the way, or that the antennas must be mounted on a tower or pole that is above the trees. LPR-HD2X license plate capture camera system features: The The gate intercom selection from includes: Stand-alone intercoms, telephone entry, Gate's motion-activated camera streams real-time, high-res video Some people prefer it over gate keypad locks because it means your guests do not ever have to know your passcode, but you still have total control over who is allowed to come on your property. Manage multiple entry points across several communities from a single dashboard with myQ® Community Control. LPR-HD4X LPR Gate Camera System features: This is how an LPR system is typically setup at the gated entrance of an HOA. In most cases, you will only have to plug in the receiver and pair them. This is to provide a much wider overview of the passing vehicles. Fences and gates make our homes safer, but it has been proven that the more secure you can make your gate, the less likely it will be that someone will try to come through it. Anytime the doorbell or keypad is used, Gate sends a message to Please call us at 561-433-8488 or Call us today about your needs, and our design engineers will create a system that will help protect your property and business. Open your Gate app and press the emergency button Some are also a gate intercom with camera so that you can look and see that it is who they say they are. $1,935.00, @ Copyright 2018 Gate Depot @ Martrano Enterprises, LLC All rights reserved. The gate is located about a mile and a half from the house where the foreman lives. Customers can use any local electrician or cable installer to run wire and mount the cameras. We provided a day/night infrared camera and a high-power 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver set-up that transmits video back to the house. One of these cameras records cars entering the community and the other records cars exiting. Rocky terrain prevented trenching wire in the ground. VT-LPR-S2 LPR / ANPR Camera System features: The along.”, “The world’s most sophisticated lock simplifies your life.”, “When smart lock meets camera, homeowners win.”. Configure & Add to Cart, From: After all, we want you to feel protected in every aspect. 200 authorized users can open your gate via cell phone. They can state their name and why they are there. In some cases a solar panel and storage battery system can be used. Now that’s peace of mind. A wireless router allows them to review footage of all entries from their vehicle with a laptop over the internet. We can support any installer that you use., the leading source for Semi-Custom Gates and Gate Openers! The gate intercom selection from includes: Stand-alone intercoms, telephone entry, b/w or color video and much more. below in our extensive selection and complete product evaluations. Gate intercoms are very reliable at keeping out unwanted people. One camera is mounted on top of the pole for good overviews during the day and night. The cameras can quickly review an entire weeks’ worth of vehicle entries in just a few minutes. The Gate app lets you assign PIN codes to people you trust so they You can see people who come up to your gate or door during the daytime hours and at night. Dogwalker? 1-866-255-0035, Manufacturer of Farm Security Cameras since 1993. And these days you don't even need to be home to see who is at your door. You will be able to speak to them and tell them to return later, leave a package at the gate, or that you will come down and let them in. Stand-Alone Intercoms are a great choice to control access to driveway gates, pedestrian gates, and entry doors for single residences or offices, or larger facilities that are entered through a guard station. Gate is the all-in-one, camera smart lock. Its receiver works for up to 500ft to allow you to talk to people at your gate before allowing them to come through and the keypad can hold 100 codes. The following are multiple examples of how our customers have accomplished this. Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom/Keypad System, This intercom allows you to screen visitors before they come onto your property. Guests have to tell you why they want to come in and it is a great way to keep out dishonest people since they will not want to alert you that they are there. Largest Number of Factory Certified Technicians on staff • Over 40,000 Successful $2,141.00, From: On the inside of the gate, there is a second LPR camera installed to capture the license plates of outgoing vehicles. 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