ETI's Calibration Laboratory technicians use industrial black bodies to calibrate infrared thermometers with certification traceable to National Standards. Short of using a black body, the next best way to calibrate your infrared thermometer is to use a simple, inexpensive Infrared Comparator Cup. How to Calibrate or Validate an Infrared Thermometer. Calibration vs validation. It is best to calibrate your infrared thermometer at more than one temperature (at 41°F [5°C] and 140°F [60°C] for example… Black bodies approximate zero reflected ambient radiation and therefore the unimpeded emission of infrared energy for a given emissivity value (typically 0.95). How to Calibrate an Infrared Thermometer. UKAS accredited certification of IR Thermometers may … The process of calibrating a thermometer can only be completed in a controlled laboratory environment. Connect the thermometer to the pot and turn on. Place the comparator pot in the area you wish to check the temperature of and leave for 15/30 minutes until the temperature is stable.

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