, Great site, going after some plantains to coin and deep fry. I love hearing how it turned out! But to show you how versatile a plantain is, let me do a run down of some of my favorite plantain recipes. I’ve created and made many plantain recipes but this particular plantain recipe I adapted from a recipe I came across from Tastemade. Season with salt and/or cinnamon sugar, if desired. Peel the plantains using a knife down the middle being careful not to cut through vegetable. If they are still green, or just yellow, the plantains will not be sweet after you fry them. The one I made here for this plantains recipe is made with garlic, parsley, cilantro, jalapeño (I used a serrano pepper for more heat) vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Did you make this recipe? Pictures below recipe ⇓. But what is the green veggie dish, or so it appears? It's much more fun together. https://mexicanappetizersandmore.com/fried-plantains-recipe A little plantain gem with a Mexican twist and a little heat from the gracious serrano pepper! Plantains are native to India and are a staple food in tropical areas. Plantains are widely consumed from West to East Africa and as well as the Central and South America and to the Caribbean. Required fields are marked *. Spray the tops of the plantains with a generous layer of oil spray and sprinkle with salt, freshly ground pepper, Let the plantains "fry" on medium heat, shaking the frying pan to redistribute them every few minutes. Want to check MORE scrumptious ways to enjoy plantains? Your email address will not be published. Sweet Potato Casserole (Cazuela de Batatas), Skillet Stuffed Mushrooms (Hongos Rellenos). As they always say, simplicity is the best and this easy fried plantains here will always be the go-to way to enjoy plantains whether as a side to your favorite savory dish or as a snacks. Come and indulge with me in some of the tastiest Latin appetizers and dishes. That green veggie dish is Stewed Spinach. From plantain pancakes, plantain bread/cake, to plantain chips – they always have a special place in my taste buds. @ImmaculateBites and be sure to leave a rating below! Have learned to enjoy many uses of plantain including plantain bread/cake. Tag me on Instagram. Carefully remove plantains with slotted spoon and transfer to a paper towel-lined plate or tray . I put this on in the morning before leaving for work and come home 9 hours later to a yummy dish! Will you be making this fried plantains recipe anytime soon? In West Africa (and some parts of Africa), plantains are often cooked as in ingredient to a main course or as a side. Fry in batches, turning once, until plantains has reached desired color (brown) about 2 –3 minutes per side. We have fried plantain recipes, plantain chips and more. Click the stars above or below to rate or leave a comment down below! To make fried sweet plantains, the plantains need to be very ripe, meaning mostly black like in the image below. You can omit the salmon and have it as a vegetarian meal and adjust the amount of pepper depending on how hot you like it. If not wait another minute or two. As the plantains brown, continue to add more cooking oil spray, salt and pepper (if needed) until they have reached the desired color and texture. I hadn’t had a question until this post about plantains. Known by many names, such as patacones or tostones, green plantains are sliced and fried till golden, for a crispy outside and tender interior. Add plantain pieces and cook until slightly brown on both sides (plantains will not be fully cooked)  Drain on paper towels. Flatten pieces with a tostonera or simply with the bottom of a greased bowl. These chips are low in fat and a healthy alternative to the everyday potato crisp. I have made plantains every way I can. These chips are low in fat and a healthy alternative to the everyday potato crisp. Check it out HERE. Then continue cooking, turning plantains occasionally , until soft and deep golden brown, 5–7 minutes. Popular in many Latin American countries, fried green plantains make an utterly delicious side dish or snack. Added some cheddar cheese as well. Enjoy! If you have never had any plantain recipes whatsoever, then you’re in for a treat. Plantains can be grilled, mashed, baked or fried and can be used as replacement for potatoes. Plantains are longer than bananas and are starchy like potatoes. You can get the recipe here >>> https://www.africanbites.com/stewed-spinachafrican-style/ and yes, you can always replace the shrimps with your preferred protein. Wish me luck first time was ok but with the hints I got here ill try again. We have fried plantain recipes, plantain chips and more. Some chimichurri sauces are also made with cilantro and or mint. Brilliant! Here we like to talk about food, especially Latin food and appetizers. Plantains grow all year round so they are easily found in your the produce section of your supermarket. Drain plantains on paper towels again and sprinkle each with salt. Oil should bubble before proceeding with the rest. Please check the recipe here >>> https://www.africanbites.com/african-pepper-sauce/, Your recipes are delicious. I see the shrimp and don’t eat them but I could probably substitute that for something else I’m sure. Slit a shallow line down the long seam of the plantain. Using a sharp knife cut both ends off the plantain.

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