Hi! nouns articles adjectives quantity tout aucun(e) chaque(s) il y a verbs negation preposition pronoun conjunction Comparatif et Superlatif interrogation Reflexive verbs Imperfect Conditional French Reflexive Verbs Worksheet. I offer a first free session, during which we will get to know each other and target your needs. According to me, using humour will help you learn more easily. I m a very dynamic teacher with a lot of patient and empathy. Francois is teaching our daughter in French at the moment. Marie se couche à dix heures et demi. I have been a professional language teacher for the past 13 years. I make sure the learning atmosphere is mellow and agreeable, but never forget that my aim is the student’s improvement. Remember that some verbs have only a reflexive form. Drag and drop exercise about the reflexive verbs in French. Reflexive pronouns are used only with pronominal verbs. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! I’m a very eclectic person and curious about everything. I follow the student's rhythm and let him decide what he wants to learn. The free first lesson is organize to know your tastes, your level and your needs so we can plan the next lessons about the objectives you fixed. Students book in average more than 10 lessons! Here are some specific places you can go to find good practice exercises : This simple quiz provides a good review of using reflexive verbs in the present tense (also a good review of verb conjugations and pesky spelling-change verbs ). The lesson via Skype is working well with the exchange of material Skype as well. My name is Anissa and I'm a French native and certified teacher. Not only do I teach languages, I also provide my students with tools for self-teaching and making progress between classes, allowing them to maximize their investment. I create in a school of langage in Spain a little faculty for my french lessons with a group from 15 years olds until 25. For reflexive verbs, the reflexive pronoun indicates that the subject of the verb is performing the action on him/her/itself, rather than on someone or something else. (1), Reflexive Verben – reflexiv oder nicht? I am also a keen reader and an enthusiastic traveller. I travel a lot (as a backpacker), sometimes by foot, and the places I know well are France, the Netherlands, Italy and Serbia. He goes above and beyond to make each class count. The majority of reflexive verbs have to do with one’s body , clothing , relationships, or one’s state of mind. At least I can express myself=) I will continue to learn with Krisztina she is the best teacher. Don't worry, I learned to use them via the internet as well. Learn about reflexive pronouns with Lingolia, then test yourself in the free exercises. I am currently based in Northern Italy and I have been teaching professionally students of all ages and all walks of life in all the afore-mentioned languages. Claudie is an excellent teacher. I'm waiting for your message, please when contact me, explain quickly who you are, why you want to study French and what you are looking for exactly. I've grown up in a bilingual family... It’s called a Savoy cabbage. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. I’m French, currently living in the Netherlands. Our online exercises for German help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. Highly recommend! I love to explore new places... In this page, you will have a test with 4 types of questions. The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! The filters below do not work if both 'Any' options are selected. adverbes . ou l'améliorer? Benoît is the best French instructor I've ever had! Anissa, your French (and nice) teacher :), *Please note that I'm not offering a free trial anymore*. Having lived 5 years in the United States, I master the English language and offer, in addition to French lessons, English lessons or reinforcement. I've grown up in a bilingual family (Hungarian-German), so I speak both languages as a native language. Next, we define together a way forward. I have fun while I learn, so it's easier for me to express myself and speak in a more natural way in French.

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