The video shows a worn looking David Bowie undressing in front of a bathroom mirror along with a woman. We used to meet every Thursday ThursdayThursday in the afternoonFor a couple of beers and a game of poolWe used to go to a motel a motelA motel across the streetAnd the name of the motel was the Wagon WheelOhOne day she said come on come on she saidWhy don't you come back to my houseShe said my husband's out of townYou know he's gone till the end of the monthWell I was just so nervous so nervousYou know I couldn't really quite relaxCause I was never really quite sure when herHusband was coming backSure one of the neighbors yea one of the neighborsOne of the neighbors that saw my carAnd they told her yea they told herI think they know who you areWell her husband he's a violent man a very violent and jealous manNow I have to leave this town I got to leave while I still canWe should have kept it every Thursday ThursdayThursday in the afternoonFor a couple of beers and a game of poolWe should have kept it every Thursday ThursdayThursday in the afternoonFor a couple of beers and a game of poolShe was pretty good too. This has created several wonderful folksongs that are sung even till now. A Ram Sam Sam– Traditional Folk Song Lyrics A Sailor Went to Sea– Sheet Music/Piano Solo Sam Amidon gets back to folk, 5 Things to Know, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. My approach was very similar to the earlier records, bit in a more fully blown-out, kind of exploratory space, musically. The band disbanded in 1999 when lead singer Mark Sandman died of a heart attack during a live performance. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. on August 19, 2010: I don't believe so but they make the hubs much more interesting when there is feedback. I'm only taking on five songs per hub so I might have missed yours. Donovan was both a musical performer as well as a tv personality. Donovan was both a musical performer as well as a tv personality. He had associations with Joan Baez and Bruce Springsteen as well as The Beatles. That may be a great point in time to do it. EXAMPLE OF FOLK SONGS – Filipinos have always had music deeply embedded in their hearts.. Admittedly, Jersey Thursday wasn't released as a single from the Fairy Tale album nor is a song he is well known for... but it does have "Thursday" in it. Folk singer Sam Amidon releases his new, self-titled album on Friday, Oct. 23, with a streaming concert to celebrate on Thursday, Oct. 22 (Photo by John Spinks) Bowie says the song was inspired by the book "Thursday's Child" which was an autobiography of the actress Eartha Kitt. "I felt like it was returning to the folk songs with whatever internal sonic lessons I learned from making 'The Following Mountain.' Folk Music Resources. It was great, a lot of fun. ... David Bowie wrote the song "Thursday's Child" for a video game called "Omikron - The Nomad Soul". Thanks to help from No Doubt's Tom Dumont and Modest Mouse/The Shins' Phil Ek, Costa put together his "Songs We Sing" album. "Twenty years of 'Solo Fiddle," that's hilarious. I had a strong feeling if I tried to another folk song record it would feel forced it a way it never has before. Vote damnit! "That sparked me to get back to some of those old folks songs that I'd love dearly since I was a kid, 'cause they’re such classics and I never had my own personal arrangements for them. Unicorn Lore: Interpreting the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries. I was loving performing, but I didn't feel like I needed to go into the studio right away." The rare and elusive, mythical, magical unicorn has been part of world folklore and legend for centuries, evolving spectacularly into May 28, 2020 Folklore & Folklorists. Privacy Policy. If I have, please let me know what your favorite "Thursday song" is in the comments section. Jim Croce died in an airplane crash a few months before his album "I Got a Name" was released. George Greene Jr. from California PA on March 22, 2013: And a bonus kind of-- a band called Thursday! It felt like I'd come to a bit of a pause. He had previously released it independently in 2005 but the album was re-worked with the help of Ek and Dumont and re-released in 2006, including the addition of the song "Sweet Thursday". All rights reserved. If you would be so kind to vote in the poll as well... it would be much appreciated! VOTE! J Beadle (author) from Wisconsin on December 12, 2018: To @George Green Jr - a little late but I've added your excellent additions. See also: Campfire Folk, Nursery Rhymes and Fingerplays Song Lyrics, Songs for Teaching® Russell-D from Southern Ca. This hub is on songs that have "Thursday" in their titles. Costa also has close ties to Jack Johnson and opened for him during Johnson's 2005 summer tour.

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