Fennel is ready to harvest just before its flowers bloom—typically three to four months after planting. If the soil is too dry, the bulb will bolt, or split. But you really have to be absolutely certain it is fennel and not some other similar-looking plant. Flavonoids, phenolic compounds, fatty acids, and amino acids compose the internal structure of this herb. It is also possible to eat the thicker stalks which sprout from the bulb, as they are similar to celery. For those in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day of the year falls on either June 20th or 21st. Most gardeners propagate this herb from seed, though you can purchase it potted and transplant to your garden. For me, spring is very much a mad rush to get everything up and running before the really good growing weather arrives; starting off veg from midsummer is a more relaxed affair – a far cry from the sprinter’s pace of those earlier sowings. It’s a great option for growing in raised garden beds, containers, and in-ground gardens. Our gardens and farms would begin disappearing very the years. Herb fennel is used more frequently for medicinal purposes, while Florence fennel is traditionally used for cooking. I'd also say it's definitely worth growing herb fennel too - it's very graceful in flower and as well as butterflies the hoverflies love it. we have minus 30 celcius winters and a friend has a huge plant , they tell me its a perenial and gave me some seeds they harvest every year, the plant is about 5 ft tall and did not see any bulbs. The best way to test the soil is by pressing your thumb or forefinger into the ground about an inch deep, and checking to see how dry it is. How do I tell please? Either wait for a good rainstorm to pass before sowing your fennel, or go over the ground several times with the watering can or hose to re-wet. It would be nice to lend a helping hand. This not only produces paler and hence more tender bulbs, it will give plants proper support and keep them from rocking back and forth in the wind. It's one of the few plants that can host swallowtails and with swallowtails declining rapidly. Fennel is considered either a perennial or annual herb, depending on the region where you live. Munch on raw sliced fennel instead of celery. As the stem bases begin to swell plants can be ‘earthed up’ just like potatoes by pushing loose soil up against the bases. The handsome feathery foliage of this crop is matched only by its exquisite aniseed flavour that makes a fine pairing with fish (try baking parcels of mackerel with slices of fennel and lemon for a sublime dinner). I have seed Zefe Fino looks like the bulb type. Having lifted all of your spuds the soil that’s left has a tendency to be dust-dry. Any time after this, they may become root-bound. The fennel herb (Foeniculum vulgare) has a long and varied history of use. I use them sliced up in stews or under neath roasts. Chop up fennel tops and add to salad dressing or use as a garnish. In the very hottest climates heat alone can induce flowering – shading from other taller crops or temporary netting can alleviate the heat. It is a hardy plant that should survive temperatures down to about -34 Celsius, so you should be able to grow it in the ground where you are in Edmonton. You will want to transplant when your plants are less than six weeks old and four inches tall. As it grows reasonably quickly I'd be inclined just to start afresh next year by sowing a new crop. While a moisture-starved soil isn’t necessarily bad for the plant itself, it’s not great news for us; dry soil encourages plants to run to flower prematurely at the expense of those juicy bulbs. Her senior year, Emily won the Sarah McIntire Award for Outstanding Capstone for her project titled The Lasso: A brief history 1914-2017. ", "I live in the okanagan B.C. Sowing is easy and best done direct where the bulb fennel is to grow. There are two main types of fennel varieties. Keep the plants well watered as they grow and, fingers crossed, you'll finally get some bulbs. ", "Can Fennel be grown as a perenial in Edmonton,Canada? However you use your bulb fennel you’ll be pleased you made the sowing. Well that no longer flies in our house.

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