Not long after studying in Russia, Du Pré met pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim (incidentally, while they both had glandular fever) and the two fell deeply in love. Beatrice Harrison (9 December 1892 – 10 March 1965) was a British cellist active in the first... Robert Hausmann was a notable 19th-century German cellist who premiered important works by... Jacqueline Mary du Pré, OBE (26 January 1945 – 19 October 1987) was a British cellist. Born in Bergen, Norway to a cellist father... Myung-wha Chung (born 19 March 1944) is a Korean cellist. Featuring classical, modern, Chinese, British, and more, this list has all the great cellists! By 1971 Du Pré’s playing began to falter: she could no longer feel the strings or the weight of her bow and was prone to bouts of clinical depression. After her death, a book titled A Genius in the Family was written by Du Pré’s siblings Hilary and Piers. Perhaps the most famous female cellist of all, Jacqueline Mary du Pre dazzled the world with her skill in concert before succumbing to an early death due to complications caused by multiple sclerosis, a progressive, debilitating disease. Arguably, one could say that Yo-Yo Ma made the cello cool again in the 20th and 21st centuries. Carlos Prieto started his cello studies at the age of four, and has since traveled the world over to play. Julian Lloyd Webber (born 14 April 1951) is a British cellist, conductor and the principal of... Ridolfo Luigi Boccherini (, also US: , Italian: [riˈdɔlfo luˈiːdʒi bokkeˈriːni] (listen);... Arthur Russell (born Charles Arthur Russell Jr.; May 21, 1951 – April 4, 1992) was an American... Jacques Offenbach (, also US: , French: [ʒak ɔfɛnbak], German: [ˈɔfn̩bax] (listen); 20 June... Emanuel Feuermann (November 22, 1902 – May 25, 1942) was an internationally celebrated cellist... Pierre Léon Marie Fournier (24 June 1906 – 8 January 1986) was a French cellist who was called... Alfred Wallenstein (October 7, 1898 – February 8, 1983) was an American cellist and conductor,... Han-Na Chang (Korean: 장한나 [tɕaŋhanna]; born December 23, 1982) is a Korean conductor and... Hildur Ingveldardóttir Guðnadóttir (born 4 September 1982) is an Icelandic musician and... János Starker (; Hungarian: [ˈʃtɒrkɛr]; July 5, 1924 – April 28, 2013) was a... Truls Olaf Otterbech Mørk is a Norwegian cellist. Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) is a Chinese-American cellist. Cellist Julian Llloyd Weber (himself an honorable mention on our greatest cellists list) described Rostropovich’s talent, saying he “made the cello 'speak' like no other. Julius Klengel (24 September 1859 – 27 October 1933) was a German cellist who is most famous... Steven Isserlis (born 19 December 1958) is a British cellist. Tomorrow, her widower, composer Daniel Barenboim, conducts a concert at London’s Southbank to mark the 30th anniversary of her death. The secret lay not only in his phrasing but in his sound. List of famous cellists, with photos, bios, and other information when available. As musician John Williams recalls: “She was a bit like a schoolgirl, totally open, rather jolly – but she had these shrewd, discerning eyes. The pair would often draw comparisons between Robert and Clara Schumann through their outstanding collaborative work. Her pale complexion was offset by a mane of thick straw-coloured hair that fell about her face as she performed. He was bred, raised, and expected to be musically brilliant, and he has made of a career of exceeding even the highest of these expectations. Chances are if you had to name a cellist , Yo-Yo Ma would be on your list. Soo Bae travels the world playing a Stradivarius Bonjour cello. Portuguese cellist Guilhermina Suggia (1885-1950) best-known for an iconic painting by Augustus John —a chestnut, luminescent cello, a beautiful woman in a dazzling, red gown, bow-arm outstretched, head upturned—was one of the first professional female solo cellists. Perlman, the partner of violinist Itzhak Perlman, was just one of the notable figures close to the cellist during her lifetime, which saw the musician rise to garner a widely accepted status as one of the most precocious musical talents of all time. She attended the prestigious Julliard School of Music and at a young age– she’s only 32– she has already won an amazing amount of highly-esteemed awards. Here, she learned her craft with the famous cellist William Pleeth, who she fondly nicknamed her “cello daddy”. Charlotte Harris, Self: Lawrence Welk: Milestones & Memories - A Musical Family Reunion. Nonetheless, she continued to work in her own way until she was no longer able, with the bow of her cello communicating something truly transcendent. He has played many concerts worldwide, which are available in many media formats. Ethan brings a valuable perspective to learning the cello because he learned it as an adult. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned cellists. Ethan Winer; One might ask, “Isn’t this the guy that did the cello video (Cello Rondo) years ago? Du Pré was known as one of classical music’s most striking women, described by those who knew her as ‘Juno-esque’. With a particular skill for memorisation, Du Pré would instinctively learn her pieces without the need for much rehearsal, which allowed her to play with the kind of emotion, expression and command of her instrument that most cellists never achieve. Her life was so dramatic and interesting it inspired a critically acclaimed 1998 film titled Hilary and Jackie, centered around Jacqueline herself and her sister Hilary. Charlotte Harris was born on April 29, 1931 in River Forest, Illinois, USA as Charlotte Perry. Someone else’s eyes in her round jolly face.”. Another famous solo cellist is Julian Lloyd Webber, son and brother of the famous composers William Lloyd Weber and Andrew Lloyd Webber, respectively. She later studied under various world-famous classical musicians in Europe and Russia, with Mstislav Rostropovich exclaiming she was “the only cellist of the younger generation that could equal and overtake my own achievement”. “Jacqueline du Pré was a creature like none other: musically, cellistically and as a personality. “She didn’t give people what they wanted, but she gave people who she was,” says Nupen’s documentary. Perhaps the most famous female cellist of all, Jacqueline Mary du Pre dazzled the world with her skill in concert before succumbing to an early death due to complications caused by multiple sclerosis, a progressive, debilitating disease. Daniel Barenboim and West-Eastern Divan Orchestra perform at the Southbank Centre, London, on October 28 & 29, 2017. As a child, she once saw the famous British cellist Jacqueline DuPre (1945-1987) perform — but her career was cut short by multiple sclerosis, which forced her to stop performing at the age of 28. He studied with Walter Nothas, Austrian cellist... north dakota state university notable alumni. He had humble beginnings but with musician parents, so he did start receiving a musical education at a young age. Carlos Prieto is one of the more innovative, diverse cellists of our time. This list of notable cellists is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic cellists were born and what their nationality is. Despite the film receiving high praise from critics – Watson and Griffiths each received Best Actress and Supporting Actress Academy Award nominations for their challenging roles – it was also met with furore from those who knew Du Pré personally, with director Anand Tucker accused of over-dramatising Du Pré’s life. “Instead of saying good evening we sat down and played Brahms,” the musician recalled of their relationship. As evidence to Yo -Yo Ma’s greatness, the man who made the cello Yo-Yo Ma currently plays, Antonio Stradivari, made many instruments centuries ago that sell now for millions of dollars at auction. Du Pré first picked up a cello at the age of six, and went on to enrol at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at ten after winning an award that allowed her early entrance to the institution. Soo Bae is a young, Korean-Canadian solo cellist who began her cello studies young, at age six. She died on December 20, 2019 in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, USA. He plays a world-renowned instrument, the Barjansky Stradivarius cello, made around the year 1690. Shop for nude cellist art from the world's greatest living artists. Who are the top cellists in the world? Her debut performance took place at London’s Wigmore Hall at the age of 16, and four years later she would go on to record the now famous Elgar Cello Concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra.

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