As Cari Goodrich, Senior Director of Global Marketing Programs at Looker, puts it: “The three pillars of a successful event are people, places, and things that prospects usually don’t have access to.”. The marketing team at South by Southwest (SXSW) lays out the value of attendee choice clearly in this promotional email. Manage registrations for classes, seminars, workshops, fundraisers, demos and more. Two simple words that have the power to foster better relationships, and build communication. For more ideas on promoting your next event, check out our Ultimate Checklist of Free Event Promotion Ideas. Would this event sound remotely as effective if Oracle had engaged in a ton of food, paper, and energy waste? Your attendees are the life of your event. In the following copy, this marketer drives the point home of how this woman is related to all women in the movement against climate change. What’s more, this stat clearly communicates the potential value that attendees stand to gain from the event. Nonprofits might also consider hosting an alumni mixer or open house. Sales promotion ideas and examples to increase sales. We cover what is event marketing…. Brandon Rafalson is the Content Marketing Manager at Bizzabo. It’s part of a larger movement—in your industry, neighborhood or the world. Stats are compelling. This concept, explored further in the marketing best-seller Made to Stick, can also be applied to event promotion. Recently, the hotel sponsored SMART + Design, a visionary arts festival. At least, that was the case at Optimizely’s Opticon Conference. While this one works well for nonprofits, that doesn’t mean your business can’t partner with a nonprofit to promote the event and get your name out there, too. They provide neatly wrapped up statements that help us better understand something. Event Promotions; Physical Address: 92 White Street, Rotorua 3010; Postal Address: PO Box 324, Rotorua;; Phone: 07 348 3301; Explore our feed! Illustrating this gap in time—and its gradual narrowing—is one way to communicate urgency to your prospective attendees. No event exists in a silo. You can’t have an event without them and at the same time, the prospect of meeting other attendees is one of the main reasons that people attend events to begin with. Consider hosting a movie night (a really great idea if your business/nonprofit works with or benefits with children), a community cook-off, or a game night at your business. In this email promoting the Synapse … Passionate about context, customer experience, and continuity. 5 Examples of Promotional Event Ideas to Build Your Brand. This blog provides general information and discussion about email marketing and related subjects. Marketers agree that email is one of the best channels for promoting events. Aoife is our resident Irish writer and an experienced content strategist specialising in travel, events, and business transformation. There’s the countdown clock, a discount that expires in a short amount of time, and a bold CTA that pushes the reader to register ASAP. She’s working in a field somewhere else in the globe. Weekly emails with curated blogs, guides, infographics, and videos to enhance your marketing tactics. Research shows that list-style content has this sort of quasi-magical effect on readers that makes them feel good. We use cookies to serve personalized content and targeted advertisements to you, which gives you a better browsing experience and lets us analyze site traffic. How important is event marketing? For nonprofits, auctions turn surplus donation items into a tool to grow your audience.. Know what you have in stock, and value the items accordingly. The blank page. We’re bringing you five of our favourite creative and outrageous promotional events held over the past year from the likes of Paddy Power, Amazon, and Bombay Sapphire to get your creative juices flowing. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. But you can still take inspiration in the ingenious creativity on show and take your, For more ideas on promoting your next event, check out our. Leading with the line “One part gin, three parts you”, Bombay Sapphire’s “Stir Creativity” campaign saw a series of interactive gin bars popping up across Europe and beyond, encouraging attendees to become mixologists and unleash their cocktail creativity. Guests were invited to watch the live art while getting creative with their own cocktails using a selection of garnishes, glitter, and edible paint.

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