Electric Vehicles: The battery has to be recharged when it runs out of charge. For example, when you compare the Volkswagen Golf to its e-Golf sibling, the standard Golf is £9,000 cheaper to buy compared to its all-electric rival – even when you take into account the government plug-in car grant. You’re looking at minimum $40,000 for a small vehicle and for a larger one, expect to pay over $100,000. Petrol cars emit dangerous gases like carbon monoxide into the environment, and the more number of cars in the city, the clean air is becoming more and more compromised. Although EV costs are coming down, they are still considerably higher than comparable petrol models. Battery rentals can also torpedo the chance of cheaper running costs for electric vehicles. Although servicing pricing can vary due to the complexity of the vehicle, on average costs are much lower for EVs than ICE vehicles. I don't need a calculator to tell me that the system has paid for itself several times over. For us, petrol vehicles only just edge it, but electric cars are beginning to make more sense as infrastructure improves and the technology inv… Compared with the 1.2 petrol A3 Sportback, the Nissan Leaf is £2590 more expensive to buy and takes a around 37,625 miles to break even or 1373 days. Another important point in electric cars vs gas cars is the fuel filling. Click here to use the Fuel Cost Calculator, yokohamapete This depends on what sort of model you are looking for, but there are good options on both accounts. Electric vs Petrol Cars: What Are The Main Differences. However, the electric car isn’t quite at the same level as its petrol-powered counterpart just yet in certain area. As it stands, petrol cars have the advantage – as range isn’t as much of a limitation here as it is for electric vehicles. Electric cars really are friendlier to the environment and produce less greenhouse gases than petrol vehicles over their lifetime, a study proves. Range and model options keep the nose of petrol vehicles ahead – but by a very small margin. EVs can also be packaged differently to optimise the dimensions on offer as they don’t have to factor in as many mechanical features as a petrol vehicle. Here’s the tricky part. We’re coming to a crossroads in motoring, where electric cars are becoming more viable as a day-to-day vehicle and are much cleaner to drive and own than standard internal combustion engine-driven (ICE) cars. I inherited my dad's 11 year old E46 1.8 BMW in 2010. It will cost you about A$4 per 100km, which is considerably cheaper than petrol, especially since petrol is always on the rise. It packs a punch too, with its 109PS electric motor which will propel it from 0-62mph in 11.5 seconds. As the technology supporting electric cars (EVs) and batteries continue to improve, drawbacks such as high cost, limited range, performance issues, long charge time, and a dearth of charging stations are fading away. I've done 60,000 miles now, including several trips abroad. However, once the three year(ish) wait is over the Leaf will save its owner £688 a year, compared to the Audi A3.. Will a faulty TPMS system cause my car to fail the MoT? But electric vehicles don’t have space taken up by a bulky combustion engine under the bonnet – meaning you can use it for storage space. Edited by yokohamapete on 16/01/2018 at 13:21, ✓ Compare car buyer offers✓ Get up to £1,000 more. Public charging stations, Private Charging Stations, and Home charging facilities are available to recharge the battery. Why is my Volkswagen Caddy diesel van losing power? I am the editor of independent electric vehicle website WhichEV. We've used our Fuel Calculator to crunch the numbers and compare a Leaf in Visia trim to its 10 rival petrol powered cars over 10,000 miles. But how does it compare with its petrol-powered rivals? We've also factored in the London Congestion Charge to see how each car compares in the capital. Keyless theft: What is it and how do you stop it? For us, petrol vehicles only just edge it, but electric cars are beginning to make more sense as infrastructure improves and the technology involved with them advances.    However, with good range comes a high cost, and when it comes down to it, is where electric vehicles – for now – will struggle. Take the Nissan Leaf for example; it's attractive, practical and fitted with all the accessories you'd find in any modern car. Conclusion. Electric cars are becoming more mainstream, and you’re likely not alone in wondering whether an electric car is right for you. Electric cars will save you time and money since they never need oil changes and other engine mechanical repairs. Hiring rather than buying? Can I recharge my car's battery through the 12v or USB socket? This helps in the running cost department, too, as you don’t have to change engine oil, filters and other parts as often due to much reduced wear and tear. Clearly, both have benefits and both have negatives – therefore it may be about what strikes you as more valuable to your life. The difference is that with an electric car you only need to change the battery every five years or so. As petrol prices continue to creep up, electric vehicles make much more sense as you can just plug them in at home and let the batteries charge while you sleep. But more premium models such as the soon-to-be-introduced Jaguar I-Pace has a quoted range of 300 miles – something that is much more comparable to a conventionally-powered car. Another point goes to electric cars here, as they have very few moving parts, which means less can go wrong. Not only are the latest cars practical, comfortable and safe, they're also affordable. on 16 January 2018. In saying that, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 12 hours to recharge an electric car, but only minutes to refuel a petrol vehicle. We weigh up the pros and cons of both electric and petrol cars to see which is best. However, the running costs are the opposite. I'm still baffled why your august publication sees no merit in LPG. The only repairs electric cars will need are brake pads, tyres and suspension checks and/or replacements. While Electric Car technology is in its infancy, I thought it would be helpful to break down what it's like to own an EV when compared to a tradition gasoline vehicle. Not only are the latest cars practical, comfortable and safe, they're also affordable. However, there are petrol vehicles with excellent fuel economy, such as the Ford Fiesta EcoBoost and Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, which have excellent returns and can make a lot of sense in the real world. Gasoline Vehicles: A gasoline car fills the fuel from a gas station . Depreciation is in favour of the petrol car, though, as there are more on the road and are currently in higher demand due to the infrastructure and overall practicality in their favour. Am I missing something? At the moment, the amount of petrol vehicles available massively outweigh the pure electric options – meaning you have much more choice and you are more likely to select the car that suits your style of driving in petrol form than electric. Nissan Leaf comparison Initial extra cost £2590Annual saving £688Miles to break even 37,625 milesDays to break even 1373 days. Starting with road tax, which is based on the emissions from your vehicle – electric vehicles don’t produce any – so don’t need to pay road tax, and no petrol car can match that. However, electing to purchase an electric car comes with little or no emissions since there is no fuel burning and no exhaust to let the gases escape into the atmosphere. Upfront, the cost of an electric car is exceptionally high. Let’s break down the basic differences between petrol and electric cars: Let’s start with the price. With Australia becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, it makes sense that an electric car is the way to go. You’ll also find that there is a growing number of electric powering stations in Australia to cater to the popularity of electric cars such as Tesla. There are some EVs, however, that require the batteries to take up a lot of space that could be used for storage and that can vastly reduce practicality. This is where electric vehicles start to claw it back though, as in terms of ownership, you can run one for much less than a standard ICE car. But, as the infrastructure for EVs continue to grow, they will make much more sense – even if motorists can be struck down with a bit of range anxiety if you aren’t near a charging point. 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