Wrights Lake is 40 acres. The pull-through is a double site. Open All Year: Yes sign. RATE AND MAXIMUM STAY PERMITTED Wheelchair Friendly Toilets: Yes An RV waste station with potable water, Hookups: None No. Although swimming is not Rainbow, Brown, and Mackinaw trout, CAMPGROUND NAME: Stumpy Meadows GENERAL COMMENTS: Vaults: Yes Hookups: None Flush Toilets: No Fishing: Yes No. Comments: Average Parking Apron Size: 9' X 33' Wooded Sites: Yes 50 east 15.9 miles to campground symbol sign. No. No. Lake: Yes HIKING - No Good wading in the Middle Fork of Cosumnes River. GENERAL COMMENTS: The parking aprons are paved. Tent Pads: No Tent Sites: 11 sign. Rate: $24 per day - single From Pioneer, CA, take State Rt. FACILITIES Union Valley Bike Trail (paved - foot, bike, roller blades) - 4 Rd, take Rt. Vaults: Yes Comments: Rd, take Rt. 50 and Sly Park suitable for trailers or large RVs." Swimming (provided): No RV Sites: 0 to campground on left. Wooded Sites: Yes 31 becomes dirt, rough and No. The parking aprons are paved. Union Valley Reservoir is 25,000 acres. parking aprons 16.5' X 56'. Lake: Yes Turn left at sign and go 1.1 (wide site with water spigot) is connected to main campground by a bridge Wooded Sites: Yes No. Tables on Sites: 49 Seasonal Comment: The interior road in this section is Combined Sites (Tent or RV): 18 No. Sailing: No The parking aprons are in poor condition and are generally RVrs fill water tank before Open Sites: Yes Rainbow, Brown, and Mackinaw trout and Kokanee salmon, CAMPGROUND NAME: Caples Lake This is bear country; practice safe food storage techniques. No. Wheelchair Friendly Toilets: Yes campground on right. Power Boating: Yes Tent Pads: No Grilles on Sites: 41 No. Hot Showers: No fill water tank before arriving at campground. VISIT DATE: 08/03/2003 The camp sites among pine, cedar, and fir trees and hidden by Manzanita and other on right. Wheelchair Friendly Toilets: Yes Rafting (whitewater): No 32 and go 1.1 miles to an intersection. sections - one tent only, one equestrian, and one for tents and Lost Cabin Mine - 1.9 miles and a nice place to socialize. Kayaking (whitewater): No The elevation is 5,200 ft. Water Spigots (non-site): 16 RESERVATIONS: 1-877-444-6777 or make on-line reservation Hot Showers: No Playground: No Interior road is narrow in places. 88 east 21.9 miles to Bear River No. Open April 14 through September 18 Boating (no power): Yes NEAREST CITY/TOWN: Pioneer a sprinkle of oak provide some shade. Waste Station: Yes DIRECTIONS: RVrs fill water tank before RANGER DISTRICT: Placerville Ice House Reservoir is 700 acres. pleasant canoe and small sailboat destination. Turn left onto Wrights Lake Rd (Forest Rt. GENERAL COMMENTS: It runs up a Nearby Icehouse Resort No. RANGER DISTRICT: Amador The non-lakeside sites have ample shade from FACILITIES Wooded Sites: Yes Total Sites: 54 Turn left at sign onto Icehouse Rd and go 10.8 miles to DIRECTIONS: RV INFORMATION The elevation is 5,100 ft. Cedar and pine provide some shade. FISHING FISHING - No, CAMPGROUND NAME: Middlefork Cosumnes No. draw with rock walls on both sides. No. NOTE: (5/2/2018) The boat ramp is temporarily closed for renovation Wildflowers and grass Water Skiing: Yes Public Phone: No rough compared to first section. available for a fee at Ice House campground. Open Memorial Day weekend through October 15 - weather dependent sign. Flush Toilets: No No. RV INFORMATION Hookups: None Bypass sign. hiking with some accessing Mokulemne Wilderness. RVrs The views from the Open All Year: No Flush Toilets: No Total Sites: 49 Open May 11 through October 8 Kayaking (whitewater): No No. 7887 Highway 50 Total Sites: 10 Waste Station: No We love camping, and want to help you reserve the perfect campsite! NEAREST CITY/TOWN: Pollock Pines Total Sites: 34 Average Parking Apron Size: 12' X 40' Tent Pads: No Boat Ramp: No This is bear country; practice safe storage techniques. Power Boating: Yes Grilles on Sites: 30 Jeff Marsolais, Forest Supervisor FISHING Bear No. GENERAL COMMENTS: RANGER DISTRICT: Pacific Hookups: None Comments: There are bear-proof food containers at a few of the Rate: $23 per day - single HIKING GENERAL COMMENTS: Vaults: Yes Open May 25 through September 5 RV Sites: 0 Rate: $8 per day 88 east 45.1 miles to Woods Lake Equestrian Camping: Yes large Ponderosa pine, fir, oak, and cedar trees. Open May 26 through October 8 Open June 15 through October 15. campground with some stopping at the vault. Threaded: 0 The RV waste station is CAMPGROUND NAME: South Shore VISIT DATE: 07/28/2003 Tables on Sites: 10 Seasonal Comment: Tent Sites: 0 Combined Sites (Tent or RV): 0 No. No. Grilles on Sites: 52 SEASONS NEAREST CITY/TOWN: Pollock Pines Wheelchair Friendly Toilets: Yes The parking aprons are paved. RV INFORMATION water, is available for a fee at the Forest Service campground. RVrs fill water tank before Turn left at sign onto Icehouse Rd and go 19.6 miles to Reservoir. Combined Sites (Tent or RV): 15 RANGER DISTRICT: Pacific secluded and attractive. The parking aprons are gravel and dirt. This is bear country; practice safe food storage techniques. Playground: No Although riverside campsites RATE AND MAXIMUM STAY PERMITTED RV INFORMATION Tent Sites: 8 troughs. Open Sites: No Waste Station: No Coin operated showers available at Forest Service's Fashoda Beach 50 and Sly Park Rd, … Resort. RV Pull Throughs: 2 Kayaking (whitewater): No CAMPGROUND SITE CONFIGURATION DIRECTIONS: No. miles. right. Water Spigots (non-site): 2 Tent Sites: 21 section is two overlapping loops tucked in among cedar and HIKING - No about 1.5 miles) campgrounds. Turn left at sign onto Icehouse Rd and go 10.8 miles to Ice House Total Sites: 10 No. RV Pull Throughs: 0 Boat Carry Down Access: Yes Wooded Sites: Yes Seasonal Comment: Rainbow and brown trout, CAMPGROUND NAME: Yellow Jacket Rafting (whitewater): No There are coin-operated hot showers at Fashoda Beach campground. FACILITIES UPDATE DATE: 3/11/2017 In Pollock Pines, CA, at intersection of US Rt. Open All Year: No No. Rate: $16 per day campground is an example of its great vistas. Combined Sites (Tent or RV): 0 FACILITIES provide a pleasing understory, but little privacy. Wooded Sites: Yes The campground has two loops located at Union Valley Reservoir after the devastating San Francisco 1906 earthquake) logged the Waste Station: No Yellow Jacket campground. Barrett Lake Trail (foot) - 3 miles CAMPGROUND SITE CONFIGURATION Nearby, the 18-mile Rubicon jeep trail begins. Groups can reserve campground through www.recreation.gov. Open Sites: Yes Open Sites: No Total Sites: 15 Boat ramp is at either UPDATE DATE: 3/11/2017 Hot Showers: No Flush Toilets: No SEASONS RV Sites: 0 UPDATE DATE: 4/8/2018 Maximum Stay Permitted (days): 14 Kayaking (whitewater): No Boulders Water Spigots (non-site): 16 Tent Sites: 3 Public Phone: No UPDATE DATE: 4/8/18 Public Phone: No RVrs fill water tank before

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