The guitar and bass will continue a dense, deep drone for the remainder of the album. Alternately you can think of it as a long drawn-out intro taking its own sweet dinosaurian time to get started, to let other sounds get out of the way first. The drums could make the music so much heavier if used properly or at all. Sub Pop could make it better, but of course they smell the dollars here (produce as cheap as possible -> win maximum). I think that riffs might be shared between songs. Was this really a direction anyone wanted metal to go in? But listening to this at home? Earth 2 is an amazing experience and I've had the pleasure of listening to it multiple times (mostly without any "enhancements" I must observe). This album is completely guitar-driven. - 200 commentaires Now imagine that and another similar riff being repeated for 13 goddamn minutes, with almost no discernible variation. I love to listen to this when I'm falling asleep/sleeping, and unfortunately I can't flip the record whilst asleep, and if a side ends while I'm drifting off, well, that kinda fucks up my plan too. Nailing a pizza box to your head has never been done before either (at least I hope not) but that doesn't mean trying it out is a good or commendable idea. The first track is "Seven Angels", the most coherent and musical on the album. Les maîtres du stoner-doom... lp : Granted, drone that runs for about 25 minutes longer than it reasonably should considering the ideas presented, but drone nevertheless! When listened to on a microscopic level, the music reveals itself to the listener as the very opposite, maximal and riddled with complexity, variety and always in flux. It's difficult to objectively validate the appeal to anybody who doesn't like it (none of my friends did), especially since the music has so few components one can critique in the first place, and so I can leave you as the reader only with the impressions it left on me and my good word that it is awesome. It's long and dense. In spite of the length of this track (it's at least 27 minutes long), this is a very orderly piece of music: everything takes its proper time and is not overdone, and it's very atmospheric and spacey in its own way. What is the target audience here and what is the appeal of this endless stream of nothingness supposed to be? Why would I do it, exactly? It will be devoid of rhythm and any sense of time if it were not for a number of riffs that are not like anything you have heard before. The album continues onto its second piece, becoming even more minimal at the macroscopic level. A strange prescription to give to metal heads, but I definitely don't believe all metal was meant to be listened to in snowy solitude. This is a completely instrumental affair. There are no vocals anywhere. But what makes this album stand out? This was Earth's first album and it's usually pointed to as their best. Seriously though, nothing else happens over the course of the album. An even stonier album than the stone cold classic Dopethrone, this proves that you can listen to doom metal without the usage of marijuana. Not even buried drums. The remaining twenty minutes scorch away as the cymbals very slowly intensify. Soit. Drone / Doom, would be the "black sheep" of this family. Some poor fucker's actually going to pay us money to hear this!" Un disque hors norme, qui m'a clairement fait changer ma conception de la musique et de la richesse des émotions qui peuvent s'en dégager. Each of the tracks could possibly rival "Pure II" from Godflesh's album Pure or even Electric Wizard's early output in terms of the heaviest metal known to man. Add Review. Rather than synthesisers or samplers, electric guitars and basses were used to create and manipulate feedback and drones. Certainly there is no way to listen to Earth 2 except all at once, and with a fair degree of attention to the flow of the music--not an easy task, it may seem, for something as minimal as this. Sub Pop clearly didn't mind this decision and Earth 2 ended up being a success. It encapsulates everything that makes me absolutely love drone. This is about as dooming as it gets, in the most truest sense of the word. There's also some prominent ambient influence within Earth 2 most notably on the last two tracks. -- Libérez nous des libéraux, en tout cas, les chronique de Beetlejuice sont vraiment bien, longue, détaillées, très complètes, merci bien ! Perhaps the greatest guitar work lies within the first track, "Seven Angels". Think of a riff...any riff. So Earth 2 comprises of three instrumental tracks, each being longer than the previous one. Et puis comme dirait l'autre, MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS ! The result is an amazing wall of sound that ceases to sound like a guitar and bass at all, taking on the tone of something much more organic, as if the very Earth itself is producing these vast sound-scapes that draw you into an almost altered state of consciousness, detached from reality. More importantly, who would've thought that this drone metal album was from a Seattle band which came out when grunge was mainstream at the time. This album fails to justify its own existence. It makes no real attempt to gain your attention and, if you do manage to pay attention to it, the album doesn't reward you for your trouble. The guitar leads this song and thus as the riff is actually not that minimalistic by drone / doom standards, to avoid sonic clutter, the bass and other guitar track(s) provide the constant swirling drones. The 'songs' (I hate that word in this context) don't follow a particular pattern either - one guitar will play some superslow riffs, repeat 'em a few times, while the other guitar and bass (in key) play something else, maybe something a little more thumpy and feedback-harboring. It's an hour and fifteen minute exercise in patience and meditation. All tracks are also completely instrumental and eschew obvious song-based structures and elements apart from repetitive riffing on one track (and even there it is not constant all the way through) so the music is very much like three exercises in exploring sound and texture. It makes for a meditative and strangely captivating listen, and bears little in common with anything we think of as "metal" save for its utter grandiosity and of course distorted guitars. This really amps up the droning atmosphere. It's only on the last song that the tempo is slowed way, way down, and we're greeted with massive, dense walls of feedback and drone. As the name suggests Earth 2, is not Earth's first release. [ charte d'utilisation ], Bureaucratic desire for extra capsular extraction. And the other two are the exact same but twice as long. Un disque intemporel dont l'obtention est plus que recommandée à tous les amoureux de son. "Teeth of lions rule the divine" is a very droning metal track in which molten riffs sort of rise and make themselves known for a brief bit before melting back into the slow-moving magma of sound. Then and only then can you appreciate and understand the beauty, complexity and power of drone. Sleep Close you eyes and let it take your mind on a bizarre journey into your psyche, deeper within you mind - each riff a simple, slight variation of the last. Cool!" This is one album that is truly enhanced to otherworldly levels when played on a turntable. That's the only reason I can think of for anyone to pay attention to this because what I hear is nothing but a few simple rhythms repeated endlessly, mostly buried by the incessant feedback. Paradoxalement, la puissance dégagée est énorme. Here this album almost ceases to be drone / doom, as any trace of the slow drudging metal riffs that featured in the first two tracks ceases. I can almost touch the sounds. Earth’s first album is a musical milestone and served as a blueprint for drone music. ). While this is a pretty good drone album, it's certainly not for the casual listener. That, and it's over an hour long so I don't have to walk back and forth between my CD player and wherever I'm sitting very often to press the play button again. If you thought Burning Witch and that Wormphlegm demo were minimal, wait til you hear this.

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