Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors are simply remarkable! These watercolors are fresh and blend so easily. Martin's India ink gives a solid start of the butterfly. Using the Dr. Ph. Martin’s have worked tirelessly on creating the best liquid watercolors, inks, and other color products. Made from the finest artist pigments, Dr. Ph. Crimson lake is also very similar to the crimsons above. Dr. Ph Martin's Hydrus Watercolours - Brilliant Cad Red, Permanent Red, Vermilion Hue, Carmine, Alizarin Crimson, Deep Red Rose. Martin's has specialized in putting the tools in the hands of artists that allow them to create their life's best work. Martin's Hydrus fine art watercolor is lightfast, transparent, fine art quality watercolor. Martin's Hydrus watercolors. Since 1934 Dr. Ph. This liquid product delivers the same brilliance and permanency as traditional tube watercolors. The brightness of the butterfly is the Dr. Ph. The detailed drawing came to life with the use of the India Ink. For over 80 years chemists at Dr. Ph. Dr. Ph. These watercolors come to you already in a liquid form. PR269 is rated III so not lightfast enough for watercolours. Dr. Ph. This means that you get a pure, high intensity watercolor that is perfect for use with a spray bottle, oiler boiler or brush. Since India ink is permanent, you can paint over it and the paint will stay.

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