How fast does a rock have to be going before Broly gives a damn? Mxyzptlk then transformed into Doomsday and dueled Impossible Man who was depicted as the Hulk at that time. His healing factor allows Doomsday to eventually be revived even if he's killed in battle. Devastator can infect humans with Doomsday Spores; which is contagious enough to create a global plague within a few hours, with many of the victims including Superman's friends and family (including Lois Lane). Boomstick: … Broly survives planet destruction as a child. When the creature proved too difficult to control, his containment costing the lives of thousands of Kryptonians, the Council discontinued Bertron's experiments and banned all forms of cross-breeding while having the creature jettisoned into the Phantom Zone. Gained resistance and immunity to kryptonite radiation. Broly is capable of interstellar travel. To avoid confusion; the original Doomsday that killed Superman was later called Hunter-Prey Doomsday. Doomsday gets angry and forces Broly to let go. This aura can even harm and poison Kryptonians. I don't think it happens at all. Doomsday gets angry and forces Broly to let go. WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character., Doomsday may be superior to Broly in raw strength, but he can't fly, has no energy projection abilities and is able to be defeated by physical force. Doomsday brutally pummels his opponent. Can be (temporarily) killed by an attack he never survived before if it overwhelms his defenses and healing factor. While not mentioned in Death Battle; some depictions of Doomsday have Kryptonian DNA. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Broly on the other hand could blow up planets with soccer ball-sized ki blasts and required the combined power of four Super Saiyans and Super Namek Piccolo to overload him with ki to the point that he exploded. In Injustice; Doomsday is able to dig completely through the Earth with this attack. For instance; Superman punched Doomsday to death; when Superman returned to the rematch, much more powerful than before, Doomsday was immune to blunt force regardless of this improved level of strength. He captures Doomsday in a headlock. Broly on the other hand could blow up planets with soccer ball-sized ki blasts and required the combined power of four Super Saiyans and Super Namek Piccolo to overload him with ki to the point that he exploded. Doomsday thinks of nothing else other than mass murder. Like Superman, Doomsday is solar powered. This is a very interesting topic. His pants are underwear originating from the planet Calaton. While his durability previously has been finite, Doomsday's durability grows indefinitely over time. He'll eventually BFR doomsday to hell. However, even without sunlight, his body will eventually refuel itself automatically. Wiz: Superman vs. Goku. Revived from death multiple times; including from attacks from godlike characters. I see doomsday only winning because he can't die. His alias 'Doomsday' originated from a quote by Booster Gold: Origin: Prehistoric Krypton (species either Kryptonian, unknown or artificially created). Both are agressive fighters who don't give a shit about others. Relatively unharmed from falling into lava. Doomsday has a variety of clones, many of whom are arguably weaker or stronger than Doomsday for various reasons. In a duel against Martian Manhunter; Doomsday-Rex evolved to resist his psychic attacks and learned to breathe fire to exploit Martian Manhunter's weakness to flames. It's still hilarious that being hit by the floor did more damage to goku than broly did in the new movie. Defeated Lex's Warsuit; tanking its kryptonite weapons. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. With that out of the way, I don't see anything preventing Broly from blasting Doomsday from orbit, at least in round 2. One of the tankiest nigh-invincible characters in DC Comics. How long before broly just throws him into a black hole or onto some planet. Doomsday's strength grows indefinitely over time due to his evolutionary powers and absorbing sunlight. This is why the Calaton Containment Suit was able to imprison Doomsday for so long: his coffin blocked out sunlight. Eventually Broly would kill Doomsday, only for Doomsday to reform himself via his regeneration abilities and adapt to Broly’s attacks, thus becoming immune to any type of ki attacks. Defeated other infamously godlike powerhouses from DC. In his 'Adult Form', Doomsday emits an incinerating aura capable of destroying all life around him. But with no flight, no ranged attacks and Broly being able to lol a planet into dust, it won't happen any other way. Doomsday may be superior to Broly in raw strength, but he can't fly, has no energy projection abilities and is able to be defeated by physical force. Note that this record includes Doomsday's official Death Battle by ScrewAttack. Known as "The Ultimate", Doomsday was created on Krypton thousands of years ago by a scientist named Bertron as a living weapon of mass destruction. Was defeated by Communist Superman quickly and fairly easily; despite Parasite, Livewire and Atomic Skull assisting Doomsday. Defeated the Justice League (including the Green Lantern Corps) on multiple occasions. Battle Record 8'10" This would be the turning point of the battle, seeing that Doomsday … Doomsday can regenerate an entire limb in mere seconds. If someone faster than Doomsday exists, theoretically Doomsday will just evolve to match and/or surpass that speed. Before arriving on Calaton; Doomsday was completely naked. He can be easily outsmarted or led into a trap. Doomsday suddenly leaps at Broly and punches him. Broly in LSSJ is 4-A, Doomsday is 4-B. Doomsday also survives but just floats around. But this process involved Bertron cross-breeding the artificial birth of a Kryptonian hybrid. 1 Description 2 Beginning 3 Doomsday 4 Broly 5 Intermission 6 Death Battle 7 Conclusion 8 Polls 9 Trivia Two characters who have killed Superman and Goku with anger issues and super strength battle to see who's deadlier! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Adult Doomsday made Wildebeest an endangered species: simply by walking past them. Though Doomsday is a Superman level villain, he's strictly a brawler. Doomsday Recovery is simular to cells but allows for death. However, the beast acted in his final moments of consciousness to change the stasis cell's trajectory and it eventually crashed on Earth, the force of the impact driving it deep underground. Doomslayer is assisted by 4 other Doomsday clones; each with cybernetics specifically designed to target a specific member of the Superman Family. Height Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Doomsday tries to punch Broly, but Broly dodges. Injustice features a Black Lantern Corp skin for Doomsday; referencing how both a Black Lantern and Doomsday revive from death. But broly is the smarter aggressor. I agree long term doomsday will win. The beast slept for centuries before finally reviving and bursting free. Doomsday sometimes ignores a fight to murder innocent or defenseless animals or humans. The idea of a Hulk vs Doomsday duel was actually created in a DC/Marvel crossover where Mxyzptlk pointed out that Doomsday is powerful enough to challenge the Hulk. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, These victims gain both Doomsday's powers as well as his evilness, rage, and insanity. At that time, Superman had very few characters who could match or surpass him in combat. He then punches Broly. This version Doomsday has been able to be killed by physical force. He'd just destroy whatever planet Doomsday was on with a ki blast from a distance. Broly: You're strong. This means younger depictions of Doomsday are significantly weaker than his current depiction; as they don't have the same history of adaptation. It is stated that the default idea of Doomsday was a 'pupa' and so wasn't fully matured. Some of his defeats were done by unconventional means; like imprisoning Doomsday or sending him to a distant galaxy, dimension or time period. Fight takes place on an uninhabited Earth, Both fighters start 100 yards away from each other. If it's DOS DD then the battle takes a few hours with Broly eventually coming out on top, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community.

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