I started with a quick sketch of what I was envisioning. The end result is renter-friendly, budget-friendly, and can be completed in an afternoon! The top stretcher piece is a 1x4 and the bottom stretcher is 1x3. | Powered by WordPress, https://diyjoy.com/diy-farmhouse-computer-desk/, S2 EP62 | TIMBER FRAME CABIN | WOODWORK | LOGS FOR SAWMILL & ELECTRICAL WIRING FOR CABIN, 7 New Woodworking Tools You Should Have Available On Amazon, How To Decorate A Christmas Tree With Ribbon, The Doctor Is In! And then stood up the storage legs on the other side, so the table top is resting on the legs on the right hand side and the saw horses on the other. For those unsure of whether or not they want to take the standing desk plunge, the Spark from Ergodriven (about $25) provides you with a bundle of cardboard that you assemble into a desk converter. The dark stained wood looks so awesome when contrasting the white chalk painted base. NOTE: This is where I used the drywall anchors as well, since I wasn’t going directly into studs with the L brackets. I had been looking around for designs for a while and … Check out my tutorial on filling pocket holes to see how I got the job done. May 1, 2020 by MeredithH 2 Comments. If you have any questions about this DIY desk project, let me know! I measured 3.5 inches up from the bottom of the vertical legs (to accommodate for the molding underneath the desk, so everything would sit flush against the wall) and screwed two 1.5 inch L brackets to each of the two legs (so a total of 4 L brackets per shelf) at that 3.5 inch high line. *The reason why it has an extra .25 inch is because I wanted the desk to have a total height of 30 inches, which is standard desk height) and the wood I used is .75 inches thick already, so that will give you the full 30 inches when all is said and done. I used my Kreg Right Angle Clamps to secure the stretcher pieces so I could screw them into the sides. I first used the DEWALT Hammer Drill to drill the pocket holes into the sides of the DIY Desk. Would you suggest staining the wood or leaving it raw? "There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Once I attached the middle supports, I used my circular saw to cut the 24x48 project panel down to size and attached it to the desk using the pre-drilled pocket holes and 1 1/4" pocket hole screws and this beauty is finished. If you want to make a desk just like mine, I have the exact dimensions below to make it easy for you. #desk #diy #farmhouse Find this Pin and more on Office Tutorials by Ana White. Love your work :)) Can I share it on my blog?? 2 pieces of wood that are 20 inches x 6.75 inches // These are the 2 vertical divider pieces that are in the bottom two cubby / shelves. The scissor-action legs allow it to fold down flat, and the aluminum base keeps it sturdy. I could also get away with using 1/2” black metal piping as opposed to 3/4” because my desk will be stationery in the corner of my room with only my laptop and monitor on it. Attach to the underneath side of the shelf where ever you want the divider to be. Then attached the top of those L brackets to the bottom of the first shelf (one of the 20 inches x 18.5 inches pieces), making sure everything was level as I went. I do get asked about it relatively frequently, so that’s a great idea! I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Again, you can use whatever you feel comfortable with. Alright! So, I went with it! There are eight pieces of wood that need to be cut (well technically one of the eight pieces you should be able to find precut to the exact dimension needed, so I guess you’d only have to cut seven pieces). Thrive Then, when I got to the store to pick out the wood, I noticed there was a pre-cut piece of wood that was close(ish) to the new dimensions for the desk top I was planning – just a few inches off from what I was looking for. One 3 inch L bracket was attached to the wall and underside of the desk on the left wall to support the ‘floating’ side and then two 3 inch L brackets underneath the front of the desk, evenly spaced from each other, again attached to the desk and wall. So excited for this tutorial! WhatsApp. , Next year I will hopefully move from my one room apartment to a two room apartment (fingers crossed). The less cuts the better in my mind. Helping Others Make A Happy Recovery. This is meant to be a side table, but it's perfect for holding a monitor about 18 inches inches above your existing desk. Yes, I was being lazy; but luckily for you guys I have added extra steps in the printable plans for those of you who want to add in a drawer. © 2020 Handmade Haven . Now that the desk is generally put together, it’s time to secure the whole thing to the wall. 1 piece of wood that is 20 inch x 72 inch  // This is the tabletop. I will signed you:)), Yay or Nay: Moody Green Interiors Read more →, How to Create Large Scale Artwork for Under $15 Read more →, A Yellow Bathroom I Actually Love (My Renters Bathroom Reveal) Read more →, Lounge Room Progress (Article Furniture Review) Read more →, Shoe Win: 12 (Really Good) DIY Ways to Give an Old Pair of Shoes a Makeover, Paradise Found: A Refreshing Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Cooler that Tastes Like Vacation, DIY Furniture Project: How to Build a Minimal Modern Desk with Storage for Under $100, How to Make DIY Wood Workspace Tables + Studio Progress, Room Reveal: A Guest Room / Home Office with Renter Friendly Design Solutions, A Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer (with Mirror), Ho, Ho, Ho: Minimal(ish) Holiday Entertaining, How to Make A Wreath (Unique and Asymmetrical), Unique Christmas Ornaments: How to Make Clay Mushrooms, Breakfast of Champions: A Drool-Worthy French Toast Recipe for Fall, Cool Puzzle: 18 Puzzles to Pass the Time (That are Really Cool), Curl Up and Dye: How to Dye Clothing Naturally, 10 Minute DIY to Try: DIY Rope Bowls (With Yarn), Rug Thug: How to Upgrade an Inexpensive Rug for $10 (in under 10 Minutes), Vase Case: 16 Cool Modern Vases for Every Budget, 20 inch wide and 3/4 inch thick pine panels (that will vary in length)*, (3) 3 inch L brackets / corner braces and screws, (20-24) 1.5 inch L brackets / corner braces and screws, power drill (with drill bit and screwdriver attachments), level (which will double as a straightedge). Next, I attached the first vertical cubby divider (one of the 20 inches x 6.75 inches pieces) to a new 20 inches x 18.5 inches shelf using L brackets. If we were to buy a desk for $100 off say Amazon or Ikea, it would be crappy particle board and wouldn’t last longer than a decade at most. Then the crowning glory of this desk is the beautiful dark stained top. Once I started taking measurements though, I realized it would be easier to shorten the length and leave room for a larger mirror.

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