Just analyze the following example sentence for do not change: (vi) Pure imaginary conditions (if …. (2016). I have won the medal.” (2016). Direct/Indirect Speech Sentence Dissection; 6 Easiest, Scientifically-derived Direct to Indirect Speech Rules – Class 10 and Higher Classes; 100 Direct and Indirect Speech Examples with Answers; 1. Transferring the sentence that someone else says is called indirect speech. She said, “I do not agree with you.” (Repeat: 2016), She said, “They have not eaten their meals.”. He said to her, “Please fetch me a glass of water.”. Indirect speech: Peter warned Gina to watch out for the bird. When we pass a sentence indirectly, some words in the sentence change. Direct and Indirect Speech -Basic Rules Indirect Speech for Question Sentence Indirect Speech for Modals i.e. Indirect: I said that Priya Prakash Varrier was going to Pune. You have said that they are waiting outside. Direct: He said, “He is a rich man.” 10)Direct Speech: “The plants look beautiful,” said Mona, “do you water them every day?”. You can check the complete information of changes in Direct and Indirect speech. He said; I am going to find a new girlfriend. possible changes that may occur while you move from direct to indirect narration. Your suggestions will be highly welcome and valued. She said that she worked in a hospital. The teacher said, “Who is the author of this book?”. Indirect Speech is when we report what someone else has said. Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous remain unchanged. (Repeat: 2016). remembering (memorizing) others’ exact words every time they speak out, we It is enclosed within quotation marks. ”. The teacher said, “Who is next on the list?”. Direct Speech to Indirect speech exercises with answers. He prayed that God might help him do his duty. Examples: DIRECT SPEECH INDIRECT SPEECH; PRESENT TENSE. were clauses) do not change: (vii) Simple Past or Past Continuous tense in Time Clauses do not normally change. Direct: Our teacher said, “Time and Tide wait for none.” If the Reporting Verb is in the Present or Future Tense, the tense of the verb in the Reported Speech is not changed at all. He said that he had completed his drawing half an hour before. He said, “Alas! For example, there is possible confusion when you try to change reported speech to direct speech: Things are slightly more complicated with imperatives. For example, if the reporting verb is in the present tense, there is no change in the reported sentence. She says, “I hope I am not late.” (Repeat: 2016), He said to me, “You are not running very fast.”. The judge said, “Have you anything more to say?”. e.g. Indirect speech (sometimes called reported speech), doesn’t use quotation marks to enclose what the person said and it doesn’t have to be word for word. He suggested me that they should go for a walk. Direct: He says, “Saima is a blogger.” I’d already been living in London for five years. son. Indirect: He said that he was a Cash of Clans player.” (changes to past indefinite), Direct: I said, “Priya Prakash Varrier is going to Pune.” (present continuous) He has said that he reads the newspaper every day. He exclaimed with wonder that it was a beautiful piece of art. A pronoun of the first person (I, my, me, our, we) in direct speech is changed in the indirect to the same person as the subject of the introductory verb, e.g. Google+. The mother prayed for her daughter that God might bless her with a (iii) The Simple Past is not changed if the Reported Speech states a past historical event or fact. Direct statements in a past tense do not always change either, because a change might alter the meaning or just make it sound confusing. e.g. Rule: If the direct speech has a pronoun, its person is changed, when necessary, to refer in the indirect to the same individual as it does in the direct. 4)Direct speech: “Is your father home?” asked Dr. Phil. The doctor says, “The patient is still in a state of coma.”. He will say that he reads the newspaper every day. There are usually two clauses in both the direct and students have to select correct one option from multiple choice according instruction of question. This is where things get confusing: He said it started raining heavily when he left work (is the best version because it is accurate, short, and there is no confusion because of the time context). In our routine (practical) life, we often have to Direct: He said to me, “You are not a genius.” He said he was having lunch with his parents. (Repeat: 2016). The doctor advised the patient to take complete rest and follow his direction. She requested me to lend her my camera for a day. enemies. He said he could come that night with his brother. the following day, the next day, the day after, the following week, the next week, the week after, the previous Saturday, the Saturday before, the following Saturday, the next Saturday, the Saturday after, that Saturday, Perfect Conditional, (would/should have worked). generally use our own words to communicate the given message. Will changes into would, shall into should, can into could and may into might. A seasoned writer, professional reviewer, educationist, and researcher, the author has decades-long experience of putting creativity and acumen to action. After you finish speaking on the phone, you say to someone else: A friend says to you: Maria’s ill. She’s got chickenpox! Powered by WordPress. Direct and Indirect Narration Rule Chart PDF Download. Modal verbs are changed in indirect speech like, Can into Could, May into Might, Must into had to. The mother said, “Shall we invite the Qureshis also?”. However, it should be noted that the second part of the same quotation in this case will still be enclosed within quotation marks from both ends. The doctor said to the patient, “Take complete rest and follow my The main verb may either remain unchanged or may become the past perfect, as. Usually, it is used in spoken language. Indirect Speech: Mona said that the plants looked beautiful and asked if I watered them every day. The judge said, “Call the next witness.” (Repeat: 2016). He said he was going to find a new girlfriend. She says, “We have shifted to another house.”. It is also called reported speech. Learners search narration rules chart or narration rules pdf, they should find it with direct and indirect narration exercises and rules of narration in English grammar pdf will more easy to understand, because this subject helpful you if you practice and do exercise completely in English grammar. In the case of direct narration, the exact words of Indirect: He told me that I am not a genius. The teacher asked who next on the list was. Ale ———- Ail 2. He said had to done this work that night. She said, “I did not go to school yesterday.” (Repeat: 2016). He said, “How many chapters have you done already?”. 9)Direct Speech: Tony said, “We have eaten the mangoes. Roshan proposed that they should finish their work first. The mother said, “Didn’t I ask you not to go there?”. He exclaimed with wonder that she sang very well. He said the newspaper was very interesting. Speech Sentence Dissection, 6 Easiest, Scientifically-derived Direct to Generally speaking, the past simple and continuous don’t always need to be changed if: there is a time context which makes everything clear, and/or there is another action already using the past perfect, which might alter the meaning or make things confusing. ” I would like to visit the museum on Tuesday,” said Simon. Thanks! She said that they had not eaten their meals. Farhan said to uncle, “Please help me in getting some job.”. The master ordered the servant to go and fetch him a glass of water. communication that we learn and apply the direct to indirect speech rules. Direct: He said, “Mac is better than windows laptop.” Indirect Speech: Mrs. Brown said that their son didn’t work in the Navy. E.g:“I want to see him now!” shouted John. Direct and Indirect Speech Rules . 5)Direct speech: “This summer” remarked Josh, “is warmer than the last.”. (2016). Use of Conjunction “that” The conjunction “that” is placed between reported and reporting speech, … The teacher says, “She has always been a good student.”. He said, “What a beautiful piece of art!” (Repeat: 2016). He said, “I am watering the plants in the garden”. You can read narration rules chart pdf file or print it on hard copy, but now can also change the narration online with software and you get perfect result. He said; I have been working on that agency for over two years.

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