EGP and ESP have distinctive features which ensure that there is a difference. It is vital for the substance in the syllabus to have high surrender esteem. ESP requires positive learning environment in the classroom . It also designs as per the communicative approach of methodology, in specific field like science, management etc. In ESP the student is well disposed to focus on meaning in the subject matter field. To explor the students ability to communicate and making them aware in the classroom teacher have to create that type of atmosphere so that they can communicate with others and share there views with the others and in classroom. In this article, the emphasis is on difference between ESP and EGP (ESL).The most difference between ESP and EGP lies the learners and their purposes for learning English. It concentrates on recognition of particular structure of sentence and also on choice of term and meaning in different types of texts. While in ESL focused on four language skills , Which are listening , reading, speaking and writing.ESP combines subject matter + English language teaching. Such students must learn how to learn language independently, that is how to study the language by oneself and become an independent learner. So it is a needs analysis that determines which language skills are most needed by the students. Teacher must understand the needs of the students. “ESP is an advance approach to language teaching in which all the choices related to content and strategy are supported on the learner’s reason for learning”. But teaching English language for specific purpose is determined by different needs of the learners. V.Cook says, “what does other language do ? h�Ԙ�k�6��=�����A�6�� �z��71�a?®����j������ ג���F�H���Jx�8^1Q��fR���� ˄�A���x���FɴT.��Lk'�]�����֏AɃ���>�ۇz�2��+.��_���e��⧺S����ZTO[�tq�^���Ό��c�s��Q{U-�ŷn�e�e�����zY�~D�u�����~��-�n�M�>��ͲZ`ח��y�����iQ3^ܴ���yq���ơ��yiכ�������!�CF����a�ج��/��|�m��U�ٶ���&|�o�"�]�kGHc��������k�>%ǂ���y{�g��HÙR*,�g&��t �N��)�nΜ�Xl�h�Y)sR��r(�)l��6��t>�Ah̅6�IW�Ԇ~�;������v���b�}�m77��� ��`S����O��?&΍kJ��:Bt������fS$�}��AQ�V�D�ZXR�} ESP students can exploit these innate competencies in learning English.Name of the students: Kamlesh Solanki & Emmanuel Vasava, Summary 1: Difference between ESP and General English (ESL)Important difference between English for Specific Purpose and General English is in learner and their purpose for learning English. It’s focus on professional skills and to perform particular job related functions. In ESP a subject matter area important to the learners.ESL all four language skills.ESP it is a need analysis. ESP is a short term course and ESL is long term course. Education is always included in the curriculum of each school be it comprehensive or specialized secondary or higher. On the other hand, General English refers to the time in which the use of English was on peak. It means that education is a part of teaching which contributes to the quality of the result .it builds human personality making him an important member of the community. In ESP students are shown how the subject-matter content is expressed in English. It offers a soothing environment. Summary of different between English for specific Purposes (ESP) and English as a Second Language (ESL).The most important difference lies in the learners and their purpose for learning English. 5. The ESP Course has been designed for mature learners, either in an expert work situation or at a tertiary stage institution. It has more freedom as compared to the ESP Course. In ESP the language become an interdisciplinary subject. It uses literary texts to produce effectual skills in students. ESP combines subject matter and English language teaching. While in general English language study become an interdisciplinary . ESP combines subject matter as well as English language teaching which will motivate students as they can apply their learning into their main field of work. Learners must be self- confident.Evaluating Students :The is a resource they help students to identify their problems and find solution .The role of the students what is the task? a) General English, b) Specific EnglishConclusionThe basic criteria the professional development of language the based on curriculum and knowledge. Therefore English for specific purposes (ESP) includes specialized programmes which are designed to develop the communicative use of English in a specialized field of science, work or technology. It permits learners to acquire and improve general writing skills. In his time, teachers of General English courses, while acknowledging that And ESP is a needs analysis that determines which language skills are most needed by the students, and the syllabus is designed accordingly. It is a reliable basis for better communication and source of technological progress. It is all about learner need goal-oriented. ESP is a subject matter area important to the learner. and for that ESP is known. Educated adults are continually learning new language behavior in their native languages, since language learning continues naturally throughout our lives. ESP skills for communication and mediation. ESP put more significance on the training and selection of suitable content. ESP teacher skills for communication and mediation create the classroom atmosphere. The most significant difference lies in the learners and their purposes for learning the English language. ESL consist all the four skills of the languages where as in ESP the skills are as per the needs of the learners. It is a free time task. Generally all the people believe that for language learning all four skills are important but to make language more professionally oriented skill and subject matter in ESP.Two types of EnglishGenerally in secondary and primary school the learners learn fundamentally concept of grammar ,phonetics and all the four skills that we can called general English.

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