There will be a guy fishing with a hat on. This hat is extremely difficult for some to find due to the fact that they are looking in the wrong place. You can also inspect the skeleton. You will notice John wearing his Gambler’s Hat after the mission “Simple Pleasures” during Epilogue I. Once inside, blow the rocks up and proceed through the hole, then go the right to enter the room with the Miner's Hat. You can find this hat in Armadillo which is only accessible after Chapter 6 and during Epilogue. The tomb is located to the northwest of Annesburg, in the middle of the bend of the river. The mask is found right to the north of the "L" in Lakay on the map, near the shore of the lake. The Panama Fedora Hat is also found Rhodes Train Station. Connect with Logan on, © 2020 is an unofficial Red Dead Redemption 2 fan site and is in no way affiliated with, Canvas Sack Hood, Cloth Mask, Executioner Hood, Metal Skull Mask, Psycho Mask, a Stranger Mission called “A Fine Night For It”, Bounty Hunter & A Land Of Opportunities Bonuses In Red Dead Online, Red Dead Online Launching As Standalone Game On December 1, Bounty Hunter And Collector Bonuses In Red Dead Online. If you kill all of them then it will take forever for the area to reset, especially if you are in Epilogue. These are unique hats that you can find out in the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. You have a higher chance of finding an NPC with this hat either in the Saloon or in the balcony of the Post Office. You can also set up a camp nearby and sleep 1-2 times for the ranch to reset. Simply leave one and leave the area. In order to acquire this hat, you need to accept to speak with Rains Fall after the mission “A Rage Unleashed” in Chapter 6. A tip here is to save your game before entering the Van Horn Mansion and check for the hats on them. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. You can find this hat in the middle of Saint Denis, in the garden area by the Church. Some direct you towards the road near Little Creek River while others on the road leading towards Owanjila outside of Strawberry. This will increase the number of chances since a higher number of new members will spawn upon resetting the location. This hat is found on the Scarecrow in the cornfield of Braithwaite Manor. You can find this hat on an NPC standing outside of Rhodes Train Station during the afternoon. The best and the fastest way you can find this hat is in Saint Denis. The most preferable location for this hat is Fort Mercer. This hat can be found at Butcher Creek. All five of these masks can be purchased from any fence as soon as they are unlocked in an early chapter 2 story mission. In the second wave, four NPCs will attack you: 2 melee and 2 archers. One of the NPCs will be wearing it. Like many of the other hats, the Scarecrow Hat can be found in a rather unsurprising place: on the head of a real scarecrow. The mask is located inside a shack half submerged in water. Look for an extremely sick looking NPC in the town. Other missions where you can find this hat if you’ve missed your chance at this one includes “An Honest Mistake” in Chapter 3 and “Just A Social Call” in Chapter 6. Once inside the fort, look for the biggest house. If you are playing as Arthur then you can also find it from Chapter 2 until Chapter 6 on one of the guards in the corn fields of Braithwate Manor. Another hat found in Butcher Creek, the Roanoke Hat is also worn by random NPCs in the area. We found him working at several locations but within Emerald Ranch. Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with secrets both easy and hard to find. The Ram Skull Mask is the mask that players can only obtain after completing the game, as you need to be able to access the southern part of the map. This indicates that the hat is registered and can always be accessed in your wardrobe. First, head over to the Saloon at around 5:30 AM, if you don’t see a guy with the hat on then save your game while you are inside the Saloon. You can also find Military Officers Hat at Shady Belle. We also have a video showcasing all the stolen and found hats that you can acquire in the game, including which are missable / unmissable and exactly where to find them. His rigid corpse can be found at the top of Mount Hagen, in the Northwest of the map. This hat is on a Scarecrow located at MacFarlane’s Ranch located just west of Stillwater Creek in New Austin. One of them will surely drop one. We prefer Shady Belle due to high number of raiders hence increasing chances of you getting the cap. This fort is located to the southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, to the north of the "R" in Kamassa River on the map and past the road. The Chinese Skull Cap can only be found after Chapter 6 and during the Epilogue. These fields are part of the hall itself. This farmer is working on the small farm field outside the house next to the Fence. Go to the intersection which is just north-east of Valentine and slightly below the “U” of “CUMBERLAND FOREST”. This hat is on the passengers of stagecoaches. In order to save this hat, you need the hat to be knocked off of your head and then pick it back up again.

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