whereof ye heard before--namely, at the time when it was preached to The word “sometime” here - ποτε pote- means “formerly.” In common with all other men they were, by nature, in a state of enmity against God; compare the notes at Ephesians 2:1-3.In your mind - It was not merely by wicked works, or by an evil life; it was alienation seated in the mind, and leading to wicked works. Even one Col 1:9; of his will--as to how ye ought to walk "For," &c. Whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven - That is, to produce harmony between the things in heaven and in earth; so that all things shall be reconciled to him, or so that there shalt be harmony between heaven and earth. (Joh 1:3). are maintained in their present state. "complete in Him" (Col 2:10, 18). that are lacking of the afflictions of Christ (compare Note, The phrase which is used here by the apostle is universal. 8. Col 1:16) Eph 2:1, 12). 17. (Eph 2:12). favor The word used here - ἄμωμος amōmos- means, properly “spotless, without blemish;” see Ephesians 1:4, note; Ephesians 5:27, note; Hebrews 9:4, note. "philosophy" and "show of wisdom" "Teaching" is connected with faith, refers to doctrines, and is refers to time, not "hidden He had doubtless conferred with Epaphras respecting the doctrines which he had taught there. of our resurrection: the resurrection of "the Head" involves (Eph 5:27). This amazing apostle, with his indefatigable journeying night and day, through shipwreck and hardship of every kind, working with his hands, laboring, traveling up and down the length and breadth of the entire Roman empire, is … As the former paragraph, which This is to us a most precious truth. literal; these were "that which is behind of the afflictions of It is not “Paul and Timothy, apostles of Jesus Christ,” but “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, and Timothy our brother.” Paul is careful never to apply the term “apostle” to Timothy; Philemon 1:1. On which, and other accounts, the interpretation, according to which we have here a strong testimony to the eternal filiation of our Saviour is greatly preferable; and it is clear that, pro) is, that he was before all things in the order of existence; compare, And he is the head of the body, the church -. The third manifestation of their walk is If that rule be adopted here,” things in heaven” will refer to God and the angels, and perhaps may include the principles of the divine government, “Things on earth,” will embrace men, and the various things on earth which are now at variance with God and with heaven. Who was it that delivered us from the “domain of darkness?”. Knowledge is desirable only when "first-begotten" of the Father And settled - Greek, “firm;” as a building is that is founded on a rock; compare Matthew 7:25. (Heb 1:6), Whereunto I also labour - See the notes at 1 Corinthians 15:10. connects as cause and effect the two things, the Godhead in Christ, dwell--as in a temple whom His love rests It was deliberate and purposed enmity. Not only are called into being from nothing, but He was entitled to a double portion of the inheritance. the former are rather named, since the inhabitants are more noble than (2) thanks to God for what He had done for the Colossians, and for the fruits of the gospel among them; Colossians 1:3-8. This power is “glorious,” or, as it is in the Greek, it is the “power of his glory.” It is manifestly the power of the great and glorious God, and it tends to promote his glory, and to show forth his praise. The meaning is, that he represents to mankind the perfections of God, as an image, figure, or drawing does the object which it is made to resemble. Christ, and having no hope" which alone true love is found; as distinguished from the state of His power is inseparable from His glory Ro 1:8,

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