The yields are comparable to the ones of autumn sowings. The seeding is done between March and May. As the Chamomile seeds are very small, a special sowing machine is used for the seeding. = Chamomile (American English) or camomile (British English; see spelling differences) (/ ˈ k æ m ə ˌ m aɪ l,-ˌ m iː l / KAM-ə-myl or KAM-ə-meel) is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae.Two of the species are commonly used to make herbal infusions for traditional medicine, and there is some evidence that chamomile has an effect on health. [19], The chamomile plant often flowers 2 to 3 times per year. It responds to fertilization with Nitrogen (N) with an increased vegetative growth what can lead to problems with the harvesting technique and the harvest time can be delayed. [19], Post harvest treatment and further processing, "Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.): An overview", "Chamomile: an anti-inflammatory agent inhibits inducible nitric oxide synthase expression by blocking RelA/p65 activity", Fair Trade Organic Chamomile Tea - Benefits of Chamomile. The flowers bloom in early to midsummer, and have a strong, aromatic smell. [14][15] Unlike tea, in which only the flowers are used, the whole plant has been used. The seeding is normally done in rows of 25 cm (10") distance and about 2.0–2.5 kg/ha (approx. before chamomile, fertilization with organic matter is highly recommended. [19], The harvested produce contains about 80% of water therefore it is at risk of fermentation. Chamomile has historically been used in beer. Spin my tarot wheel to find out. [10] Essential-oil components extracted from the flowers are terpenoids. + [22] [5], Because chamomile has been known to cause uterine contractions that can invoke miscarriage, pregnant mothers are advised to not consume Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile). [10], The chamomile oil can be processed into pills, but the flower head can also be used as a whole to make use of the beneficial effect. (11) We were fascinated by your use of rutin, since this flavonoid is a constituent in many herbs, including chamomile , elderberry and hawthorn. The chamomile flowers is an ingreient in teas for a relaxing and stress reducing effect. For a good development of the stem, adequate potassium (K) is needed. The crop grows on light to heavy soils. In these cases, the whole flower horizon gets harvested. Matricaria chamomilla is a member of the Asteraceae family, native to southern and eastern Europe. "[13], People who are allergic to ragweed (also in the daisy family) may be allergic to chamomile due to cross-reactivity. In today's agricultural growing systems harvest often takes place mechanically. Afterward, the soil is mechanically treated but not turned. Spread the herbs on the ground that has been swept, envisioning loving white and a golden light surrounding your property. The plant is associated with the power of the Sun and the element Water. This oil is extracted by distillation mostly out of fresh flower buds and flower stalks. contact dermatitis) are common and one case of severe Type-I reaction (i.e. [19], By reason of mechanical harvest, the share of stalks on the harvested produce is higher. If necessary, in a further work process after drying the short parts of stalks on the flower buds will be detached to receive plain flower bud goods. Before seeding it is important to have a proper seedbed without any weeds for which reason residual herbicides can be used. [11], German chamomile is used in herbal medicine for a sore stomach, skin care, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid. After having the flowers harvested, it is almost impossible to separate the insects from the flowers. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. For a sore stomach, some recommend taking a cup every morning without food for two to three months. Modern craft breweries and homebrewers use chamomile, and there are several hundred commercially brewed beers with chamomile. Many people use Chamomile flowers to bring luck gambling an in financial matters, especially in betting: cards, slots, keno, the racetrack, the lottery and bingo say that if they clean their hands in the flowers, they will receive good luck. [12] It is also used as a mild laxative and has an anti-inflammatory[13] and bactericidal effect . = This might lead to quality problems of the harvested chamomile depending on its purpose of use.

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