If you want to republish any of my recipes, please link back to my website and the recipe post, Apple recipe, Candy Apples, Candy Apples Recipe, Candy apples red, candy Apples without Corn Syrup, or vinegar or 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar, Lollipop Savory Hand Pies With Strawberries ». You will feel like a total champ when you do this right. I covered 6 large apples and still had leftover, 6 years ago Life from the ground up. Allow the sugar to boil gently for approximately 12 mins until the thermometer registers hard crack stage or 300 degrees F. Remove from the heat and immediately begin dipping the apples. Store candy apples i the fridge, well covered and in a box lined with parchment paper to avoid sticking. lawl, 12 years ago When the caramel is cool enough to remove your apple from the foil, the apple will come off easily. In a medium saucepan (leave yourself some room, because this will froth up a bit while it's boiling), combine the sugar, cream, butter, and honey. There are interesting stages of candy all the way from caramel syrup to burnt sugar, but since we are making caramel apples, we'll focus on the "Firm Ball" window. Wash and dry the apples well. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. The thing you need to burn into your mind is this: "Firm Ball". :]. Turn off the stove and skewer your apples. Participated in the Hungry Scientist Contest. In a sauce pot, melt butter, honey, vanilla, and brown sugar on med. Giving it about a 50/50 mixture of glucose and sucrose. Thanks for the cold water test videos, too. This recipe will give you enough caramel to make eight caramel apples. As the concentration of sugar in your slurry goes up, the properties of the cooled caramel will change. You may end up with a little less caramel, but it is a good thing to practice. I want one too! Place a wooden stick or tree stick in the middle of each apple reaching as deep as you... Make sure the apple is firmly attached to that stick. Take your half stick of butter and cut it into four pieces of nearly equal size. Place the sucanat, butter, and … 1/2 cup butter. I want one. Your email address will not be published. Place a wooden stick or tree stick in the middle of each apple reaching as deep as you along the length of the apple. The corn syrup you buy at the store is usually Karo brand syrup. Great to see the alternative to corn syrup and why - I live in ireland and they don't sell corn syrup over here, only lyon's golden syrup which is a completely different make-up. I don't like adding steps that are actually not necessary. Wait for at least 40 mins for the coating to set before eating. on Step 6, I think that I did read that it wasn't necessary to keep stirring once the mixture was boiling. When dipping the apples, always allow excess coating to drip. This step says keep stirring. If you want caramel for dipping, remove from heat at around 230 and add the vanilla and salt then dip away (after it's cooled of course)! 23 days ago, It is at least 10 fluid oz of Caramel. You could go for something more traditional like "coating them in nut pieces", but children don't generally choose the nut covered one when a stabbed head one is available. It's amazing that I hadn't accidentally made caramel apples at some point; it is just that simple. Not altogether easy, the first time, but simple. Tilt the pan to make dipping easier. At that point lower the heat to medium and place a candy/oil thermometer in the pot. The previous step says after it boils, you can stop stirring. im wondering does this count for caramel candy too? on Introduction, Reply With caramel, you are shooting for a sugar concentration of around 87%. them and you will to. You will find all kinds of recipes for caramel and caramel apples, and basically all of them say that you need corn syrup for one reason or another. Please contact me if you would like to use any images . If the caramel is still too warm, the caramel will not come off of the foil and you will mangle your caramel apples. Which is correct? I know they are tasty, but it will be worth the wait. Allow the apples to cool for at least 30 mins to an hour. Remove from the parchment and serve. When you are able to make a ball with your caramel and the ball stays in a ball shape in your hand, you are done boiling. Turn the burner to medium heat and stir constantly. In a medium to small pot, add the ingredients all together and place … ​​I'll try not to bug you too much​​​, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Great compliment to a tart Granny Smith or subtle Honey Crisp. It will be easier to make good caramel than to explain recrystallization to a disappointed child. Take a skewered apple and spoon the caramel on the apple in the fashion that I have shown in the video. Your great grandma didn't use corn syrup in her caramel apples, and neither should you! on Introduction. on Step 2, "It will be easier to make good caramel than to explain recrystallization to a disappointed child. " (Stirring constanty) Once melted reduce heat to medium or low and cook until candy hits 215-220 F. All images and content are copyright protected. Place the apples on a parchment paper. 12 years ago https://lifefromthegroundup.us/2014/01/homemade-caramel-without-corn-syrup Once the apple is covered with caramel, set the apple on your flat greasy aluminum foil and let it cool. Knowing that you must get the sugar concentration up to around 87% has nothing to do with actually making the apples. 23 days ago, Perfect. Instructions Wash and pat dry your apples. who doenst love the yummy sweetnes of caramel apples?? Place the cited apple on the parchment paper and repeat with the remaining apples. Alternately, you could just oil the pan, but the paper makes it a TON easier to remove the caramels to cut. Share it with us! If you cook too much of the water out, you will have brittle caramel. To sweet or not to sweet that is the question. You can do the cold test on your caramel as often as you like. If you would like a chart of the temperatures and the corresponding concentrations of sugar, you can look here on wikipedia: Sugar Chart. DON'T PANIC! Place coated apples over parchment paper to avoid sticking. I will teach you how to determine when your caramel is done using the cold water test. ;), schmeese's mom LOVES !!! If you don't cook enough of the water out, you will have soupy caramel that tastes awesome, but will migrate off of your apples as it cools. Watch your pot very well, and make sure to turn off the heat the exact temperature. Karo is a mixture of half corn syrup (100% glucose) and half high-fructose corn syrup (90% fructose). You'll need to let the caramel cool only until it stops bubbling on its own. In a medium to small pot, add the ingredients all together and place on medium high heat until it starts to boil. If it won't boil after 30 minutes of stirring on medium heat, increase the heat a bit until you bring it to a boil. Wash and pat dry your apples. on Introduction, 7 years ago Dip one apple at a time swirling around the sugar mixture and hold each apple onto of the pan so that any excess sugar drops. You will need to essentially stir constantly throughout the whole caramel making process in order to ensure that everything stays homogenious and your sucrose doesn't start concentrating somewhere and planning a recrystallization. Sorry for the confusing info! Here is the very simple – and sort of healthy because at least it doesn’t have corn syrup in it– recipe: Homemade Caramel SauceYum.

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