Their steaks are a great price, and taste delicious – but if you want grass fed/organic – ours doesn’t have that option. The pork they do sell is lower quality, and therefore cheaper. Chuck Roast: 2.25lbs roast/ $19.00 = $8.44/lb – Unfortunately no stores near me offered grass fed chuck roast so I couldn’t make an accurate comparison. Just received my first box of butcher box. I was so excited when I purchased a large family sized. Hope this helps! At Cosco, they may say organic or free range, but you don’t know how much range the chicken may have. Basically, you pay to get a Butcher Box sent with an assortment of high-quality meats sent straight to your door. By Amber V. 1 review . ButcherBox does the tough work for you — curating, selecting, and delivering good meat — so you can focus on enjoying it. 100% grass-fed and grass-finished: the cattle live their entire life eating on a pasture, Certified humane: the chickens have access to the outdoors and room to move around and interact with each other naturally, Heritage breed (Duroc, Berkshire, and Red Wattle): do not have flavor bred out of them, which is typically done to promote rapid weight gain. Personally, I think ButcherBox is totally worth the price. document.removeEventListener('mousemove',loadFc0a5) I am no longer recommending Butcher Box due to my experience in a change in product quality, customer service and messages I have received from others’ who have shared their similar experiences with me. since. In case you want to pause or adjust your subscription, you can easily do so from your account page. The meat comes frozen and vacuum-packed in a cardboard box with an insulated liner and dry ice. My CSA has a protein share but they are changing their offerings/price structure and I want to wait till I know which will be the better buy. 4. The beef, chicken, and pork I tried from ButcherBox were considerably juicier and more tender than the average cuts I get from the market, and they were all delicious. The difference in taste and texture — a direct result of how the animals are raised — is huge. That’s what we do with Omaha steaks. I wish we could get more options locally, but it is very expensive here (I’m located in CT). Once you sign up, can you cancel at any time? Butcher Box was more expensive than Stop + Shop per lb, but the S&S fed chuck roast wasn’t grass fed, so that is to be expected. The first 4 options are pre selected and you can’t pick the cuts of meat you get. Hope that helps! It’s a pain to make beef stock, because my local Safeway is sad. Usually I get the chicken one every other month because we eat a lot of chicken! Would I be able to send a gift package without a member ship? But our children are at opposite ends of the U.S. . Here are some gift options from ButcherBox:, inited30b=!1; They have various boxes you can choose from to receive: 1. Which brings me to my next point.. Butcher Box has looooots of options. I was so excited to try the service. s.setAttribute('data-uid','30bb3f0ab9-XX');document.head.appendChild(s); I totally agree, Barbara. I love Butcher Box for a few reasons. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. But since not everyone has access to a local butcher who really cares about meat, ButcherBox brings the experience online so you can let the pros fill a box with your favorite proteins (or choose them yourself) and get them delivered to your door. You can immediately taste the difference and you seriously doubt you can ever go back. Really awful. Butcher Box has options that range in cost from $129-$270. I am a new customer to butcher box and I have to say my initial experience has been horrible. I’m sharing one, including if Butcher Box is worth it, what it costs, and what you get with the service! Same issues as those above, Thawed meat–completely or partially, broken packaging on the chicken breasts –who knows what got in! I can not make it past 2 bites of the stop and shop or bjs chicken breast lol Thanks again, I see the cuts of meat and they sound wonderful but I do not see things like bacon pork butt a whole loin ribs beef and pork brisket (the whole brisket) Plus there is no ham listed . Pork – Our costco does not sell any organic pork products (ribs, tenderloins, bacon). I was able to get a big bag of beef bones through them. We are on a budget since i unfortunately stopped working about 7 yrs ago because of physical and health problems one of them being NASH. NY Strip:  2×10 oz steaks/ $22 = 17.60/lb – Butcher Box is about $2 cheaper per lb than my local Whole Foods Grass Fed NY Strips were. Your taste buds are going to thank you once you experience these delicious cuts. Want to try ButcherBox? It's like eating fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sushi for the first time after only eating $10 pre-packed rolls your whole life. Note: It might not be the best option for someone with a larger family, or for someone who is going to get chicken, pork + beef and plan to use this as their only source of protein through out the week. You might need the Big Box – which actually winds up being a little cheaper! We get a custom box delivered every month because we like to cook different things every month. Humane and ethical practices translate into better meat — so both parties benefit.

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