It is estimated that up to 92 officers were involved in the scandal. As receptionist, she is responsible for making copies for the associates. Her supervisor asks her to deliver 12 computer systems to the school. For all scenarios, assume you are employed by Best Computer Systems, a large computer manufacturing company with approximately 1000 employees. #Networking #wcfkl2015”. Yet its launch of an advertisement around Christmas generated consumer concern that the ad content was inappropriate. Jackman started Laughing Man Coffee and the Laughing Man Foundation after meeting an Ethiopian coffee farmer named Dukale. This it has not stopped business schools, to their credit, from trying. It includes discussion questions as well as suggested readings and additional resources. Teacher Instructions. He has just received a new computer and wants to try it out. Once a year, her supervisor gives away the refurbished computers to the local elementary school. Workplace dilemmas cards have students brainstorm solutions to 34 real-life ethical dilemmas and employment situations. This exercise discusses how CFO Daniel Marsh embezzled $316,000 from New Mexico-based Weststar Mortgage. Have students work in pairs to research a particular case study of where a corporation’s actions were deemed unethical or where its ethical conduct is under scrutiny. business ethics course activities self test. endobj 5 0 obj Careers: Accounting and Business Ethics For Teachers 9th - 12th. stream They are training future c-suite executives and managers; ethics is an important part of this – for its own sake, for the sake of the bottom line (triple or otherwise), and to stay well clear of scandals. – popular memes on the site #wholesome #memes #when #consequenceforpoor #ethic #reward #good #motivation #pic, I was asked by a reader if I could put all the quotes that I share on facebook and in the newsletters into…, I believe that we can all benefit from those who have gone before us and have more experience in our industry. Divide students into groups of three or four. Do it. By using this site, you agree to this use. Bill approaches her for advice on preparing for the interview. When he worked at Kachina Petroleum Company, the firm discovered after he resigned in 2006 that checks were missing. Other groups should challenge the decision and give appropriate feedback. Discover some ways business schools are teaching ethical leadership: Do you think business schools have an obligation to teach ethics? Workplace business ethics lesson teaches students about professional decision making using real-life ethical situations, skills, violations, and dilemmas. Lesson Planet. Show them.Pretty good. Assign each group of students one of the following scenarios to read and discuss. List three alternative actions and identify the best and worst case scenario for each alternative, anyone who would be harmed by this choice (and how), any values that would be compromised by selecting this alternative, and any automatic reasons why this alternative should not be selected (legal issues, rules, etc. In 2004, a task force run by accrediting body AACSB determined that business schools had to improve ethics education, but it left schools with the freedom to decide how. Visit Jackman started Laughing Man Coffee and the Laughing Man Foundation after meeting an Ethiopian coffee farmer named Dukale. Two social media safety word search activities help students recognize appropriate and inappropriate online behaviors. Marsh stole the money over two years and used it to fund housing improvements, property purchases, his gambling addiction, and prostitutes. HRD Press, 2003. Rise. endobj CASE 1: Lorna is an administrative assistant in the Human Resources Department. This permission statement is limited to reproduction of materials for educational or training events. [0 0 595 842] >> 4 0 obj © The University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131, (505) 277-0111 New Mexico's Flagship University, Accelerated Online Bachelor of Business Administration, Integrated BBA-Master of Accounting Program, Master of Science in Information Systems and Assurance, Career and Professional Development Programs, Career and Professional Development Students, Center for Information Assurance Research and Education. The good news is that students’ mindsets are evolving. But millennials want to have serious conversations about ethics, particularly corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company is located in a large metropolitan area. Classroom Exercises Laughing Man Coffee. Great sub day, fast-finisher, or extra credit activity for homeroom, life skills, or computer literacy students. This indicates a cultural issue at the Air Force. List the facts that have the most bearing on the decision. Of the aforementioned scandalous events, Edward L Queen of the New Republic wrote in September 2015 that greater scrutiny is required: “These events – and others – make clear that there is a need to look at the broader cultural realities that drive unethical decisions in business, particularly the perception that the only way of determining value and worth is money.”. %��������� This exercise describes Laughing Man Coffee, a coffee company started by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. << /Length 8 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Form /FormType 1 /BBox [0 0 595 842] Though his supervisor has a strict policy about computer use for business purposes only, he wants to learn the e-mail software more thoroughly than his training can provide.

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