2180 reviews, Rated 4.8 out of five stars. The 15-hour, interdisciplinary program is designed for students planning careers in the service professions. Candidates who successfully complete the CPA examination must complete 150 semester hours to […]. Students can either choose the media studies or the professional option. The Bachelor of Business Administration in business analytics prepares students for high-growth technology-based careers in the rapidly evolving global business environment. Calculus topics include the derivative, methods of finding derivatives, applications of derivatives, the integral, methods of integration, applications of integration, and the calculus of the exponential and … University of Arkansas at Little Rock | 2801 S. University Avenue | Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 Each section has an algorithmic problem set delivered by Lumen OHM, a set of supporting videos and text. This includes hiring someone to take the tests and quizzes for you. You also agree that for courses that require proctored testing, that your final will be taken at a college testing center, a Sylvan Learning center, and the individual signed up for this course will be the one taking the test. The 18-hour program helps current and new online faculty develop online courses that meet the standards of the Conference on College Composition and Communication Position Statement on Principles and Example Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction. The Reading Generalist degree plan does not lead to certification. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. The Bachelor of Business Administration in management provides students a strong foundation in business essentials and develops critical thinking, specialized conceptual knowledge, and problem-solving skills needed in the modern business environment. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. This is a  program that offers two tracks of emphasis. This 15-hour program is perfect for educators at all levels: classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators wishing to improve the learning environments of their students. The gerontology graduate certificate program is designed to provide professionals with knowledge of the biological, sociological, and psychological aspects of the aging process as well as an understanding of the social policies and services that respond to the needs of the older adult. Course Overview Prerequisite: a grade of C or greater in MATH 1302, an equivalent transfer course, or a suitable score on a mathematics placement test. Courses include recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, and community discussion forums. To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. Students get immediate feedback after they submit an answer. Three hours lecture. The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is an accelerated online degree program that is designed to help people currently working in the field develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to become an effective practitioner or supervisor in the criminal justice system. Business Calculus course materials in Lumen OHM. To view the fully integrated content housed in Lumen OHM, you can access the course as a guest student here. Math 165 is a calculus course intended for those studying business, economics, or other related business majors. Differential and integral calculus with applications to economics and management sciences. Enroll in a Specialization to master a specific career skill. Demonstrate real-world problem solving skills. The undergraduate certificate in workplace Spanish enables students to develop a practical foundation (intermediate-level proficiency) in Spanish with basic vocabulary and cultural competency critical to serving Arkansas’s growing Spanish-speaking population. Calculus has broad applications in physics and other disciplines. Business Calculus by Dale Hoffman, Shana Calloway, and David Lippman is a derivative work based on Dale Hoffman’s Contemporary Calculus. Differential and integral calculus with applications to economics and management sciences. This 30-hour program is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. An Associate of Applied Science or 40 hours of technical military credit is required for admission to this program and is applied toward the 120 credit hours required for the degree. Students are expected to practice honesty, integrity and respect at all times. Students with documented learning disabilities should notify our office upon enrollment, as well as make sure we let the testing center know extended time is permitted. Calculating & Graphing Derivatives in Business Calculus Lesson Plans, Practice test: Calculating & Graphing Derivatives in Business Calculus Lesson Plans, Ch 5. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree prepares students for the general practice of social work with diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities. The 120-hour degree program blends three key aspects of marketing, advertising to consumers and business, understanding and connecting to the marketplace and finally building and managing the relationships necessary to be successful in the marketplace. The Master of Science in information science is rated in the US top 3 programs, as well as Most Affordable. Learn a job-relevant skill that you can use today in under 2 hours through an interactive experience guided by a subject matter expert.

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