UprightThis card shows a heart broken, from hurt long ago, or of more recent occurrences. Black Card We must live through the realms of discord and despair to emerge full of love and understanding. Hi, Colette! The Whispers of Healing Oracle is here to help you nourish, strengthen and restore yourself to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. This card appearing today may also indicate some self love that needs to occur. Heart Ki. Much gratitude for this beautiful reminder of our Oneness. Some of us may even feel like we’re being asked to set down our cellos to pick up the flute instead, and that can feel uncomfortable. Yes, I understand that by completing this form I am agreeing to receive email messages from Heal Your Life … We are ALL in this together, let’s find our instrument and play.. And when two, three, a hundred, a thousand people can hear what everyone else is saying and align their music with it, it’s overwhelming in its emotion. That is so true in the world of music! I specially mention the US in prayer morning as I awake and last thing at night, so hopefully we wil achieve that grand symphony. And it brings so much heavy sadness, I think we are giving up hope. As music has been an integral part of my life, since the age of seven, I listen to many artists, perform, sometimes solo, sometimes with other instruments. Awww may we all play from the same song sheet our voices and instruments blending together . Spending time actually writing down your thoughts, impressions, and feelings provides a way to work through challenges and to appreciate our blessings. Thank you so much. Drawing this card means that great abundance is headed your way. Just finished half hour Mediation the Theme being ‘world peace’ so focusing on US in the challenge ahead. When things go wrong, it's rarely the case that only one side is at fault. Thank you for the beautiful analogy of a symphony and our individual/collective roles in life. You write so eloquently! It is almost like a meditation – gives me such a profound calming feeling. ). These cards do not shy away from confronting and embracing difficult emotions, because they were created specifically for people who are overcoming personal challenges. In music, this is called a bridge, a part that brings two parts of the song together. And if you chose the Mother Nature card, here is part of the message from your fairy godmother: The natural world is calling to you. One voice is the synthesis of many notes. Tarot Elements: Five Readings to Reset Your Life by Melissa Cynova – benebell wen, The Cosmic Slumber Tarot by Tillie Walden, The Muses of Tarot by Ethony: Book and Deck Set, Creative Commons License for the SKT Vitruvian Majors, The Edgar Allan Poe Tarot by Rose Wright and Eugene Smith, Angel Tarot and Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry. The interest and richness of the music comes from the variety of the instruments and the notes they’re playing in harmony with each other. I was talking with Spirit last night, and I was expressing gratitude like I do every night, but I still can’t figure out why I cry all the time. You have notes to play and a song to sing. By allowing this heart break to conntinue, your essence starts to seep out. At the same time, if any individual voice were to be missing, the collective whole would suffer. Wehterh you need to express your feelings with a close friend, release your feelings of this heart break. I’ll patch you up, no need to squeal, My nursing mission is to heal. This card has come up today because you have 2 or more choices to make. It’s called the Virtual Choir from Eric Whitacre, and the premise is simple: One man pulls together over 17,000 separate voices from 129 different countries in one single piece of music. Let’s be the change we want to see in this beautiful world. It feels light and is in flow as I read it. ConclusionThought this was one of the easier cards to interpret. We connect to the music because of the feeling the musician or singer brings to the notes. Love that “if two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary”. It is such a beautiful representation of what is possible, and your deep insights and eloquent words made it all the more meaningful. If everyone were playing the same note at the same time in the same key on the same instrument, the song would have no depth. The Heart is the card of love. Founded as a specialist bookstore and art gallery in 1997, in 2001 Blue Angel evolved into a publishing company with its first oracle decks, books, and CDs. I will accompany you as we fly high through the sky and bathe in the colors of the rainbow until we reach . Your newfound awareness and perception will open doors to many realms. In a choir the blending, harmony and pitch keep everyone on point. The right-most card is Mother Nature. So beautifully written, and for me, one of those “just in time” things! Blessing to you. This spread has spoken clearly about what I have avoided facing. The card I pulled was Encouragement, depicting the imagery of a fairy godmother in all her splendor, glittering wing, tiara, long locks of golden hair, and a pink gown adorned with flowers. They will walk you through the mourning process, and gently take you from a place of pain to a place of power, from hurting to healing. Why is it so hard for other’s to get this? $23.95. . “This is what Life is all about.”. Normaler Preis So beautiful. But of course, you will have to venture outside and get into nature first! With this in mind, take some time to decide what it is that you wish to come true. We win when every instrument and voice is given its opportunity to be heard as part of the whole. He has had several virtual choirs over the years and everyone of the videos are soul touching with all the harmonies and dissonances. Then at the close of this review, we’ll see what your card pick was and read its corresponding entry from the guidebook. Gold Card. The art and the keywords in this deck are evocative, whimsical, and to me, perfect for inner child work. With much love and gratitude! Do I feel that my part in the Global Symphony is shifting? Whatever you feel is right will be supported fully by the universe. It won't hurt, we promise! Flavia Kate Peters herself is an angel therapy practitioner, connects deeply with the realm and mysticism of fairies, and works as a spiritual healer. . I, and probably countless others during this “great pause” have realized that some things no longer fit and that I REALLY want to play a different instrument. We win when we embrace the diversity of our voices and sounds and realize that we all are valued and contribute to the overall whole, and that the sound of someone else’s notes can actually make our notes sound better! Sing reminds me to be gentle with myself and others on the path to the Finished Symphony. Thank you for sharing Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers ( Mister Rogers Poetry Books #1 ). With much love and gratitude! Give Faery Godmother Oracle a chance and you might just very well be surprised by how it enriches you, supports you, and looks after you in your darker hours of need. This is one of your most beautiful blogs. I love these two spreads! If you just close your eyes, fall deep into sleep, Perhaps, another word we can use to explain this card is compassion. I believe in the power of journaling! . “This is how it’s supposed to be!” I said to myself. We are a piece of music that need each one of us to play our part. Her paintings are inspired by the vast natural beauty surrounding her home studio, Wisteria Cottage, in England.

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