The seal was seen in the river exit of Loch Ness at Lochend You can start and finish in the “Highland capital of Inverness” or join the trail at any point of your choice. However, this behaviour was only seen on one occasion. Interestingly, the piermaster from Temple Pier also claimed multiple sightings, albeit from the other side of the bay. The sighting gave him such a scare it caused a dizzy spell and he had a sort of momentary blackout. (Fig. Of the hundreds If Winifred Cary was alive today I would like to shake her hand for creating that sighting location map of Urquhart bay and the Loch. scientists and Monster's identity. Keep the stories coming lads i love reading about them and Border Ranger i hope you enjoy your stay at the loch.Lucky you. Sorry to disappoint you John!...I'm also sad that there are no (actual!) It’s also an ideal spot for a picnic. On the north side of  Loch Ness, do not miss Abriachan Forest with its myriad of trails from short strolls to longer walks. There is no shortage of theories to explain the range of sightings claimed for the loch ness monster. In near to-the-coast Loch Sheil, Hope and Maree, seals The rest largely line up with the Dinsdale and Cooke records, beyond that we have new sightings, some which are corroborated in contemporary literature, such as the aforementioned sight she saw with the Rines. an Alsatian dog. Nearby, you can also take a walk to beautiful Divach Falls, a tranquil and picturesque spot for a picnic. Between November 16, 1984 and June 11, 1985, a Seals and Grey Seals Halichoerus grypus Fabricius, live in the sea If someone was going to make up a series of sightings, one would definitely expect them to include the classic long neck. Inst.,No. Are you working actually on the Ness or based in town? The seal appeared could well look like a many-humped Hist./Oxford Univ. As it turns out, Winifred Cary was a believer in the psychic world. 4. Seal said to be seen at Fort Augustus. Towering trees, wonderful wildlife and spectacular views of Loch Ness’ south shore awaits you at  Farigaig Forest. on the south side of Loch Ness opposite Urquhart Castle (Fig. At least recommend a decent beer for us then. These are quoted from page 194 of Tim's book ". Do you (or anyone else reading the blog) happen to know if the Harp stone (An Clarsach) is still visible on the shoreline below Tychat? It's been pretty miserable weather here today, as you'll know firsthand. Email sent. big seal was seen swimming down the River Ness at Dochgarroch near Dochfour. jumps in fast close-spaced rhythm; whereas a dolphin The seal was identified as a Common or Harbour Seal Phoca R. Deveron Bridge of Marnoch 30 kin She died at the grand old age of 97 in 2003. As you say, other than discussing the mini tornado and man-in-black experience that he had at the Cary's, Holiday makes no mention of Winifred and Basil as Nessie witnesses. MANSFIELD, A. W., 1967. Not to mention recording her sightings for the record and sharing this information. The Cary's cottage at Strone had a great view of Urquhart Bay after all, which seems to have been a Nessie hotspot at different points down the years. Lomond, which is near the sea and whose river is unobstructed, seals have ANON., 1934. Each part of the walk has its own unique things to see and enjoy. The castle in view and they bay wide open right there. very rapid river, into Loch Awe in quest for salmon, and retires to the sea That sighting included fear, very intriguing. Oh, I just read your last comment. Fish. So, pack your appetite, and be prepared to go on a Scottish culinary journey. Suddenly a huge black hump appeared out towards the middle of the loch. the Autumn, but also in April in some years". Or, if you’re looking for a shorter walk, take any of the six sections and follow that part of the trail. Fig. Mealfourvonie, a bit further down, is completely snow covered. Thanks, Jordan. In Outlander, Lord Lovat is the grandfather of Jamie Fraser. lochs is shown in Fig. It's not entirely clear from the accounts which graveyard is meant though because the main one is set quite a ways back from the loch. Also nearby, explore the more remote Affric Kintail Way, a superb cross-country route for walkers and mountain bikers stretching from Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness to Morvich in Kintail. 1972-80: About 4 seals seen in various parts of World. Being in a row boat and seeing some massive dark thing that had to be alive break the surface -suddenly one feels very vulnerable. This 80-mile walking, cycling, running and outdoor activity trail connects the Great Glen Way and the South Loch Ness Trail into one circuit around the loch. R. Spey Aberlour 27 km In Inverness itself, don’t miss  MacGregor’s Bar or Hootananny for a great pub atmosphere. seals together were seen on two occasions. of the Harbour Seal Phoca vitulina Linnaeus in Canadian arctic waters. of Loch (this report. And no fret whatsoever about the deception angle- it never entered my head.But there I've been, all these years on the blog, thinking how nice it is to have a local woman Nessie enthusiast posting messages as well as all us blokes :-)I hope your missus enjoys discussing the LNM too- mine generally finds the subject boring as hell ;-)It's a pity that I didn't pick this up earlier today though, or we could have had a proper natter and put faces to names. near Inverness. Lots of standing water on the A82 between Drum and the Fort, along with some major roadworks just before Altsaigh. Head to Boleskine Graveyard a small burial  ground overlooking Loch Ness from the south side. Common Seal in freshwater streams and lochs of Scotland. at the approach of winter". comm): perhaps the industrial pollution I will raise a can (or ten!) Nearby, take a detour to Dunlichity Graveyard to see the burial enclosure of the MacGillivrays and Shaws. Nat. It has been mentioned many times that a flat calm surface , especially in summer time,tends to reveal more sightings.A theory suggests that the animals ,while chasing salmon, accidentally break the surface. Rich in history, it has many interesting gravestones and spectacular views. By that reckoning, half of Scotland must be affected ;-), I'll drink a Tennents any day of the week and more than twice on Sunday, good tasting beer! In a series of blogs over time I will... Review of "River Monsters" Loch Ness Special, The World's Oldest Loch Ness Monster Document. Given their friendship etc, you'd think he'd have made more mention of her as a star witness. One of my favourite reports is hers with Bob rines.. 5 people witnessing it and of course starting Bobs long quest and search at the Loch. ANON., 1793. L. Maree: one seal seen 1981, five seals seen Sept-Oct

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