It's "brain food" and "soul candy" all in one. Her works tend...  Continue Reading, Goethe proclaimed that “only Mozart” (who had already died) was capable of writing an opera based on his Faust. In this list, you’ll find a breakdown of each piano sonata, some background information, and some tips on how to play them. 11 (‘Alla Turca’) Mozart wrote 18 sonatas for solo piano and this is one of his most famous. Download 'Piano Concerto No.6 in Eb major Opus 51 (3)' on iTunes, 3 July 2018, 12:09 | Updated: 3 July 2018, 12:11. Even if you do not like them or are not strong enough to be able to listen to them, it is impossible to match the perfection of the works. I've been told that Bärenreiter is the best (I found that out after they were given to me...). It was reportedly one of Beethoven’s favourite piano works, and we can’t argue with his judgement. ©1999 - 2015 Classics Today All Rights Reserved - Website by FirstTracks Marketing. Another Russian will be honoured with the 10th spot on our list. When I play it, I escape into the world of this sonata. You can hear a beautiful sadness in the elegant harmonic twists and the meditative space given to the two soloists. for mozart especially (beethoven sometimes, depends), i prefer the weiner vienna urtexts. I have stopped at ten sonatas, but that is no reason for you to do the same. Laudemhir Jan from Davao City, Philippines on September 01, 2014: I've listen to all the sonatas above! While the music easily could have fit on five discs, you still get six for the price of three. Number of sales of the recordings of the songs produced? I mean, there are so many pianists who record the entirety of the sonatas, or been dubbed the "authority" on mozart sonatas. But I want to give you as much variety as possible, and so I have chosen only one. Arrigo Boito succeeded resoundingly with Mefis...  Continue Reading, Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek (1860-1945) presents a puzzle. Instrumentalists are all wannabe singers. For the 2-piano sonata I like the recording by Ashkenazy and Frager. This is the last symphony Mozart composed and writing in The Guardian, music critic Tom Service has said the work ‘is written at the furthest edges of the possible for Mozart, in terms of seeing just how many different expressive and compositional contrasts he can cram into a single symphony.’ The ‘Jupiter’ sees the composer flexing all his musical muscles – there’s the intricate Molto Allegro movement that brings together sonata form and fugue, counterpoint and of course captivating melodies. The piano sheet music of Scarlatti's over five hundred sonatas is an amazing treasure-trove of short, charming pieces. Just to recap, quoting from my earlier review of Part 2: "Part 1 [read review here] is a single disc that fe...  Continue Reading, The Bottom Line: This new Beethoven concerto cycle on Alpha looks like it's going to be one of the major events of the Beethoven year. According to Peter Shaffer’s play (later made into a film) ‘Amadeus’, Mozart literally wrote this piece on his deathbed, having been poisoned by Salieri. Piano Street (author) from Stockholm, Sweden on November 02, 2011: Stan Bartnikowski from Carrollton, Texas on October 09, 2011: I really enjoy these excerpts. Thank you again, Piano Street, for compiling this mass-appeal list of 10 sonatas. nightflight9 from Scandinavia on July 05, 2011: NICE. I have found that many of the people who are searching for pieces of classical music are also looking for sheet music for those pieces. Mozart wrote this enchanting opera in 1786 and it tells the story of the Count and Countess Almaviva and two of their staff – the maid Susanna and the count’s valet Figaro. It is in five movements, of epic proportions, and seems at least partly to tell a story of love: on the first page of the second movement, Brahms cites a love poem by Sternau.

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