This strap is described as an Odin Viking Leather Strap so you might imagine it to be best suited to beefy guitarists who play Viking metal. These are pockets that hold picks so guitarists can easily access a new pick if they drop one while they are onstage. Fortunately, most stores provide a review section for their items which can give you a good idea of what to expect when you buy the product. Length: Adjustable from 41-70”. First of all, five stars is great, but you should also look at how many people reviewed the item. Just beware that this is a popular choice for younger guitarists so hopefully you won’t be too disappointed to find your ten-year-old cousin who just started playing has the same strap! There are even places that will customize straps that are suited to your style. As soon as you start looking for guitar straps, you will see there is a wide variety to choose from and they range greatly in price. Having a wider strap can be less comfortable so you also might prefer padding in the shoulder area as wide cut thick straps can leave marks if you have a particularly weighty instrument and a history of taking your shirt off during performances! However, some people find thick straps overly bulky and they also do not like the way they affect their appearance on stage. Picture it, a guitarist is on stage strumming a song when suddenly the pick falls out of their fingers. Pros: + Soft for added comfort. However, the skinny design makes it perfect for those who play new wave or rockabilly. It’s made of a dark brown distressed leather that is sure to withstand the test of time. It has great quality, fine stitching. Width: 2” Width: 2” Width: 2 ½ and 3” However, suede can become easily damaged from water and will harden and break over time when exposed to profuse sweating under stage lights. Pros: + Low price. Material: Leather The strap adjusts from 37” to 62” ensuring it will fit most guitar players and it has a reasonable width of 2”. This is very important because if you are standing with your guitar for long periods of time, the strap will start to cut into your shoulder area. Note, acoustic guitar straps can also be used for ukuleles. Their ‘easy transition’ design makes them one to watch. The strap is reasonably priced though the ends are vinyl and the buckle is plastic so longevity might be an issue with this one. My Review: This guitar strap is one that is suited for the Man in Black himself, yet the subtle and versatile design makes it one that just about anyone can wear. The strap is made of a durable polyester material with faux leather ends. 2 inches wide and adjustable length from 35 to 70 inches. Pros: + Well made. It has the Taylor logo embossed into one of the ends. Even though the strap features the Fender logo and is available in a variety of colors, it is not overly flashy. Nylon tends to be stretchy and soft but it can also be overly stretchy and bend out of shape. This one is another one in the range from BestSounds it is thicker and heavier as most of their traps are. This strap is a tribute to Hendrix, a guitar player who influenced just about everyone from metal players to jazz players and so on. It is very reminiscent of the rock band Kiss so be prepared for people to compare you to Ace Frehley if you wear it on stage. The strap is quite attractive and the fact that it has a distinctly goth look makes it perfect for those who play music like goth, industrial, and metal. However, many find guitar straps too thick for ukuleles. Estimated Price: $45 Material: Neoprene Width: 3” Length: Adjustable from 46-54” My Review: Now, if there’s one guitar strap that has been coming up again and again on best guitar strap lists, it’s the KLIQ Air Cell Guitar Strap. However, it’s also a good idea to read the reviews before making a purchase. Just put the knob on the guitar in the wide part of the lock and slide it into place. If you have the money to spend and are ready to devote some time to maintaining this strap, go for it. + Durable. The fabrics, patterns and stitching on the straps in this series pay tribute to Jimi Hendrix who is celebrated as being one of the most influential guitarists in the world. It could also wear on the velvet after a few adjustments. It is conveniently designed to make guitar switching easy. TimbreGear Woven Acoustic Guitar Strap. The strap comes in red and black and features a white lightning bolt going down the front. The air cell core technology helps to evenly spread the weight of a solid bodied instrument and they are shock absorbing and the strap itself is also much wider than average at 3 inches. Next up is a super supple all suede strap from Taylor. � Air cells provide luxury-level comfort. The leather is stronger than the suede on the whole but it is nowhere near as soft and supple. has a very good range of adjustable length from 35-59 inches this covers much younger players and parlor instruments also. It has a pull-through adjustment that is easy to use considering the material is soft and slippery. 2.5 or 3 inches and adjustable length from 42.5 to 58.5 inches, 2 inches wide and adjustable length from 41 to 67 inches, 10. Look: Some people might not care too much about the look of their guitar strap but music and fashion have always been tied together. Note, some guitar straps have padding or fur under the strap which increases the comfort level. Acoustic guitar straps will only attach to the tail of your guitar. It is impressively strong and manages heavy vintage Gibson well. And with the Fender name, you know you are buying a quality product. Some guitar straps come with their own strap locks. This one has been designed with electric guitars and basses in mind to help take some of the pressure off. + Better balance pressure and weight. Width: 2” The material you use will also affect the look of your guitar strap, but let’s leave that for another section. Leather and suede will generally set you back a few extra bucks. Considering the price, I’d say that’s a hell of a bargain! It has the durability and versatile features that mean it will stand up to the test of time. It’s available in several colors including red, white and black and it has a silver face cloth embedded which gives it a terrific industrial look. Read on to find out about all its bells and whistles. You will also want a decent adjustable length, If you are below or above average size you will want something that has a wider range of length. If you do not have these fasteners on your guitar, you will not be able to use the guitar with the strap. The next step up is the $30 – $70 price range. It is high quality and comfortable and durable. + Subtly detailed. It has a plastic slide through adjustment and it can be adjusted from 37” to 57”. This makes it one of the most comfortable straps on the market. Length: Adjustable from 43-56”. Buy this strap to look like Hendrix, then work on playing like him! The brand appeals to musicians who play a darker style of music.

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