It’s a remarkable and important run of releases, but Soliloquy For Lilith is Stapleton’s saturnine masterwork – an out-of-nowhere set of abyssal ambient, and the black hole at the heart of his enormous discography. Six and Six won’t win you any friends at a dinner party, but there are few better examples of American folk music at its most visceral, most honest and most heartfelt. N.W.A Sonically, the samples and breakbeats keep Grip It rooted in the 80s, but ‘Mind of a Lunatic’ would singlehandedly spawn horrorcore — everything from supergroup Gravediggaz to cult favorites ICP to contemporary crew Odd Future (whether they like the designation or not). Out of all the ‘best of’ lists dealing with albums from decades past, I most looked forward to working on the ’80s. 1 Baths: “I heard about Kate Bush through a bunch of friends who knew I liked Bjork. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO SKIN Slipping the literal acid into the house punch, and giving a glimpse into a different future where Chris and Cosey could take their place alongside Armando and Adonis. Our name made reference to Foxx’s song ‘Burning Car’ and we even made a sticker once of our silly clip art Le CAR “logo” that was on fire. The story of E2-E4 lasts the whole of the decade. VIRGINIA ASTLEY The music/performance art crew burned brightly from 1979-1983, and they’re at their most irresistible on their 1980 debut – a riotous collection of down’n’dirty electro-rock and sine-wave surf classics. The daddy. In the studio we would make the “main” version and then would do dub versions that Gary Clail would play before and after the band went on stage for a live show. - personalize content, search, recommendations, and offers This has been the first rock & roll decade without revolution, or true revolutionaries, to call its own. Not only one of the finest movies of the 1980s, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sported one of its finest soundtracks (although fans had to subsist on bootlegs and repeat viewings until the OST’s official release in 1994). 64. Patrick Higgins: “It was a record I got into at a very young age – when I was probably 11 or 12. ‘Tour de France’, ‘The Model’ or ‘Trans Europe Express’ – make it ‘Computer Love’. Before Jeff Mills was exploring space, cutting purposeful loops or even throwing out blistering abrasive square Waveforms, he had a short-lived stint in US industrial group Final Cut. The album’s strongest vocal melody, ‘Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)’, is presented as an accapella; ironically, the more familiar single version subs in some of the paint-by-number New Jack swing to which Soul II Soul was the antidote. You can read FACT’s rundown of the 100 Best Albums of the 1990s here. MAYHEM The live version of the song is always around fifteen minutes and the highlight is, of course, the noise part. Rap’s hook-up with jazz was a liaison that was bound to happen, and while Jungle Brothers weren’t the artists to take the sound to its zenith (we’ll give a nod to Pete Rock for that), they certainly helped warm listeners up to the idea. SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS) 1985’s Great White Death – at time time of its release, likely William Bennett’s most divisive recording yet – didn’t do much to remedy this. Not as a “retro” record, not as a signifier of dance music past, but as a perfect encapsulation of the geometries of house. KOLLAPS Critics, record stores, and distributors had a difficult time deciding where to file the record back in 1986. These District of Columbia reactionaries strove to set the record straight. HOLE IN THE HEART With Hounds Of Love she created a beautiful album from start to finish, with songs that rank among the strongest of her career and a fearlessness that led to some of her most fruitful experiments. The drum machine tracks added a sharp edge to some songs, especially the ’80s dancefloor mini-hit “Lorelei.” But as always, it was Elisabeth Fraser’s angelic vocals that managed to comfort, confound, and mystify in the end, perfectly matching the song titles. Led by insrutiable vocalist/songwriter Bid, their debut album sets self-reflexive slogans and word puzzles over rattling, angular instrumentals. and Original Pirate Material – a chipper, relentlessly eccentric pop record that could only have been made on British shores.

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